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Version: 0.5.8

Old School Blazin'
by ikkabod

This game was created using the twine engine, featuring: CYOA style game play, character and location pictures, sexual animated gifs (optional) and external links to youtube videos (soundtrack).

The story is set in the 1990's, revolving around a male protagonist that experiments with sex and drugs. Various pressures come into play, forcing you to decide what course of action to take. Be careful though, as early decisions can result in drastic consequences later in the game. There are many paths containing extreme sexual content, so I would strongly advise reading the in-game warning screen before playing.

The game currently contains the following content: M/F, M/M, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Masturbation, Domination, Submission, Transformation, Sissification, Humiliation, Femdom, Hypnosis, Subversion, Bullying, Drug use, Drug sales, Violence against Men, Violence against Women, Racism, Misogyny, Misandry, Homophobia and Insanity.


-Story Progress (6,700+ words)

-Sam Dom Path (Week 2 conclusion)

-14 new pictures

Update: 0.6.3

-Story Progress (7,800+ words)

-Coke Selling (Week 2 conclusion, Shooter Path)

-14 new pictures

Update: 0.6.2

-Story Progress (18,000+ words)

-Bonnie (Week 2 conclusion, Beta path)

-42 new pictures

Update: 0.6.1  

-Story Progress (9,700 words)

-Kate (Week 2, Beta path)

-18 new pictures

Update: 0.6.0 

-Story Progress (6,000 words)

-The Computer (Introduction)

-15 new pictures

Update: 0.5.9

-Story Progress (6,300 words)

-RPG Continuation (Jain Path, Trade Quarter, plug and girdle variations)

-8 new pictures


-Story Progress (7,600 words)

-RPG Continuation (Week 2 - Roh and Jain Paths, All variations)

-16 new pictures

Update 0.5.7

-Story Progress (9,200 words)

-Bonnie (Week 2 - Tuesday - Sub path continuation)

-13 new pictures

Update 0.5.6

-Story Progress (5,700 words)

-Cocaine Selling (Second day complete, Third day partial)

-14 New Pictures

Update 0.5.5 

- Story Progress (6,500 words)

- Cocaine Selling (First day complete, Second day partial)

- 12 New Pictures

Update 0.5.4

-Story Progress (4,400 words)

-Week 2 Male Coach Thursday and Friday

-6 new pictures

Update 0.5.3

-Story Progress (5,250 words)

-Week 2 Coach Tuesday and Wednesday (All paths)

-5 new pictures

Update 0.5.2 

-Story Progress (6,250 words)

-Week 2 RPG Path (Jain, Roh, Plugged, Unplugged)

-8 new pictures

Update 0.5.1

-Story Progress (8,800 words)

-Week 2 Will (Tuesday & Wednesday - All variations)

-Week 2 Gym stuff (Tuesday)

-Some Week 2 transition passages

-10 new pictures

Update 0.5.0

-Coding update, no new scenes

-All current week 2 content coded

-Entire game bug fixing

-Week 2 structure complete

-Walkthrough updated

-Various fan requests implemented

-Bonnie path avoidable sooner

Update 0.4.9 

-Story Progress (5,000 words)

-Week 2 Will (Dom path)

-Week 2 Coach path

Update 0.4.8

-Story Progress (5,600 words)

-Week 2 Kate After School

-12 new pictures

Update 0.4.7

-Story Progress (5,500 words)

-Week 2 Lunch Fats (all variations)

-10 new pictures

Update 0.4.6

-Story Progress (5,300 words)

-Week 2 Lunch Mickey (all variations)

-8 new pictures

Update 0.4.5 

-Story Progress (6,700 words)

-Week 2 Ivan After School

-10 new pictures

Update 0.4.4

-Story Progress (5,250 words)

-Week 2 Sam After School (Part 2)

-10 new pictures

Update 0.4.3

-Story Progress (4,200 words)

-Week 2 Sam After School (Part 1)

-10 new pictures

Update 0.4.2

-Story Progress (6,400 words)

-Will – week 2 (Submissive path only)

-11 new pictures

Update 0.4.1

-Story Progress (4,300 words)

-Bonnie week 2 scenes (submissive path only)

-10 new pictures.

Update 0.4.0

Story Progress (4,900 words)

-Kate week 2 morning interactions (all variations)

-10 new pictures

Update 0.3.9

-Story Progress (6,250 words)

-Roh TF variations

-Week 1 RPG finale, all variations

-7 new pictures

Update 0.3.8

RPG progress (4,200 words)

- Universal path

- Jain path goes a bit further, you'll see

- 9 new pictures

Update 0.3.7

The RPG continues (4,850 words)

-Jain and Roh paths updated

-26 new pictures

-New system added

Update 0.3.6

-Jain prologue complete (2,150 words)

-2 new pictures

Update 0.3.5

-The conclusion of Roh's prologue sequence (2,250 words)

-5 new pictures

-The hint/walkthrough link on the sidebar

Update 0.3.4

-Roh's intro scenes (3,200 Words)
-5 New Pictures

Update 0.3.3

-Jain's RPG intro scenes complete (2,300 words)
-6 new pictures (RPG)

Update 0.3.2

Gary's morning interactions (4,200 words)
-3 new pictures

-Alpha path complete

-Beta path complete

-The mid-path (no TF) can access either the Alpha or Beta path depending on which of your
stats is higher, dominance or submission. Or, just bring a baseball bat, that always helps

Update 0.3.1

Well, I said it was my goal to finish all of Gary's scenes for this update, but sadly I fell
a bit short of that mark and ran out of time. So here's what I've got:
-Gary week 2 morning interactions, universal path (2,000 words)

- 2 new pictures

Note: There are no sex scenes in this update.

Update 0.3.0

This update completes the week 2 Ivan morning interactions. The "your problem" Alpha scene,
as well as the "About Ivan" variant.
-Story progress (2,250 words)

-4 new pictures.

Update 0.2.9

This update sets up Ivan's week 2, morning interactions, focusing on the beta, "your problem" choice.
-Story progress (1,500 words)

-2 new pictures.

Update 0.2.8

This update wraps up Week 2, Monday Math Class (focusing on the higher intelligence variants).
It also lays out the options for further Week 2 morning interactions.
-Story Progress (1,500 words)

-4 New pictures

Update 0.2.7

This update starts the Week 2 Monday math class scene, focusing on low intelligence variants.
-Story Progress: (2,100 Words)

-7 New pictures (3 in the new update)

Update 0.2.6

This update finishes off all the week 2 Sam and Alan bathroom variations. The largest being
Beta support Sam (Be submissive to Alan at the party for a little bonus in this scene).
-Story Progress (2,100 words).

-1 new picture

-1 new item

Update 0.2.5

This update continues week 2 on the Sam and Alan path, although the new content is only
accessible with an ALPHA playthrough.
-1,800 words of new content

-8 new pics

Update 0.2.4

-This update is 4,650 words larger than the last update, though there is quite a bit of
redundancy, so it's closer to a third of that in new content.
-All paths forwarded equally up to Monday morning at school

-2 new gifs added

-I did some more picture hunting, but none of them made it into this update, expect some of
those to be included next month.

Update 0.2.3

-This update is 1,250 words, including coding, etc...

-Half a dozen new pictures

-More stat changes during party events

Update 0.2.2

- Forward story progress (1,300 words)
- A couple new pictures

Update 0.2.1

-Forward story progress, Sunday night (1,500 words)
-Some new coding in the sidebar

-A couple of pictures

Update 0.2.0

-Finalizing of the RPG setup scenes

-Starting Sunday

Update 0.1.9

-Forward story progress at Ted's (1,900 words)
-New pictures

Update 0.1.8

-Story Progress - Ivan (1,100 words)
-Some new pictures

-Lots of spelling/typo corrections (Thanks to newport_georgeg)

Update 0.1.7

-Coding, pathing, variable tracking, etc - 1000 words
-All Patry outro variations - 2000 words

-Alan Party scene completed (Basement - Hesitate)) - 700 words

-Some new pictures added

Update 0.1.6

Progress on path - "Jan & Kate" - Basement - Back Away (1000 Words)

Update 0.1.5

-Progress on path - "Jan & Kate" - Basement - Take advantage of him (1,100 words)
-Some reformatting to clean up the paths

-Picture hunting, editing, etc.

Update 0.1.4

-Progress on path: Sam&Melanie - rescue her - wait (sub/mid) (900 words)
-More pictures

Update 0.1.3

-Story Progress: Party - Sam and Melanie - Rescue her (sub/mid variations) 1,300 words.
-The ability to disable Gay/Male Solo pictures (per request).

-Additional pictures.

-Coding, bugs, editing, etc.

Update 0.1.2

-Story Progress (900 words): Sam and Melanie - "Join them" (Sub and Mid variations)

-Reworking some of the coding to make some paths easier to find.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by sissymaid_louise

Version reviewed: 0.5.7 on 02/17/2022


The game is good - just for me at the moment there are to many paths not finshed off yet but the game is still playable and you can still get to the last day but it is a case of working out what is finshed and whats not.


Can't wait till it is more complete to play properly :)


Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.5.6 on 01/03/2022

For what is here it is pretty good. But I wouldn't come back expecting much in the way of new content after any given update. Really do check the changelog to see if what you are waiting for has been adressed as the public version is 6 months behind the patreon. I expect to play it again in December.  With the significant delay in development I would not expect to have new content to play until may.

The size of updates is a truly disapointing aspect of this game. Once a month the Author adds up to 10k words focusing on adding one-ish days to one characters content. This means that once a month you can eek out another 5-10 minutes of game play before you have nothing else to do in game. This makes updates very unsatisfying. While the patreon version could be updated monthly so that those who are willing to fund this project are placated, I honestly believe that the game would experience more growth in our community if updates were only released here every 3 months and included 3 updates worth of content. This would make each update more fullfilling.

Now onto the game and how it is made. The characters are rich and intersting with unique motivations and act based on those motivations. I would say that the implementation of the various characters is among the best on this forum. 
The choices lead to your character being either hyper masculine or feminized. You can balance inbetween the two but the feel of maintaining a middle of the road character doesn't feel as developed. Though, I am not sure why you would chose to pursue such a line as you will miss out on a lot of content.

There are a lot of fetishes represented in this game. Chances are you can find one that you are into. However, to really get the tf content it is possible you will need to pursue fetishes that you really are not interested in. That in addition to the frustrating size of updates are the biggest weaknesses of the game.

Writing 4.5/5

Choice impact 3.5/5

Content 2.5/5

Update content size 1/5

Overall rating: 2.875/5

Review by eileen

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 10/06/2021

The game has some cool ideas. I love the 90s setting, the writing is engaging, the RPG event is very nice, good selection of images. I just want more of the same, please, like 10x more :)

Review by BobbyH

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 06/07/2021

Okay, so I have a love-hate relationship with this game. It's got great writing, and a number of different characters you can choose to pursue or dodge; with more to come, most likely. Despite the number of likes this game has on this site, it is hands down one of the best I've ever played - more so than certain games with well over 800+ likes. I'd say the game is rather ambitious, with it aiming to give you both M/F and M/M content, and then giving you variations on that content depending on whether you're seen as more submissive or dominant (influenced by your decisions throughout the game). And that is exactly where my first issue starts with this game.

It's going to take a while to write content for every character in this game, as well as the variations on those routes too. That would be fine, except the rate the game is being written  is - in my opinion, way too slow. The author has stated he works multiple jobs, so I can understand to some degree, but the game is updated usually once a month (with delays ranging from a few days to a week occasionally). These updates are usually about 6k-10k words on one specific character route and one specific variation (dom or sub route). These updates are chosen via voting on the authors Patreon, and this is where my second issue begins. Some characters in these games are bound to be fan favourites, and will inevitably get the majority of the vote and will get their content completed faster, but for everybody who isn't interested in those characters...well, they have some waiting to do until the specific thing they wanted to see finally gets an update. I feel like this is why people unsubscribe from the game. This is where the games slow update schedule really hurts it, because people WILL lose interest after months of waiting, and won't want to pay for what they have no interest in, right?

The conundrum here is that unsubscribing won't get faster updates. As of the time I last checked the author was around ~$70p/m off reaching a Patreon threshold where he could quit a job and dedicate more time to the game. I certainly believe the game is worth subscribing to as it has great potential. To the authors credit, although the updates are small, what's there is usually GREAT. I would urge anybody reading this to try the game out for themselves. I myself still want to see bigger updates myself though, and perhaps a rotating set of choices to vote for so that one character isn't hogging all the updates. 



Pros: Great writing, Very hot M/F and M/M content, Dom/sub variations, Different characters with different personalities, Author is responsive.

Cons: Slow and small updates, Certain characters get more updates due to popular votes while others are lacking, 



Review by Bamppph

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 06/06/2021

I Like this game. It is intriguing. But after playing this update and the last update I barely saw anymore game time. I guess I will have to wait 6 months and 6 updates before I feel like it is worth returning.


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