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The New Hive
by xax

The New Hive is an adult text-based gay monster game. Travel across the great desert, explore the ruined wasteland, transform yourself, meet big monsters, have sex.

The game is complete and contains roughly 280k words of text in total. It's very sexually explicit; there's a content listing in the game itself, from the title screen. It's nearly entirely M/M, with varying monster/alien transformations.



W B..X... E


  • X = town
  • B = brulvundojn's den
  • A = astau's den
  • R = cave ridges
  • M = glass mountain caves
  • F = old fortress
  • V = caves
  • C = canyon
  • & = ophion's tent (in one of the three locations, randomly)

(there are other locations not noted on this map)

main plot guide

start the game and allocate points as desired. the 'knotted dick' option is only available through character creation; all the other tfs can be gotten in-game at some point.

you start out on the world map, at the X at the center. to progress in the main plot, you have to find one of the 'glimmering' treasure spots. you can identify them by the "try digging" action turning into "there's a glimmer in the sand". four of them are randomly placed on the map, and each time there's a sandstorm their positions are rerolled.

once you find one and trigger its event, remember where that position is because you'll have to revisit it shortly.

after that, head to the village (if you started with a knotted dick, or have talked to brulvundojn already, you'll have another option here, where you can visit him first and then head to the village)

after going through the scene at the village, return to the treasure site, and then you'll be automatically returned to the village.

this opens up the survey team section of the village. there are six different characters with locations they want to visit, which you can do in mostly any order (jinn's needs 3 others to be completed first)

  • pthuul - take him to the glass mountain caves, marked on the above map
  • khru - take him to either astau's den or brulvundojn's den (there's a different threesome sex scene based on where you go, though depending on the state with brulvundojn there might not be a threesome at all)
  • yraal - take him to 2 of these locations:
    • old marble ruins (northeast of brulvundojn's den)
    • old highway (east of brulvundojn's den)
    • old fortress
  • gawann - take him to 3 of these locations:
    • glass mountain caves
    • cleft (north of cave ridges)
    • cave ridges
    • caves
    • red-rock ridge (north of canyon)
  • djen - take him to these 3 locations, which are all on the southernmost edge of the map, to the west (so, directly south of cave ridges and then the two areas to the east from there)
    • acid flats
    • acid bay
    • acid stalks
  • jinn - take him to cave ridges

at some point during this process, you'll return back to the town to see a human military squad has arrived. mechanically, certain interactions get you points for each characters, and when you get enough points overall (or when you run out of time) they leave. i haven't written up an exhaustive list of which talk options on who trigger actions, but generally:

  • ask their leader (agares) 'why are you in town' several times, then ask their 2ic (leraje) 'why are you in town', then ask agares again
  • ask agares about 'human army command' once you get the option (from talking to leraje)
  • ask their recon guy (raven) 'you wanna fuck around' three times to open up his sex tree, and some of his sex scenes get his points
  • after waiting a few days, try 'make smalltalk' on their munitions guy (maxwell). if you blow him, you can ask 'you wanna fuck around' after that to ride his dick
  • talk with rook (it doesn't hugely matter about what) a few times, and then 'make smalltalk' to go through a sequence where you can get him water, which opens up his sex tree
  • after having sex with both maxwell and rook you can schedule a threesome by talking with rook about 'ĝheist dicks' twice and then talking to maxwell

(those might not be 100% accurate, but that's a rough guideline)

after the human squad leaves, you can resume going through the survey team escort missions. when you complete all of them, return to town and check in with the survey team to trigger the ending scene.

other interactions & misc sidequests

visiting astau lets him pump you full of eggs, which you can then have fertilized by brulvundojn. after your pregnancy progresses past a certain point, fertilized or not, check in with the survey team to lay your eggs.

starting with a knotted dicks basically makes your character fuckbuddies with brulvundojn, and aside from the knotted variants in a lot of sex scenes, this changes a fair chunk of dialog in all the scenes with brulvundojn, and also a bunch of the human military squad dick reveal scenes

there are four ways the jinn survey mission can go:

  • don't fuck him / fuck him and fail to impregnate him (it's 75% for time you fuck him, or 100% if you have a knot). this has no particular return scene
  • impregnate him and have him pump the eggs into you, which opens up the option to have zhalk facefuck you when you return
  • impregnate him while you're already pregnant. jinn keeps the eggs, which opens up the option to watch jinn and zhalk fuck
  • while already pregnant with astau's eggs, bring jinn to astau before going to cave ridges, and have astau pump him full of eggs too, which opens up zhalk fucking you and jinn when you return

there's a pair of travelers wandering randomly across the northern half of the map. talking to them twice opens up a sex scene. talking to them if you have the womb tf lets you offer to be a surrogate for them, which is another way to get impregnated

the titan ophion is randomly placed in one of three positions daily, and you can visit him once per trip out into the wasteland (or more if you bring your own crystallized lightrot, which can be dug up in a few places) to get a dick or ass tf

after the human military squad leaves, depending on their individual point values they do different things -- some of them might stay in town, whereas others might either leave to set up camp somewhere on the map, or leave the map entirely. if they stay, you can visit them once per trip out into the wasteland to advance their stage.

  • agares will never stay, and he may set up camp or leave permanently, depending on how much you talked to him. if he sets up camp, it'll be in the old fortress.
  • leraje will never stay, and he may set up camp or leave permanently, depending on how much you talked to him. if he sets up camp, it'll be in the glass mountain caves.
  • if raven doesn't stay, he'll set up camp in the caves, after finding your way down.
  • if maxwell doesn't stay, he'll set up camp in the canyon, down the trail.
  • rook will never set up camp, he'll either stay or leave permanently

how to get different transformations

certain sex scenes will give you transformations, either immediately or with a tf sequence while resting at camp.

despite the mutation bar going up to 10, there are actually a total of 17 transformations. you can get all of them (with the exception of only being able to get one of knotted dick vs. ĝheist dick), but the mutation level will stop visibly increasing after 10.

  • * there are several pregnancy-related transformations, in a sequence:
    • ''continually-leaky nipples'', which you get by being pregnant
    • ''a womb'', which you get by being pregnant, after getting the above
    • ''six nipples'', which you get by carrying a great beast's eggs after getting both of the above (so, astau's or malsatante's, jinn's don't trigger it)

if you're not already pregnant, astau (in his den) will have a scene where he pumps you full of his eggs. impregnating jinn during his survey will lead to him pumping his eggs into you. talking to the wanderers and going down their surrogate path will get malsatante to impregnate you, though that requires you to already have the womb transformation.

  • * ''a knotted dog dick'' is only obtainable by starting with it in character creation. it's mutually-exclusive with 'ĝheist dick' and can't be replaced, and counts as 'a dick tf' below
  • * there's a sequence of 'upper body' transformations, which you get as noted below:
    • ''buff arms''
    • ''leathery arms''
    • ''claws''
  • there's a sequence of 'lower body' transformations, which you get as noted below
    • ''wide hips''
    • ''leathery hips''
    • ''scaled legs''
  • during djen's survey, nearly all of his sex scenes will tf you in some way:
    • getting djen to fuck you will give you 'ĝheist asshole', or 'mutated prostate' if you already have that
    • fisting djen will give you the next upper-body tf in the sequence
    • fucking djen or fucking djen's cock will give you 'ĝheist dick', or 'ĝheist balls' if you already have a dick tf
    • fisting djen until he prolapses and then fucking his prolapse will give you 'ĝheist dick/balls' as above //and// the next upper-body tf in the sequence
  • when visiting ophion, most of his interactions will tf you in some way:
    • having him sound lightrot into your cock will give you 'ĝheist dick', or 'mutated prostate' if you already have a dick tf
    • having him inject lightrot into your ass will give you 'ĝheist asshole', or 'mutated prostate' if you already have that
    • having ophion fuck you gives you the next upper and lower body mutations, 'ĝheist balls', and 'ĝheist asshole' or 'mutated prostate' as above
    • blowing ophion gives you the next upper and lower body mutations, as well as a big facial marking (this is a unique cosmetic tf)
  • during jinn's survey, depending on how you've interacted with him (namely if you've fucked him already) he'll invite you to fuck him in the lightrot pool. doing so will get you a ĝheist dick and balls, as well as the next upper and lower body mutations
  • brulvundojn fucking you, either from repeated sex after his first frotting sex scene, or from him fertilizing astau's eggs, will give you one lower body mutation if you don't already have any (i.e., it gives you 'wide hips' if you don't have it)
  • if you have sex with brulvundojn more than 4 times, you start to grow ''coarse fur across your forearms and calves''.
  • once you have 4 or more ĝheist mutation points, you start the sequence to get ''muscular body'' during rest at camp
  • once you have 6 or more ĝheist mutation points and you have at least one upper or lower body mutation, you start the sequence to get ''ĝheisthide all over your body'' during rest at camp



  • added rudimentary save importing and exporting, for moving multiple saves around
  • did some light editing on Jinn's knotting impregnation sex scene
  • fixed scripting errors with Maxwell's exile sequence (hopefully)
  • restructured the Leraje exile sequence so it shouldn't have a similar error
  • fixed some busted ifchecks in Leraje's exile sequence
  • fixed a bug with running out of time during the siege not actually forcing the out-of-time sequence
  • fixed a few formatting issues with stray \ showing up
  • fixed the largest-dick-taken code so it should work properly in the 'you' bio and in descriptive fragments in a few scenes
  • fixed a bunch of busted ifchecks in the siege section and aftermath
  • fixed a really embarrassing endgame bug that just spewed some raw code out there
  • added some crafting recipes but they're still not used for anything yet so don't worry about it


  • fixed another script error in the endgame sequence


  • fixed script error in Jinn's survey camping scene when you fuck him in the ass
  • fixed script error in the endgame sequence when you return after completing the final survey
  • fixed softlock in Agares exile camp sequence
  • fixed some busted markup & formatting


  • fixed bug with Jinn's survey sometimes not correctly registering that you're already pregnant (hopefully)
  • fixed typo in crafting recipe for tires (worn wire -> worn wires)
  • fixed item in crafting recipe for masonry block (broken masonry -> sandblasted masonry)


  • fixed "$ĝheistIntroduced" progress-blocking bug

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Noyb

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/13/2020

Call me crazy, but I see these kinds of games and play with them as survival, not as someone looking for ways to get in trouble.  I made five or six greenhouse panels but never saw any suggestion of how to do anything with them and the game doesn't seem to register the worn wires; I had seventeen of them and two shredded tires but couldn't make a new tire.  I also had absolutely no idea what I was doing until I looked at the walkthrough tab here, but I'd probably have stumbled on a glimmering eventually as I sought out materials to make a ballustrade.

Review by Moxblog

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/13/2020

I decided to try the game since I'm a fan of hive stuff and I didn't need to download anything, even though I'm not a fan of M/M. It ended up being pretty intense. The game really emphasizes the monstrous side of monsters and some of it was a bit disturbing to me. The NPCs are described as 'grotesque', and there's a lot of slime, drool, warts, crust, and that kind of stuff. If you are ok with that kind of content. there seems to be a lot here for you. The descriptions are long and well written for what they are. Otherwise, stay away.

Review by Dracilla

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/12/2020

M/M stuff is pretty rare, Male pregnancy stuff even more so - the writing is pretty good, descriptive and interesting but the context sometimes got too nasty even for my taste (chunky jizz, prolapse everything) but if that turns your crank this is probably perfect for you. The naming sense though (both species and individuals) was too garrish, it reminded me of going feet first into Guild Wars 2 with out any context or lore to turn to and made the initial impression pretty confuzing as they are tossed at you as if you (the player) are as familiar with the world as the character your playing.

Review by SilverS

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/11/2020

An incredibly deep game with a surprising amount of scene variations based on your other prior decisions. I've been following it for a while (the entire two years in fact) and i'm so happy to see it in a finished state. Xax has always been at the top of my list as a developer when it comes to M/M game (and story) content. And this game fully lives up to my expectations in that regard. 

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