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You have just installed a new messaging app on your phone when a colleague sends you a message.
You talk for a bit when he suddenly decides to hypnotize you.

The game revolves around chatting with your colleague and getting hypnotized by him. The game features an experimental conversational AI that should make it feel like talking to a person.

The game contains adult graphics and is centered around hypnosis.

Link to the Hypnopics Collective thread: https://hypnopics-collective.net/smf_forum/index.php?topic=23836.0

You have just installed a new messaging app on your phone when a colleague sends you a message.
You talk for a bit when he suddenly decides to hypnotize you. As you continue the conversation he will start adding more and more suggestions and triggers to you. Eventually making you his plaything.


The game is primarily focussed on mind control but contains other transformation content as well.


Your colleague, Shawn

Chat using the text box. Shawn should try to hypnotize you after a while.

Shawn is programmed to learn from conversations and his ability to hold a decent conversation should improve over time. He should respond to most basic questions and answers.


Small update:
Fixed issue with image name
Limited content-screen size on firefox


Small update. Added a BE event


Hotfix. Should fix repeating event and screen issue


Added mobile frame to make game pc-friendly instead of mobile focussed

Rewritten scripts to allow "storyline" based events
Rewritten scripts to allow transformations
Rewritten scripts to allow triggers

rewritten all existing events to match new code


New event added


"Very nice" message corrected
Enter can now be used instead of pressing "send"
Text and image scrolling should be improved
Event getting stuck should be fixed


Game can be accessed by browser


New version.
Fixes timestamp on messages.
10 new events added.
Bad End added.
Decreased chance of repeating events.


Base game.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Trollsmyth

Version reviewed: 1.5.3 on 11/26/2019

Nice!  Lots of potential here and a very interesting topic.


Right now, there's not much here.  The chat bot isn't up to the standards of where ELIZA was in the '80s.  Worse, it doesn't really seem to matter what you do or say.  The game has a handful of set modules that will play out (though the order seems somewhat randomized).  Most modules are a single session while others are two sessions, but you'll go through all the modules and the game ends.  There doesn't appear to be any way to really interact with the story, to influence the order of the modules, or the outcome of the game.  


That said, what's here is a wonderful little tease, and the art is randomized as well, so there is some (little, for now) reward for replaying it.   Would love to see this expanded, and it would make a very nice core for a larger life-simulator type game.

Review by Lillandril

Version reviewed: 1.5.2 on 11/26/2019

Nice game so far with one big problem the texte for Shawn are unreadable because of the texting bar (i have playe on firefox if it is an useful info)

Review by Mictian

Version reviewed: 1.5.2 on 11/26/2019

I Like it until i have to answer after the Hypnosis. Because i cant see what he is writing. The Type line is in the way.

Review by Yunari

Version reviewed: 1.5.1 on 11/25/2019

Entertaining, and interesting! 
I like the concept, and I'll be checking back when you update.


I really would like it a little more interactive, though!


Review by Geniegirl

Version reviewed: 1.5.0 on 11/24/2019

Tring to be nice. Game is to repetive to be fun. All you do is fill in the chat box with anything and he says what ever the script tells him to say. and for me it kept only repating the samething for over 200 times. think about my cock over and over. That might work with real hypno but from a game point of view is broken and dull. maybe way down the road this might be a game but as of now it needs a AI update and a actual point to it. 

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