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Better Sit Home

So, here it comes. My second game. I was creating it for a long time cuz of my life situations. I tried to put some new mechanics. This is prequel to my first game.
Plot: you play as a common freelancer, who gets involved into something secret. You can find out what they did in the secret laboratory. If you think well, you will understand how this is associated with the zombie virus. The game has enough endings. Good endings have variations. And every action has an effect on them.
I will not mark game as "complete" since i want to fix some bugs, if they exist, and add user's suggestions.

 Download fixed HTML!!!

Plot: you play as a common freelancer, who gets involved into something secret. You can find out what they did in the secret laboratory. If you think well, you will understand how this is associated with the zombie virus. The game has enough endings. Good endings have variations. And every action has an effect on them.

The start is pretty linear. You should work at beauty salon first to get your breast large enough. Also train your ass. 

Blacksmith requires a certain level of beauty. 

Brothel need your breast and ass to get atleast 2 sizes.

Pole dancing need Fitness.

Corruption rises with sexual acts and pole dancing.

Fixed bug with Megan


Fixed minor bugs with images.

Download new html file only and replace the old one.


Added return button if megan notices your belly

Added possibility to lactate and sell your milk in beauty salon. Buy breast pump in sex shop. 

Removed timers from jobs and training except dancing.

Download main archive and fixed HTML file

Added planned route for smith. Now you can get his two endings. Basically it is only one ending, but it has a big variation if you decided to let Kate work for smith. Kate now can work in a brothel or at smith's place. Smith's place offers a bit less money, but more content. Also sleeping creampie picture is changed. Lowered Kate's chances to get pregnant. 20% for now. Kate has different reactions during her first dialog about her pregnancy. Based on her work : Mark(smith) or brothel Now, assigning Kate to work for a smith has a 50% chance that she will be seduced by mark. So, this is a 50% to avoid sexual harassment from Mark cuz he will be busy with Kate. You can peek after them and even join, if your corruption is high enough. Joining scene has preg-nonpreg variations. But I didn't find a gif(or a picture) of 2 pregnant girl riding one guy. If you are not pregnant in this scene, this can impregnate you. The same is for Kate. That's all for now. As user I would say this is not too much. But hell boy! That was a real pain to integrate options and It took 9 hours of non-stop coding without bugfixing. I fixed everything I've found. If you encounter any bugs, pls write here.
Quick fix. Kate will no longer has pregnant scenes with smith after giving birth.

Kate now can get repeatedly pregnant.

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Review by mimi69

Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 12/19/2019

This game has some content especially at the start that goes in a line with no choices. 

I was able to "win" this game.

There are lots of ways to not win too. it feels like there are no choices with your friend at home. There is one, but only one, i think. many paths have only one or two choices for now. 

I am looking ahead to updates!

Review by CrystalGeyser

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 12/04/2019

Not terrible, but not great either. If it was a bit more fleshed out it wouldn't be too bad.

TF happens shortly before the game begins. Though there's a fair amount of "improving" you can do on yourself. Images are appropriate and varied, and I quite like the "fertility meter" thing as well (though I'd prefer it being part of the hud and not something you have to click through to see). 

Honestly I couldn't understand much of what was going on though. You're bombarded by walls of text that function as story content, but aren't written well enough. Plenty of spelling errors and weird grammar, but thankfully not as much as a Blauz game (which is apparently one of the creator's primary inspirations). You can follow along with it fine enough, but it won't be winning any awards for writing.

Game itsef boils down to escaping from a town where you were being hunted down as a male. Which means TF'ing into a female, and finding a means of escape, as well as managing money and earning it. There's a few different ways of escaping, which you can find through playing the game, though from what I've found, the endings all lead to the same ones (depending on your variables when escaping). An interesting feature is to avoid getting pregnant, which becomes increasingly more difficult as the game goes on and you need more things, and the game features a fertility cycle for the character. Have sex on a safe day, and you're in the clear, on a medium risk one, you're playing with fire, on a dangerous day, congrats. Game doesn't end at that point, but rather continues on, so you can keep playing just as long as you don't reach full term. 

A major gripe though is the training and working. You're forced to wait like 15-30s for them to complete. It doesn't really add much to gameplay, as I find myself leaving the tab anyway to look at other things. Maybe if the gif files associated with them varied each time you did it, they wouldn't be too bad, but most of your time playing the game will be spent watching those. Food quickly becomes a non-issue as well. There's not much difficulty once you reach jobs that pay out a good amount of cash. Maybe if something happened like you had to find a new hideout and all the required costs associated with it, or something else to make you more financially vunerable the push to do increasingly risky acts would make more sense, but at this point it doesn't too much. Not to mention it's rather quick to corrupt yourself, with only 1 job really keeping you away from that (eventually you'll reach a point where you'll say "okay" to everyone's advances, rather quickly). I'd prefer if the pole dancing job at least had a smaller impact on corruption compared to the brothel (and blacksmith as well, since that ramps up really quick too).

But yeah, it's an alright game. Not great. You can finish it in about 45 minutes or so. All 3 escape types. I just wish there was more meat to it, as it's a good platform, but not much else. 

Review by apocolypse101

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 12/03/2019

I've just started, but it is a very fun game so far!  One thing that I wish would change is instead of timed events, like working, add a button at the bottom that lets us continue whenever we like.  Also, I'd love it if you would add more and larger breast and butt sizes to the game.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 12/02/2019

Oh this one has a ton of potential. It suffers from balancing issues though, and the timed actions are annoying and should be removed. I'd like to see some things expanded on though, i mean the game overs are sudden and breif, you'll be going about your buisness when BAM! Game Over! one page description and your done.

The game is definatly on the right track though and i'm looking forward to future updates.

Review by Dae

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 12/02/2019

I love this game, particulary the preggo content. It pushes all my buttons.


There are some spelling errors and I don't particularly care for the main story line, but the alternate endings are A+ in my book. Would love to see some of the pregnancy content expanded more.


What I would like to see: Note, spoiler, highlight to view:

I would love to see the player character be able to get dosed with the same stuff you can give your female room mate, that makes her more submissive towards the madam's instructions to always be pregnant. 

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