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Version: 1.0.1

Version: 1.0.0

Changing Room
by DesiDee

Changing Room

You are a young man trapped in a room by a crazy, albeit very talented, genetic scientist. She also happens to be a vengeful ex girlfriend. You can see where this is going.

• Escape the room meets the TFGamesSite
• I wanted to play a TG game with artwork through the eyes of the protagonist, but I couldn't find anything satisfying. So I made it myself.

• Finished. I'll try to fix any major bugs, and will DEFINITELY try to get a Mac version out if the opportunity presents itself, but otherwise I prefer to concentrate on my next project.

• Full 3D, first person game
• Roughly 10 min playtime

• My first attempt at a 3D game - so this is half a game, half an experiment to see if I could actually pull it off. So it's a pretty shallow premise and story, sorry!
• To Mac users: I'm sincerely sorry, but this game is currently only for PC. I want to make a Mac version, but Unreal won't export to Mac without an Apple computer. I'm trying to find a solution and will get a Mac version up if at all possible!


2020/Jan/28 Update

1. Minor bug fixes (See Changelog tab)

2. Added screenshots for people who want to see before downloading (See Plot tab)

3. VR NOTE - Some users reported that the game was making Steam VR launch when it was loaded up. To avoid this, I removed VR support from version 1.0.1. If you'd like to try the game with VR controls, please download V1.0.0 instead. Just note, it has the default Unreal VR settings, but I don't have a VR rig at home, so that feature is completely untested!


Links (v1.0.1) 600Mb:
Mega: https://mega.nz/#!aSAyCYxL!KQMqge9fMXQlUv3xFpqNzLRWGEu6giQ4vvGR9lV7t6w

By request, here are some screenshots, so you know what it looks like before downloading a massive 600Mb file.

Changing Room 1

Changing Room 2

Changing Room 3

Changing Room 4

Changing Room 5Changing Room 6

2020, Jan 28 V1.0.1  Minor bug fixes
- Removed Steam VR support, should keep Steam VR from launching
- Hopefully fixed the movment bug that was freezing some players
- If you guess the name early, it should show the correct textures now. No more boobs with a hairy chest.
- Hide the junk after a certain number of changes so it shouldn't peek out when moving quickly.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by chibikami

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 11/04/2020

Brilliant as a proof of concept, can easily be the foundation of a larger escape room type of game (sequel set in the hallway, when?).

Biggest complaint: even if you aren't fully transformed, you will be for the ending, even if you got her name after just one clue. As a game this is a poor design choice, invoking the failure state even if the player beats your system

Review by boycalledsue

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 10/06/2020

This game is just astonishing. I've often fantasised about experiencing a transformation in exactly this way and, wow, this delivers. If you want a VIrtual Reality transformation this is for you.
As the developer states in the notes it's only about ten minutes of play, with a shallow premise, but don't let that put you off: you have to see how well this has been done!

There are only two very minor things I'd suggest for improvement - and I do mean minor - this is damn near perfect as it stands. One would be hearing the words spoken rather than having to read them - it would add a touch more realism - and the second is that I just want more. I love several games on this site but this one is in a different league.

Review by Shmoj80

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 07/08/2020

Considering the author mentions this being an experiment more than anything, bravo! The potential is here for something very unique if they decide to start developing something more in depth in the future.

Review by Hessi

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 03/23/2020

Contentwise this seems more like a proof of concept. I love the idea and had lots of fun playing this extremely short game.

It also supports VR which I am unbearably excited to try with this game, as soon as I have a VR headset.

Even without VR, a game like this, with lots more of content and possibilities would be a dream come true to me.

Review by Tafuri

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 02/24/2020

This was very short, and very simple.  But what's here is superbly well executed.  I would have *appreciated* one handed controls, given that the female body you start to inhabit is quite nice, but it was still workable.  I would love to see something like this come around again.  The ability to look down and see the changes on my avatar's body, from his/her perspective, was a treat.

Uh...I couldn't figure out the name, though.  Alice and Claire didn't work and my imagination quickly abandoned me.  So I haven't seen the ending.

Edit: After learning on the forums that the name changes (nice touch, btw) I've gotten to the ending with a different name.  Though the ending was not quite as fun as the game.  It's basically watching a final scene while the narrator talks.  There's not much interactivity and it drags a little.  Still, as far as 'I'm being feminized' simulators go this is probably one of the most immersive yet.

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