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Blake, a shy and smart, but horribly unlucky guy ends up being forced to become a maid in a rich house. Now he has to fight against several perverted and cruel characters, who want to shape him according to their own tastes. Or he could just relax and enjoy the ride. Shattered is all about choice. Your choice.

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This is Shattered — an erotic visual novel with rendered 2D graphics, where you play as Blake Blinn, an unlucky guy who had to grow up in slums, but didn't really find his way into thug's life, and due to a series of misfortunes ended up being a maid (yes, a maid) in a rich family's house. And you decide how he's gonna deal with this situation.

The game mainly centers around your cruel and sadistic boss (or rather owner) Melinda; her naughty and enthusiastic daughter Rebecca; her business partner Samuel, a dominant and imposing person; and her friendly and lighthearted assistant Liam. And many others! In this house you'll never be alone. For better or for worse.

While the feminisation aspect of the game is unavoidable, Blake's relationships and potential fetishes can be chosen, and include both sexes, so if you're not into M\M stuff, don't be scared: there's plenty of femdom for you. As well as many other things like BDSM, petplay, netorare, bimbofication — all optional of course.

Blake — our unfortunate protagonist and the future winner of «Maid of the Year» contest. He ran away from trouble and ended up in much bigger one. His personality is more or less shaped by you: make him a sassy bitch or a meek maiden, and enjoy the result. But be prepared to hear his thoughts about it a lot. Now, there are four main characters for Blake to build relationships with, and of course they all want him to become something else.

Melinda — a rich and powerful mistress of the house. A cruel, heartless and sadistic dominatrix — you know the drill. Torturing people for her is as natural as breathing. Luckily for Blake, she's rather busy woman. Choose her if you can't live without hardcore femdom, but don't complain later on.

Vanessa — upbeat and energetic policewoman with particular distaste for men, thanks to her tragic personal history. If your Blake goes for her, expect him to change his personality accordingly.

Samuel — Melinda's business partner, who thinks that everything in the world belongs to him. His nature is as dominant as Melinda's, but unlike her he knows when to stop and genuinely cares about his partner's well-being. Choose Samuel if you want Blake to become a beautiful trophy wife.

Liam — easy-going and kind-hearted young man, who works as Melinda's personal assistant, and probably the only person in the house who actually likes Blake. He might appear pretty simple at first, but under those expensive clothes he hides an enourmous appetite for love. He just needs a companion. Choose Liam if you wish to join him in his quest to find a perfect dick. Or several.

Version 0.10: major continuation of the story: 230000 new words of dialogues in 16 days total, 472 new renders (not counting the backgrounds), about 30 remade ones, new model for Candy, 270 new character sprites, and god knows how many sex scenes.

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Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.10 on 11/05/2020

This is quite an extensive visual novel now. The focus is sissyfication. The art is good. Plenty of different characters. Choices do matter. There is a good walkthrough. I think there are some structural problems in the VN but only in comparison to professional games. If this is your sort of thing then you probably will enjoy this.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 08/17/2020

Oh look a Maid! (I'm always looking for such themed games)

Oh wait it's not just about being a Maid! (Character development is the most important thing ever)

Choices actually do make a difference! (Except the feminization part...which I personally ADORE!)

The graphics are amazing! (Not obligatory, but a very big PLUS)

I didn't manage to finish in one sitting! (Many games on TFGS are finished after a sitting. I prefer long slow burning stories that keep me dwelling deeper and deeper into the story. And somehow the story occasionally skips days at a time and somehow manages to keep everything fresh and interesting.)

I saw mistakes! (but ultimately they didn't diminish the story and I understood the meanings even if there were blips here and there)

And there is sex! (Not obligatory in my book for something to be good, but a bonus if done well, which it does so far (at page 10 of walkthrough, I learned that walkthroughs help to get the best ending, and I don't mind being spoiled a little bit)

Oh, and there are never enough Maids! (I'm just difficult like that, but this game really ranks high up for my love of such thematic games)

Score so far: 9.3/10

Review by MaidMarion

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 08/01/2020

I have to say this is probably my favourite game on the site. It has a really in-depth storyline with great lore, a lot of choices and great renders. I cant understand why its not as popular and big as say perverted education. Maybe because its because its a Ren'py game rather than a HTML or something else I really dont know.

Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 07/10/2020

This should have a "voluntary" tag, really, because somewhere about half-way through the current content MC starts talking, acting and thinking like a typical willing trans that did the entire "transition" on their own and is only regretting not doing it sooner.

This is actually the one weak point in the whole writing. The game makes a statement early on - in slums, where MC grew up, there's only two kinds of people - muscleheads and their whores.

MC clearly doesn't belong in the first category, because of his physique, but would comfortably fit into the second category, as far as physique goes, and yet manages to avoid doing that for the entirety of his life in the slums.

You'd THINK that would mean that he has strong inner aversion to it, but guess what - he doesn't. In a way he's a minor glitch of society that his new mistress quickly and easily "corrected" (actually, the game itself puts it this way).

Yet if you look only at the introduction (basically the content covered in initial release IIRC - from game start till early captivity) you'd be expecting an MC that'd keep resisting till the end.

And you'd be expecting in vain because that's not happening, not even on a single path.

The game lets you steer MC's sexuality and dominance levels (and decides the path the process), but his waning masculinity and inhibitions are out of your hands.


The only other flaw in the writing would be the endless stream of MC's thoughts, they work and they work well, but there's just a bit TOO many of them. It's not that far over the amount that would work best, but without any breaks that endless stream gets old far easier than it should have.


Other than that  the writing is good.

The content is well reinforced graphically - It's comparable to playing AAA games - if a character is described wearing an outfit you get the graphics to go along with it that fit the description precisely, and it's not just clothes. Looks, many positions in various events, backgrounds/decorations - what you read is what you see. I don't remember a single disparity between the visible content and the text.

And the amount of content is staggering. It feels like even if we put all the other VN games on this site together into one big lump, this one could still give them a run for their money.

And this is huge (no pun intended). VNs are generally big on reading and the biggest issue with the other VNs on this site is how easy it is to run into stub. This is just a mild annoyance for a more game-shaped games, and even the ones that are essentially interactive fiction can get over it because they are generally just collections of scenes. But for VNs, where the entire point is to enjoy the crafted story in detail, this is a deal breaker, because a story is best enjoyed WITHOUT months-long interruptions.

I didn't actually finish this one, but by the looks of it the amount of content here at version 0.8 ACTUALLY constitutes around 80% of what a respectable professional VN could have at launch, paths and all. And on top of that, it's not structured like a stub kingdom, where there's a lot of branching near the begging but most of it leads nowhere (I'm looking at you, re:Dreamer).

Overall a great game, just mind your tastes if you're not into willing feminisation, because this MC WILL act like a willing trans no matter what you do with him.

Review by johnpacifist1

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 05/31/2020

Yeah, I don't think I need to make another huge review like the other people raving about this game. It's great. You should play it. Fantastic story, great scenes, awesome characters. Look down for significantly more in-depth reviews that are also highly recommending this game. <3

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