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Version: 0.8

Version: 0.7.2

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Corey and his bros are getting high, talking about chicks, and making a list of which has best assets and attitudes.  The scores will come later.  Somehow an arcane symbol turns his comments about his classmate, Angela,  into wishes, and he finds himself having  summoned a demon into his dreams to fulfill them.  Unfortunately that means he must walk a week in the shoes he's wished for Angela.  If he fails he'll never be a man again.


This is an erotic tragedy, so happy endings  will likely be few and far between. 

Right now there is just over 120K words which comes out to about 3.5 days worth of stuff.  The goal is to have a 1 week structure and add more and more paths through that week.  Of course there needs to be one complete path first.

The non-con content should be entirely optional, but it can be pretty brutal.  In general the later you wait to say no, the less chance it will be accepted. 

== Warnings =========

Most of the negative reviews here and in the discussion seem to boil down to not being the game the reviewer wanted, so let me clarify what's in the tin.

The main character is not a blank slate for you to project yourself upon.  S/he is happy with their male gender identity and when an outside force, against their will, changes the sex of their body that does not change their gender identity.  Somehow the main character's wish to a have a body that matches their gender identity is considered transphobic by some.  I'd say expecting a character to abandon their gender identity because their body changed is more transphobic.  Also the main character spent most of their life as a bit of an asshole and more than a little bit sexist.  Changing their body doesn't change that about them.

The villain of the game is a demon who makes the main character, with all their many flaws, look like a choir boy.  The demon will proudly say things that are degrading, misogynistic, and down right terrible.  He is a demon.  If he recognized trans people as existing, he'd be transphobic, but honestly I'm pretty sure he hasn't gotten past neatly putting people into exactly two bins based on their primary sex characteristics. 

Apparently erotic tragedy was too vague, so let me be clearer, the main character, the one identified as you in the prose, will be abused and subjected to words, actions and thoughts that are sexist, objectifying and abusive from a variety of generally terrible characters, including the main character's own thoughts.  They will want to return to a body that matches their gender identity, and will most likely fail.  They won't be happy about that.

If you'd like to call some part of the game transphobic, please at least use the term properly.  The main character suffering from gender dysphoria due to a sudden change in their body is not transphobia, nor is the demon being run of the mill sexist.

If any of that doesn't sound like what you're looking for, that's cool, after all I created this because sissy games wasn't what I was looking for.  But please review it based on what it is, which I hope is now super clearly marked on the tin, not on what you wish it was.  If it isn't the kind of game you want, or if it doesn't capture the mood you're looking for, please create something that does, the world and this site needs more variety.

Also this is a choose your own adventure game so if that's not your thing, sorry.


All the characters in this game are terrible people, including "you/Corey/Angela".   You may not be rooting for any of them.

* Corey -  a frat boy and all around bro at Saint Luke's Academy and Preparatory School.

* Angela - Classmate. A geek or popular girl from your Math class. Winner of most likely to become a Stripper or Easiest Fuck.

* The Demon - A terrifying male beast demon from your dreams.

* Demonette - A cute little cat demon from your dreams.

* Bros - Your bros from school

* Chicks - Hot chicks from school

Do whatever you want. 

* There's a lot of content under cheer, and a second path if you talk to Corey at school first.  Also a lot of content by babysitting for professor Grant and Cosplay.

* Sunday - Wednesday have dreams, no more are written after that.   Though if you submit Sun - Wed, then resist in the placeholder dreams, that will get you to Satruday.

* Most of the content is during the after school time so you'll have to go several days to get it all in one play through.  Evening and night stuff is coming.

* Popular/Geek girl gating is currently off, until I write enough (geek) content


"The Good Stuff"

* Corey at school -> cheer -> don't pick up flowers -> go with corey

* Corey at school -> cosplay club -> agree to talk with him after

* Cosplay club -> send corey away (if he's there) -> let Dave walk you home

* Cosplay club-> send corey away (if he's there) -> walk home alone.

* cheer -> pick up flowers -> get high with chad

    * Choose chad as the person at the door wednesday night

* popular -> talk to professor Grant -> babysit -> be dumb

* talk to professor Grant -> babysit -> steal the teddy bear

* (solo) talk to professor Grant -> babysit ->put on a show

* Sunbathing -> Consider Mark's offer -> Text Mark about modelling

    * Alt Path: Cosplay -> club -> consider Mark's offer -> Text Mark about modelling

    * Stripper and Slut have different scenes.

* (solo) Masturbate

* Play Basketball -> don't leave until your shirt is off (con and non-con variants)


  • Additional 17K words for a total of 120K words
  • Content
    • Fail to shoot hoops with Bro Greg and see the yoga flyer.
    • Pet Rocko at the animal shelter as a form of self care. Emotional support animal, not bestiality.
    • Clarify during first dream/monday morning that you need to not just live as a girl, but as a slut/stripper.
    • Cosplay clearer escape hatch, walk home with Dani.
    • Before dreaming assess how much of a slut/stripper you've been.
    • Clarify/narrow who the demon is threatening with a hell full of sexual violence to just you, rather than a broader class of people.
  • Technical/bugs
    • Added Tomboy, Girly-girl aspects
    • Added Contract Obeyed, Contract Breached aspects
    • Extracted feminization attribute from "acceptance"/submission.
    • Rebalanced all major attributes ("acceptance"/submission, orientation, feminization, "demon happiness"/contract adherence)
      • Standardized rewards, so I can easily re-adjust as the game grows longer
      • To do this I literally had to touch every decision point; I did many hours of QA, but probably missed something.
      • Expect further balancing; Contract feels like it moves too fast and orientation too slow, but these were the best compromise value I could find given the current content.
    • Character page no longer reports Corey as having fucked you if you rebuffed him after cosplay.
    • Updated Dave's character page if he took you home from cosplay.
    • Skipping talking to demon about essence no longer causes inaccuracies in the character page.
    • Gate some activities (masturbation/modeling/petting Rocko) based on mood and/or arousal
    • Grammar fixes, proofreads, minor rewrites
    • Debug page now properly displays easiest fuck superlative and geek concept.
    • Re-wrote some javascript for... reasons.




  • Additional 0K words for a total of 103K words
  • Content
    • No new content
  • Technical/bugs
    • Missed last attempt to fix dream_snippet passages




  • Additional 0K words for a total of 103K words
  • Content
    • No new content
  • Technical/bugs
    • Fix issues with args to calls collar icon function, "demon happiness" function
    • Add dream to journal and thus add dream_snippet passages



  • Additional xxK words for a total of xxK words
  • Content
    • Dream posters that change in the dream as acceptance changes.
    • Wednesday night dream
    • Third Essence
    • Third punishment
    • Wednesday dream/punishment character list update
    • Collar icons appear once the demon collars you
      • Right now there is no backfill of the collar effects to previous content
    • Backfill Images
      • Images added to babysitting scene
      • Images added to intro/dream0
      • Images added to chad bootie call all paths
      • Images added to cheer Corey path
      • Images added to cheer Chad path
      • Images added to cosplay Dave path
      • Images added to Rapunzel punishment path
      • Images for before school blurb
      • bunch more images, lost track
    • Placeholder for saturday night dream that gives a read out on whether you could become a man again.
  • Technical/bugs
    • Week properly ends on Saturday instead of going into unnamed days
    • added setting to hide avatar and/or story images.
    • Name can now be selected to Angela
    • Snippet system for when the demonette is watching your greatest hits for the day.
    • Upgraded to Sugarecube 2.35.0



  • Additional 12K words for a total of 91K words
  • Content
    • Modeling for Mark
      • Two very different versions (stripper/slut)
      • Update Cosplay if you've modeled for Mark already (slut).
      • Added the first pics.
      • Updated Characters Page
    • Going to the ATM
    • A couple of new versions of the before school timeslot intro text based on acceptance level.
    • A couple of new versions of the after school timeslot intro text based on acceptance level.
    • Added a sidebar avatar pic
      • eye color is not reflected in avatar pics, that's unlikely to change.
    • Event Images
      • Sunbathing.
      • Modeling
      • Cosplay
  • Technical/bugs
    • Missing reaction for slut in consensual Chad's bootie call.
    • Added links to discussion thread/index entry on start page.
    • Updated Corey's Character page for cosplay events.



  • Additional 9K words for a total of 79K words
  • Content
    • Bootie Call/no one
    • Bootie Call/Chad
  • Technical/bugs
    • Revamped mood and arousal systems for more flexibility.
    • Added select aspects into the side bar



  • Additional 18K words for a total of 70K words
  • Content
    • cosplay club
    • Buying condoms
  • Technical/Bugs
    • Promises surrounding corey date if you don't give him head under bleachers.



  • Additional 2K words for a total of 52K words
  • Content
    • Second dream punishment
  • Technical/Bugs
    • Faulty else statement on the character's page would display wrong information.
    • Remove Playground/debug which weren't supposed to be left in the menu.
    • Some proofreading fixes.



  • Additional 4k words for a total of 50K words
  • Content
    • Tuesday Dream, but no new punishment.
  • Technical/Bugs
    • De-coupled dreams from punishments
    • Visited Yesterday Technology
    • Bunch of proofreading issues
    • Essence tracking bug



  • Content
    • Additional 17k words for a total of 46K words
    • List is leaked
      • Minor updates to model/masturbation/cheer-corey/cheer-chad if the list was leaked before those events
    • Babysit for Professor Grant
  • Technical/Bugs
    • Promise system implemented (We can now schedule things in the future)
    • Grammar fixes
    • Body type -> aspects cleanup
    • Pregnancy random roll

0.1.0: Initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 03/21/2022

Just wanted to show my support to the game's author. This game is awesome, and there is nothing transphobic about it.

There is an audience for games where the MC start as a manly, sexist male and is turned suddenly into a very feminine woman against their will and put into humiliating situations. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this kind of stuff.

Unfortunately, it seems like such games are a rarity nowadays. This fate (obnoxious manly guy becomes slutty, girly girl) is usually given to NPCs these days, perhaps as a way to make the PC less controversial. This is frustrating as hell to me, because I want to experience that for myself, I do not particularly want to see some NPC going through it.

The other kind of game that there is a lot of is the sissy story where you're already kinda subby and girlish, and then you slowly become more so, though you never really attain a fully transformed body, not perhaps until the end of the game. I have nothing against that, if that floats your boat, more power to you. It's just not my thing, chastity belts and femdom and stuff like that. 

This is the rare game that has that old-style plot of so many classic RAGS stories. Start as a sexist male then BAM become ultra-girly girl, with full physical change and the world keeps putting you into sex-based humiliations. It's a particular fantasy that many people enjoy experiencing. Yes, IRL, there is nothing "wrong" with being a girl, hell, I'd love to be a girl myself. But experiencing the POV of a character that endlessly fight against it is part of a particular sort of submissive fetish. It's not a wider statement about gender and sexuality.

Review by bananaflyman

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 03/20/2022

Ignore the last two "reviews". Involuntary forced TF has a long history on tfgames site and there's nothing "transphobic" here that you wouldn't find in a TinaB or AnonymousMan game. If you don't like the genre then don't play instead of getting upset and throwing a hissyfit.

Review by ShardPerson

Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 01/25/2022

Much like a previous review, I find a lot of the game pretty decent, it's not a wonder of gender-fucky porn, but it's nice... up until the demon shows up. It's just way too transphobic, and honestly when being a girl is painted as something inherently bad that the character should fight against, it just completely kills the mood. Just let the character tell the demon to fuck off and slowly come to terms with being a girl

Review by nezumi

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 12/28/2021

Concept is interesting, but kinda got turned off by the out-of-left-field transphobia near the start, vis a vis what sounded an awful lot like a place in hell reserved for sissies and trans girls.

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 06/19/2021

I'm really glad you've come back to the TG games world!

"The List" is taking shape, and so far it looks very interesting: keep up the great work! :D

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