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Version: 2.0

Space Ditz


UPDATE: 2016 revamped edition now available.


Update notes:

- Many typos corrected (thank you to those people who went through the entire original game and emailed me lists of corrections!)
- Several minor longstanding bugs/errors corrected (I found a couple of enemies that were doing more damage than intended)
- Text colors added for speech/combat/important feedback
- Image updates - player, Celine, main ending, additional content
- Standardised player stats
- Healing items system updated
- Combat stats/heal drop rates adjusted
- Stage maps added
- Location searching added
- Enhancement Modules/Fabrication Station system added
- Will/Tech tests now 'skippable' via use of Enhancers
- Medical Computer lockout can now be overcome
- Extended/branching bad ending
- New optional encounter and related rewards/bad ending
- Additional sub-adventure and bad ending
- Sleep Cycler code entry system added (two secret codes possible atm)


Your name is Victoria Romanov, one of many Commanders in the Pan Galactic Republic of Freedom's classified Central Intelligence Agency.
For several years, you enjoyed a meteoric rise as superiors recognised your ambition, skill and aptitude for covert operations and surveillance. You were inducted swiftly into the Barriers, an elite force of psionic-resistant agents trusted with top secret intelligence required during high profile military and agency space expeditions.
One such mission, your thirty-eighth assignment, began a few hours ago.
The orders filled you with a distinct sense of ambivalence. It offered you the opportunity to spend time with your partner, at the cost of possibly putting her in harm's way. Plus she's still assigned to the same ship as your old rival from college, who always manages to find a way to upset you.
Still, it's not really like you had a choice, so you're going to make the best of it...

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Review by Midnight_Omni

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 07/06/2017

Very very good game, although I have no idea how to get the other endings.

Review by dreamer2247

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 12/17/2016

Wonderful game and more than worth waiting for. Just beautifully done from start to finish. Your Amazing and cant wait to see whats next. :)

Review by ObscureDragom

Version reviewed: 1.5 on 07/31/2015

This is an interesting and 'hard' game.  I've never made it past the first chapter and in theory there is a lot more game involved.  It's certainly a very chewy gun.

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