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Version: .08d

Version: .07

Version: .06a

The Six Islands of Potentia
by ada shu


Potentia is a fair but uncompromising erotic adventure, put your survival instincts to the test and last as long as you can!

You wake up in mysterious surroundings with no memory of your past, you must brave a new world if you are to have a future.

It's eat or be eaten as you explore a tropical archipelago full of strange creatures, alluring temptations, and ancient secrets.

Fight for dominance, gather resources to craft improvements, hold onto your sanity, and discover the truth before it discovers you!

SIP .08
Sizable update to player description, for various uses.
Added transformations for height, weight, nipples, hips/butt.
Added 10 new transformative agents and updated effects for current.
Added 7 Forest, 4 Bluff, and 1 Beach events.
Added regular weight gain and loss.
Added an extra action point to the Late teleport.
Re-added mysterious orb and upgraded it to be extra mysterious.
Increased flee chance from 20% to 25%.
Survival Ration now requires 2 protein (before 1).
Increased starting protein from 2 to 5.
Added a few more game tips.
Fixed some image formatting issues.
Fixed the spacing in a few passages.
Fixed potential Day 2 beach passage bug.
Fixed missing water display for Survival Ration (0).
A lot of grammar and spelling typos eliminated.
1536 more words of content

SIP .08c
Added even more body descriptors.
Revised all the transformation items.
First pass at alchemy, more soon.
Added pics for booty and peeners.
Added a 2nd fallen tree node.
Fixed thumbnail link for the SW beach.
Fixed a couple compass errors.
Fixed some construction var checks.
Fixed transformation display error.
814 more words of content

SIP .08d
Fixed some broken links


SIP .07

Combat reworked, a lot of rolls added to vary weapon damage/crits/effects.
Enemy special attacks have been buffed and can cause status effects.
New status effects: Poison (armor ignoring damage taken/turn) and Stun (skips turn).
Loot drops have been increased and there is a chance for rarer drops.
Combat trigger changed to prevent simultaneous battles overwhelming you.
Overall combat is much harder, to compensate there are now equipment unlocks.
Leveling up has been tested (checked during sleep), bonus perks coming soon.
2 new enemies added, snek and squeak.
Added/improved a lot of flavor text.

Resources and crafting have been reworked.
Fire has been reworked and improved.
Cooking has been reworked and improved.
All currently available crafting can be completed.
Added 7 refining, 6 equipment, and 4 construction recipes.

2265 more words of content added.
Hideout UI has been greatly improved.
Lots of icons added for new crafting and effects.
Your fellow survivor now defaults to foraging.
Hideout NPCs have descriptions and things to chat about.
Added daily update on campsite activities.
Added game tips to help with progression.
Water has been fiddled with some more.

--Known Issues--
Some thumbnails are slightly 'off' (fixed in .08)

--Bug fixes--
Fixed bug preventing sleep.
Fixed some time bugs.
Fixed some formatting errors.
Fixed location error in a Bluff passage.
Fixed some action point bugs.
Moved driftwood from forest to ocean.
Fixed fallen tree event errors.
Fixed negative health during battle.
Fixed combat from clashing with late passage.
Fixed combat from using up 2 APs instead of 1.

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