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Version: 0.21

Transformation Warrior

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Are you ready for the parcour of your life? Escape the clutches of a mysterious crowd.
Win challenges and buy items to ensure you reach the endgoal without ending up a bimbo.
Can you do so while fighting your friends?

Transformation Warrior was my Contest Entry to "Game Night!"
The Name is a play on "Ninja Warrior". I find it terrible too, but hey, y'know.

 If you enjoy the content, please leave me feedback or hit me up in the forums or in Discord.
I'm a poor fucker so my priority is on other things, but rest assured I'm always trying to work a bit on this! :)

Random guy brings random game with him.

Teleportation, whew!

Super awesome parcour contest. Let the losers transform! Or... everyone?

Try to reach the end so you dont end up a stupid bimbo.

You - Duh.

Sarah - Your smart, every-day girl that happens to be your best friend!

Cinthia - A cheerful and emotional impulsive girl that also happens to be your best friend!

Paul - The guy Cinthia brought with him. The guy that brought the game. Damn you!

v0.21 - "Thank you HiEv" Update

  • Some text colors changed to allow for better readability
  • Image Toggle moved into a Settings menu, saves me a ton of hacks and allows for more bugfree code. Thanks to HiEv for troubleshooting this with me!
  • IOS users should now be able to see the images. They were converted and compressed into JPGs instead of webp.
  • Few code parts removed.
  • From now on it is not possible anymore to get a faulty image error concerning an E: Drive if your directory has a "/temp/" in it's path.


v0.2 -

Added Images.

Proofread v0.1 content.

Reworked underlying system; Old saves should not work anymore.

Saved more of your choices.

Added Bike Challenge.

Added a few descriptions.

Points & Influence stats added.

Friendship stats added, but not used in this V.

Inventory might actually show an item, but nothing special... usable items in the future !?

Your own traits on the character page. Future versions might fill them up, eh?

v0.1 - Release. Content added up until start of Round 3. No character descriptions due to time, no images.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AoS

Version reviewed: 0.21 on 05/11/2020

The start of a good game.

Extrapolating from what's here so far, this feels like one of those games that while it won't be particularly long, it will be good and cater mainly to a specific audience.

Both the art and writing are good, the only thing that sticks out is how different routes or items taken are perhaps a little too similar to each other. But then it's still early days so who knows how things ramp up.

The changes to the characters thoughts are great.


Thanks for sharing! Got to keep and eye on this one.

Review by Let

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 05/08/2020

So you know, none of the images work since they are force pathed through some sort of E: drive, not where ever they are saved locally.


Other than that, nothing really special so far.

Review by ravynreign

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 05/08/2020

Good for what it has which is not much but I'm super hoping this game keeps getting worked on and gets finished, be nice to have some hypno and more options to choose from but that's just me. Game is a fantastic start.

Review by sissymaid_louise

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 05/08/2020

I like what i seen so far but will wait till the next update to see how it goes 

Review by devidevil888

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 01/02/2020

I geniuenly adored what there is for the game right now and hope to see it be completed!

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