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You awaken slowly, your head throbbing. You had no idea those girls could drink like that. Of course, you probably could have at their age too. Ouch, if your head wasn't already in pain, that thought would have made it hurt. "At their age". Next thing you know, you'll be talking about the "good ol' days", and starting sentances with "In my day...".

Actually, the youngest isn't even 10 years younger than you, and hanging out with them usually makes you feel younger, for the most part. You're lucky to have stumbled into such a great job, with such great people to work with. Where else will you find co-workers from ages 23 to 53 hanging out together on a Friday night outside of work?

Smiling softly, you start to get up, only to realize a few things. First, you don't drink. Second, if you don't drink, you shouldn't be hung over. Third, if you weren't drinking, you should be able to remember the last part of the night, specifically things like how you got home. Fourth, you're completely naked. And lastly, you can't move.

All of this adds up to something unpleasent. Daring to open your eyes, you look around and realize that unless Dr. Frankenstein snuck in while you were away and gave your apartment a makeover, you're not at home. You also realize someone is staring at you.

She, or it - you can't really tell - is beautiful, and at the same time, kinda creepy. The more you look at her, the more creepy is winning out over beautiful. She just stares, unblinking. It's a shock when she finally does speak.

"Welcome, you are probably quite confused, a bit curous perhaps. I'm sure you have a number of questions. I'll save you the trouble of asking them. I'm going to explain as much as I wish to, and anything beyond that is either irrelivent, or up to you to find out. In either case, I won't tell you so don't bother asking."

"You were drugged. An associate of mine who owed me a favor spiked your drink last night, then brought you here. Your belongings are waiting for you should you manage to win my little contest. There will be a number of puzzles and challenges for you to solve in order to do that."

"Now, two final things for you to remember before I leave you to start. First, I want you to win. Believe it or not, this game is for your benefit. Second, you will be provided what you need, though what you need and what you want may be two different things."

"Your time begins now. Good luck." With that, the screen went black again. And I was still strapped to the bed.

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Review by EvilWumpus

Version reviewed: 2a on 03/15/2016

Barely playable.  So many options are unimplemented, it's possible to get stuck in an unfinishable state by accident, and it has the clunkiest inventory system I've ever seen.

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