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20 08 2020
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Version: 20 08 2020

Version: 10 03 2020

BE Witches


Explore a fun and colorful world filled with dungeons and secrets in this (almost) mouse only game, fight monstergirls in a unique type of battle that mixes puzzle, RPG and shoot'em up elements, create items and spells through the use of alchemy. 



Taking inspiration from several games of the dungeon crawler genre such as Darkest Dungeon and Etrian Odyssey, exploration in BE Witches takes the form of a room based 2D point & click. Unlike many dungeons crawlers, every room is handcrafted and unique. Find treasures and ressources, enjoy cute dialogue, and discover secrets!

See: Sample Animation



Being a mix of puzzle game, RPG and shoot'em up, the fights in BE Witches are unlike anything ever made! Line up blocks of the same color to obtain mana and cast spells all the while avoiding and destroying shapes, summoned by your opponent. All of this amounts to a high tension kind of battle that requires you to react quickly to an ever changing situation. 

See: Sample Animation



Many items, accessories, spells and more can be created through alchemy, as long as you have the required ressources and recipes. 
If you can clear the puzzle tied to the recipe, your item will be synthesied!



Last but not least, the amplification system allows your characters to become stronger by clearing a set of condition. This is when the magic of BE happens! Each character can amplify up to rank 5.

See: Sample Animation



This version of BE Witches is a beta, everything is subject to change. You can learn more about the game's development and monstergirl poll on my Patreon page:




(Walkthrough here!)



08 01 2020:
- Many new menus
- Improved fights
- Improved exploration
- New puzzles
- 80 items
- 13 shapes and shape fights
- 23 recipes
- Graphical overhaul
- New songs
- New SFX
- New title screen

11 01 2020:
- Minor bug fixes
- New color guide in Vuu's house
- New tutorial signs

15 01 2020:
- Minor bug fixes
- More tutorial signs
- Made some puzzles easier to understand
- Added a close game confirmation
- Added autofire mode (space key + right click)

21 01 2020:
- More bug fixes
- Added the ability to hold down the mouse wheel to discard/sell/store/take items even faster
- Added the ability to move using the arrow keys
- Added a setting allowing to move by clicking the arrows once instead of twice
- Made it so mana shards are always behind items
- Removed debug functions

27 01 2020:
- Small bug fixes
- Vuu now says the color of the clicked mana pellet/mana shard
- Made the shapes slightly easier to see in normal fights.

03 02 2020:
- Small bug fixes
- Slight improved map sprites

10 03 2020:
- Added a "?" sign in Vuu's house
- Changed some of the "?" signs' dialogue
- Made the single click movement the default one
- Slightly improved the cursor
- Changed the required items for the last amplifications
- Added Twitter link in the opening screen
- Added a save file in the folder with mostly discovered map, cleared mana shard puzzles, all discovered recipes (but not completed) and most required items.

19 03 2020:
- Fixed a bug where shards in your possession didn't matter in alchemy mode
- Fixed a bug where synthesizing multiple items only consummed the shard equivalent of 1 item
- Fixed solved recipes crown not showing correctly in the almanach
- The included save file seemed not to work for several people, so I uploaded a cheat version of the demo in which you get access to all recipes, can synthesize anything wether you have the ingredients or not, can amplify Vuu and Rose up to rank 5 right away.

11 07 2020:
- Fixed various bugs
- Added mouseless mode: Anything that requires the mouse wheel (rotating the heart cursor and various grabbed items) can be done by using WASD (or ZQSD). "F" can be used instead of right clicking, and left shift instead of clicking the mouse wheel.

20 08 2020:
- Fixed a game crashing bug in training mode.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Tafuri

Version reviewed: 03 02 2020 on 02/28/2020

Wow, my arm.

I really have to appreciate the effort that has gone into this game.  Visual Novels are a dime a dozen.  But actual games with mechanics and systems?  That's rare.  And I actually really have to like what they've come up with here.  The puzzle is a cool take on the match 3 standard where the player forms chains which haul the pieces around the board.  These power up your spells which you use to fight your opponent who has their own time-dependent spells.  It's actually a fun mechanic I want to see more of.

The art style is bright, colorful, and cute.  Somehow magical power is linked to breast size in this world, making me wonder just how powerful the bank teller is.  Your own characters start out pretty small, but I'm guessing as time passes they'll start to 'perk up'.  Their personalities are a little shallow at the moment, but it's early days yet.  I should note that the best art are the busts during battle, but you really don't get any time to look at them.

Where I'm getting a problem is that each fight makes you play two games at once.  And both are actually really good.  But when they're mixed together this gets out of hand FAST.  The second game system you have to play is a bit like a bullet hell shooter.  Mouse1 plays the puzzle game, Mouse2 plays the shooter.  And you have to play them simultaneously.  It's a bit cumbersome, but even so I was able to manage for a while.  Then I hit what I'm assuming was a boss, and after a couple minutes of play I just died.  I died because my arm was cramping up from all the mixed clicking.  This game demands a lot of situational awareness and quick decisions but it's also difficult on a purely physical level. 

I played for about two hours before my hand gave out, so there's definitely fun to be had,  A large part of me is hoping the developer can tone back the clicking aspect or maybe drop the shooter system and instead flesh out the match3.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 03 02 2020 on 02/16/2020

I do love this game, but I do have to say that it absolutely destroys my hand on some of the battles. It's more of an endurance test than a skill one for me as I feel I can't let go of thedang mouse, stuff flying across the screen you have to dodge constantly as my pinky ends up going numb every few minutes forcing my hand off the mouse immediately, sometimes resulting in a loss. I'd play quite often if I didn't have this problem. XD Don't know if it's just me here with the issue. Also, I've only managed to find one power orb. and defeated the bosses each twice and don't know where else to go. There aren't exactly too many hints for direction in the game besides for puzzle rooms. It's almost like when you've played Majora's Mask for the first time. Blindly searching for something that pokes out and seems like it might be special with much failure... I didn't have the internet or a guide back then. =|

Review by Illanya

Version reviewed: 03 02 2020 on 02/16/2020

The game is quite nice playing, I really like the battle puzzle frenzy after I got used to it.  But both the mob drops and the alchemy system could use some fine tuning as currently they are very annoying. I just spend a whole day grinding for the soft bracer needed to get to the last power orb (it's droprate from a fairy is that low apparently, although i have to admit i didn't get a complete teaset yet either). All those troubles I finally have all items for the craft...only to run into a seemingly unsolveable crafting puzzle. Atleast I always end up with 1 move short to actually solve te damn thing.

The walkthough sure helps with pointing out things that are easy to miss, and gives step by step instructions to the colour shard puzzles along the way, but sure it would be nice if it had the solutions to the craftingpuzzles too. I managed to complete a few, but the nighmare bracer one pisses me off, especially after spending like a day just gathering the ingredients for it....

Review by aqus0

Version reviewed: 03 02 2020 on 02/15/2020

It's a good game, sure. Just...either I'm just bad at it, it's too hard, or there needs to be a better tutorial to explain everything to you in simpler detail. Also I'm clearly too bad at the game to get to see any of what I was promised in the title.

That aside, good actual game, not just some HTML porn clickathon or an RPGMaker game with borrowed assets. I'll check back in periodically...once I actually figure out what I'm doing.

Review by Thunder487

Version reviewed: 03 02 2020 on 02/15/2020

First off, this is an actual game. Not being unfair to the text, HTML, Rags games or the like—those are great too. But this is an actual game.

And a good one at that, I've legitimately had more fun playing this than a multitude of other games from the past year. It's a very strange mixup of different game genres, but they work well off of eachother very well for the most part. The combat sections are very engaging with how you have to juggle the multiple elements at the same time. 

The art is also very well done. The character portraits are well drawn and the background/room elements are stylized and consistent. There's a bunch of smaller details and work that went into things that make everything flow together. I also want to appreciate the UI work, like before it's incredibly stylized and it adds a lot of charm to the game. 

It's a bit overwhelming at first and there could be some more quality of life adjustments, but it's an incredible base and far exceeded my expectations of the game. If you're looking for pure TF content, it's more sparse than most other games on the site but I think it's still very much worth a play.

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