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Version: 1.95

Space Episode 1

The first true AI was created in 2100 and surprisingly it wasn't anything like the Matrix or Skynet, but... well you could say benevolent and friendly, if a bit of a cynic. After that more and more followed and the humans had to see, that now they weren't the only intelligent species on planet earth. But working together, both races expanded into space for mutual benefits. Now some 1000 years later after colonization of several star systems and encountering a few other civilizations exploring the galaxy, not always friendly, peace is ruling in human AI controlled territories. Naturally there are always some wars, or feuds, but mostly the AIs can prevent that.

Asking them why they don't reach for singularity, becoming some kind of Godmachine most of them answer the same: "Wouldn't be as much fun as it is now, no?", so technology advances but not so much, that everything could be destroyed in an instant.

You are a trader, living a solitary life together with your AI Haley, flying from one star system to another, selling and buying goods, hoping to make a good profit.

Your space ship is controlled by Haley, and you accept that you are more something like a skeleton crew, but well it's still your own damn space ship and the long journeys you could spare yourself, but you like it there in deep space.

Especially here in your training room.... not that you need bench pressing, etc. to tone your body... instead... something more recreational....

You thrust harder into the warm slit, groaning, as it almost sucks at your dick.

"Damn, new sex routine is.. amazing!" you exclaim as you repeat the action over and over again. You grab onto the blue synthetic butt, it feels just like the real thing, but better, or perfect you would say to describe it even better.

"I said to you, the new sex routines from Sky.net are really good, the ad even said heavenly." says a female voice from everywhere around you. "I could even give it the voice or face of any person you like, or created after your personal likings."

"Dammit Haley!" you thrust one last time in the bot's vagina and start squirting your cum into her, grunting while doing that.

"Shouldn't that be more like 'Oh god, Haley!' ?" she ask and you can feel her smirking, even while she has no body.

"Very funny." you answer after finishing your load into the bot. "Awh come on, see, it even cleans itself with the new updates!"

The companion bot really sucks your juice in it, but you only roll your eyes and begin to dress yourself in a one piece spacesuit.

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