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Version: 0.1.0

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Corey and his bros and getting high and talking about chicks, and making a list of which has best assets and attitudes.  The scores will come later.  Somehow an arcane symbol turns his comments about his classmate, Angela,  into wishes, and he finds himself having  summoned a demon into his dreams to fulfill them.  Unfortunately that means he must walk a week in the shoes he's wished for Angela.  If he fails he'll never be a man again.

This is an erotic tradgedy, so happy endings  will likely be few and far between.  This is a CYOA, so if that's not your thing, sorry.

Was feeling a lack of non-sissy content so I wrote some.  Right now there is just shy of 30K words which comes out to about a day and a half worth of stuff.  The goal is to have a 1 week structure and add more and more paths through that week.  Of course there needs to be one complete path first.

FYI: The non-con content should be entirely optional, but it can be pretty brutal.

All the characters in this game are terrible people, including "you/Corey/Angela".   You may not be rooting for any of them.

* Corey -  a frat boy and all around bro at Saint Luke's Academy and Preparatory School.

* Angela - Classmate. A geek girl from your English class. Winner of most likely to become a Stripper.

* The Demon - A terrifying male beast demon from your dreams.

* Demonette - A cute little cat demon from your dreams.

* Bros - Your bros from school

* Chicks - Hot chicks from school

Do whatever you want. 

* There's a lot of content under cheer, and a second path if you talk Corey at school first.

* Sunday and Monday both have dreams, no more are written after that.

* Most of the content is during the after school time so you'll have to go several days to get it all in one play through.  Evening and night stuff is coming.

* Popular/Geek girl gating is currently off, until I write enough (geek) content

0.1.0: Initial release

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Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 01/10/2020

Wonderful start! The writing is well done and it leaves me fairly curious to see the rest / where you wanna take it.  Good job!

Review by FrozenWave

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/28/2019

"All the characters in this game are terrible people"

+1 for creating a realistic world.

You've got a great start here and have me wanting for more!

Review by karasoth

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/28/2019

Not a bad start.....look forward to seeing how it grows

Review by SilverS

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/28/2019

An initial release that has a significant amount of content and extremely well-written content at that. For what's there so far, I have nothing but praise. 

It doesn't hurt that the subject matter and adult themes employed are right up my alley. I eagerly await future updates and I really, really hope this will be one of the few projects on here that does get updates and is completed someday. 

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/28/2019

Being a new game, not much here yet...


The premise is interesting tho, and what is here really makes me interested in what the dev has in store for the rest.  Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


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