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Chastity Quest - Chasing the Next Release

The alpha version of Build 13 has been released for patrons $5+ patrons. Build 13 was a BIG release, containing 39 new scenes that completed both the New Landing and College of Allund content. It rounded out New Landing with 7 additional scenes, added the final Major Character to The College of Allund, and expanded both the Futa and General content of the college in a pretty major way. We're now closing in on actually completing the game, with only two more major builds planned, to add the final Quest Hub area and the game's endings! Wohoo! As always see the changelog for more details!

Meanwhile, Build 12 has been released to the Public. Build 12 added a full 30 new scenes, focusing on finally moving the story forward by introducing the next Quest Hub, the College of Allund! As always, see the changelog for more details!

*SPECIAL NOTICE* Build 12 was also the first time that I was able to, due to changes in the engine I'm using, provide a patch to upgrade from Build 11 to Build 12. So far that patch is very experimental, but it's hopefully a good sign for the future, given that the game is now up to 10gb in size. Yikes! Still, it also has almost 250 unique sex scenes, featuring several hours worth of HD video at this point. So I think people are getting a lot of their download pain :-p. Build 13 also has a similar patch (at least for the windows version) but both are minimally tested so far. If you try them out, please let me know if they worked for you!

*Mildly Annoyed Developer Note* I've had to explain this many times in many places so far, hence the mildly annoyed bit. But given the comment in a recent review, I wanted to explain it here as well. THIS GAME IS ALREADY HEAVILY COMPRESSED. Chastity Quest uses JPG images and WEBM video compression everywhere. The simple fact of the matter is that compression is not magic, and there is currently close to five hours of 1080p HD video contained within the game. Plus thousands of still images. This game is MASSIVE, content-wise, and this is why the download size is likewise large. Please do not whine about it, as there is literally nothing I can do about that, not being a wizard or immortal space god or something. I know people are used to small games, with limited content and playtime. But Chastity Quest is not those games. It is a large-scale RPG, with playtime that should run in excess of 10-15 hours if you explore everything, and that's if you're rushing, rushing a LOT. This means that the download is unavoidably large. I know that's annoying, and I do everything in my power to mitigate that annoyance via multiple download mirrors and, recently, experimental patches to update between versions. Please simply accept that the price of a large-scale, long-duration game with literally hundreds of unique scenes, is large downloads.

Link for the Current Patron Version

Game Description: As the fourth age stretches on, adventurous souls push back the borders of the wildlands, delving ruins of long-forgotten kingdoms, seeking wealth and knowledge alike. And so it is that a new frontier has opened yet again, drawing many to it for adventure.... but whoever originally built the ruins near the adventurer's frontier town of Hope's Rest, must have been a kingdom of perverts! The ruins are well over 400 years old and no one seems to know from whence they came...but the female adventurers, at least, certainly know what sort of people once lived here. Many were driven away by their first encounter with a bondage trap or lust bomb...but not Kiralia.

Play as the young elf Kiralia as she deals with the consequences of a certain diabolical trap. Caught in the clutches of a magical chastity belt that seems to have a mind of its own, she must set out to find a way free of her predicament. Temporary solutions are plentiful...but the belt always comes back in the end. Help her adventure along as she seeks out permanent freedom! Determine what sort of person she'll become under its mischievous influence. Will she become submissive to the desires of those around her? Or will she defy her seeming fate to become a dominant? And what sort of troubles will she find along the way...

Technical Details: The game is a Visual Novel/RPG in style, and uses a heavily modded copy of Skyrim for graphic assets (full mod list available on credits screen).

Game Description: As fourth age stretches on, adventurous souls push back the borders of the wildlands, delving ruins of long-forgotten kingdoms, seeking wealth and knowledge alike. And so it is that a new frontier has opened yet again, drawing many to it for adventure.... but whoever originally built the ruins near the adventurer's frontier town of Hope's Rest, must have been a kingdom of perverts! The ruins are well over 400 years old and no one seems to know from whence they came...but the female adventurers, at least, certainly know what sort of people once lived here. Many were driven away by their first encounter with a bondage trap or lust bomb...but not Kiralia.

Play as the young elf Kiralia as she deals with the consequences of a certain diabolical trap. Caught in the clutches of a magical chastity belt that seems to have a mind of its own, she must set out to find a way free of her predicament. Temporary solutions are plentiful...but the belt always comes back in the end. Help her adventure along as she seeks out permanent freedom! Determine what sort of person she'll become under its mischievous influence. Will she become submissive to the desires of the those around her? Or will she defy her seeming fate to become a dominant. And what sort of troubles will she find along the way...


Kiralia (The Protagonist) - A young elven adventurer who finds herself in quite the situation...


Urlang - The Blacksmith of Hope's Rest. Openly a pervert, forceful when he can get away with it...but is he hiding something else?

Sessha - An incredibly gifted rogue of uncertain past...and a strong desire to see Kiralia stay trapped in her belt. Or just plain trapped, period! Getting her assistance will require more than just coin...

Jillian - The proprietor of the Magic Shope in Hope's Rest. Willing to help Kiralia as much as she can...and with some interesting secrets of her own...

Sam the Barkeep - Owner of the Rose's Rear Inn, Sam helps girls work the world's oldest profession, and supplies the whole town with the best ale...

Vendora MorningWood - ???

Build 13 Release Notes:

This build focused on wrapping up content for the New Landing and College of Allund Hub Areas. New landing finally received proper content for belt removal at the Dawn's Rose, and other unlockable bits were added to New Landing involving the Scarlett Sisters and Guard Captain Annalisa! Meanwhile, Allund was massively expanded, adding a fourth Major Character (the Artificer Tholindere), futa expansion for several areas, and the ability to explore the college for 12 different random encounters (4 each for Belted, Unbelted, and Futafied statuses).

New Major Character - Tholindere the Artificer! The final Major npc for The College of Allund, Tholindere has a similar favor system to the other three such npcs. Also like them, he has a total of 10 core scenes to explore.

Explore the College - You can now explore the College grounds, looking for random events with various students and staff...as well as one surprised 'other'!

Other College of Allund Content - The Library now has Futa, support and a couple of other miscellaneous scenes were added. 

The Scarlett Sisters - Most of you probably thought I forgot that the chastity belt unlock option at the Dawn's Rose (New Landing Docks) was supposed to be temporary! Far from it...but I HAD decided that I wanted to keep it. The original temporary measure has now been replaced by an unlocking option with actual scenes. In addition, there is futa support for both sisters...though you'll have to figure out how to unlock one of them ;-p.

Guard Captain Annalise - Also in New Landing...the Captain of the Guard has a secret, beyond her futa status! Find the trigger to unlock a few new scenes with her...

Other Stuff:

- Credits updated, though at this point I really need to overhaul them pretty badly. Maybe next build.

- Modified the Favor cost and Payout of the Client Sponsorship option with Mel. As there are now two randomly chose scenes, I lower both the cost and payout to make the favor more easily repeatable. 

- Fixed a bunch of bugs and Typos.

Known Issue: 

-One of Tholindere's experiments results in an effect that lasts beyond his lab. Currently, this event doesn't acknowledge if you try/succeed to get/in getting the Chastity Belt removed while it's ongoing. And oversight on my part that was only noticed late in testing. I've noted it down to be fixed in Build 14. 



Build 12 Release Notes:

Build 12 contains an entirely new hub area! The College of Allund adds 3 major characters, 30 new sex scenes, and several new bits of story!

New Area - The College of Allund is the next major quest hub of the game. Meaning it is now possible to actually finish up any of the three routes through New Landing and move onward in the story! Make sure you're done in New Landing, though! You won't be returning! There are/will be several minor impacts on the game depending on which route you take to leave new landings, as well. Though currently the only real effects are if you take the Thief Route or another option, and the differeces are minor.

New Major Characters - This build introduces Delinna the Librarian, Avinea the Cursed/Blessed magic specialist, and Melieana the Battle Mage. These are three of the four Major Characters for the College of Alllund, and each of them will be more individually/deeply developed than any previous character! Each one has jobs/favors you can do for them...and things to spend the accrued Favor on!

Story Reveals! Avinea, in particular, has quite a bit of information you can earn from her. For the first time, you can get some REAL, SOLID information on Kiralia's situation...

Other Stuff

Character Menu Overhaul! The original Character Menu was ugly as heck. It was originally supposed to be temporary...and I've finally gotten around to replacing it with a much better-looking version!

Blacksmith Overhaul - The Hope's Rest Blacksmith has been a major source of issues from the beginning, and previous attempts to fix the issues have failed. In build 12, I completely ripped out every freaking line of code/script, and replaced it with an entirely fresh version. While the content is the same, its code has been brought perfectly in line with all other areas of the game. Hopefully, this will finally squash the issues with it!

Code Improvements - I've made some changes to earlier code in the game that will, hopefully, make the speed of transition between scenes less horrible. There will always be a 500ms lag between scenes, because that's built into the engine and my attempts to change that caused major issues in the past. But, hopefully, there are now no delays beyond that.

Credits Menu Updated - While I had hoped to overhaul this menu, I didn't get a chance because of the issues with the build. Even so, I've still added a page for the College of Allund, as well as updated the Patron listings.

Known Issues

- Completely forgot to edit the chats for Delinna and Melieanna :-(. They are likely horribly rough and have lots of grammar/spelling errors T-T. Sorry! I was so focused on fixing the issues as fast as possible that this slipped through the cracks!

Chastity Quest Build 11 - Release Notes:

Build 11 contains 30 new scenes, with the two largest focuses being on the third New Landing Thieves Guild quest and a new Bondage Shop.

Struggles in Pink - New Landing now has a Bondage Shop! Called 'Struggles in Pink,' the shop sells all manner of bondage gear...and they need models to help better sell it! As such, there is a new Job available here, giving a random scene when performed. With scenes for both Belted and Unbelted protagonists...and two that have extra conditions to unlock! ;-)

New Landing Thieves Guild - The third Quest for the Thief Guild has been implemented! They are almost ready to sneak you into the College of Allund...but you'll need to steal a specific magical token from the Mayor's Manor! Thankfully, Lysa has volunteered to help...

New Pony Content - Several new Ponygirl scenes have been added...all of which have unlock requirements ;-). Dominant protagonists may want to visit the Pony Parlor again to start things off...

Adventurers Guild - New scenes have been added to the NPCs of the adventurer's guild! 

Other Stuff: 

- Major Bug fix regarding the Maid/Follower Fiona. Apparently, her actual introduction was broken, meaning she just short of showed up with no explanation?! Why did no one tell me T-T. 

- Fixed a major bug that could accidentally send you back to Hope's Rest if you triggered the 'sleep' effect in the NL Adventurer's Guildhall. 

- Lots of minor bug fixes

- Several minor typo corrections

Chastity Quest Build 10 Release Notes

Build 10 focused primarily on adding two additional quests to New Landing, one for the Mage's Guild and one for the Adventurer's Guild. However, it also added interactions with Guard Captain Annalise, some Sub Unlocks, and other bits! In total, it added 17 new scenes, with several of them being quest-related and therefore more involved than normal scenes.

New Adventurer's Guild Quest: The nearby Werewolf Village has been behaving oddly, harassing travelers where before they were entirely peaceful. The Guard Captain has asked the Adventurer's Guild to investigate...(Warning: Contains Werewolf Content if you're not into that. Skippable with high enough Magic or Rogue skill)

New Mage Guild Quest: Kiralia has poured over the Enchantment Map for the Chastity Belt, and is ready for more help from Tylan. Things take an odd turn when Tylan decides to explore the magic of the belt farther...

Werewolf Village: A new unlockable location! Once you finish the Werewolf Village Investigation Quest, you can visit the Village again and have fun with the Mara the Pack Alpha, or a random male villager...

Sub Unlocks: To balance out the Dom Unlocks from Build 9, two new Sub Unlocks have been added. One in the Pony Parlor and one in the Werewolf Village. Both are only half-complete at the moment, as they only support Unbelted and Belted scenes respectively. Their alternates will be added in Build 11.

Other Stuff

- Updated the credits, including uploading the new modwatch list this time.

- Various Typos and minor bugs squished.

- Known Issue: Apparently, there's some way to break the Rogue Skill indication, resulting in it reading 1111. Haven't been able to locate the bug yet. If anyone else is experiencing this, please report it (and when it happened) so I can track it down.

Chastity Quest Build 9 Release Notes:
Build 9 contains 20 new scenes, focusing mostly on the Adventurer's Guild of New Landing, with a smattering of new Ponygirl content as well.

Adventurer's Guild Quests: Unlike the Thief and Mage Guild quests, the Adventurer's Guild quests can be taken in any order. Two of the three quests are now available. One features the need of an adventuring group for a Hope's Rest veteran, the other featuring a problem Rykais having with bandits as she tries to expand her Pony business!

New Location! - The Pony Parlor: Unlockable after the relevant quest, Ryka is expanding her business to include gambling on Ponygirls. You can work for her once the Parlor is unlocked, get 'rewarded' if you win...and one or two other secret things ;-).

New NPCs: With the expansion of the Adventurer's Guild, 5 new NPCs inside it each have a scene of their own. Though their unlocking requirements vary...

Other Stuff

- 2 New cheats for the $10+ people. A cheat for unlocking the belt (temporary of course) and triggering the Futa Spell. I was reluctant to add these, as I feel they take away from the game, but for those people who have already played through all the old content, repeatedly, they just make too much sense not to add them.

- Credits mostly updated. Forgot to update the modwatch listing. I'll try to remember to do that later.

- A few typos and bugs fixed.


Build 8 Release Notes

This build focused on adding the second quest to the Thieves Guild questline, along with some consequences for finishing it. 11 of the 12 scenes added were in some way connected to the questline, with the 12th being a new option in the Mage's Guild.

Thieves Guild Quest 2: Once you've finished the first quest, returning to the Guildmaster's Office will not start a new quest! This quest will take very different paths, depending on your choice of how you solved the first quest in the chain!

Quest Consequences: This quest has consequences for more than just you!Depending on how you solve the quest(s), New Landing might experience a few changes to is punishment system...and certain NPCs may have their lives uprooted and changed drastically. Which, just so happens to mean your encounters with them might change too...

New Mage Guild Encounter: If you've helped Tylan with her little project, there's a new encounter added to the list of your options!

Other Stuff

-Credits Updated!

- I may have finally squished the Blacksmith Black Screen bug. Possibly. As I've never been able to replicate the bug on my system, I can only hope that the changes and rewrites to that area's code I made fixed it.

-You can no longer adventurer with Seesha in Hope's Rest, if your armor is broken.

-If Seesha puts your belt back on you after a drinking spree with her, it should actually be back on when the scene finishes.

-You can no longer ask for help getting off at the Magic Shop if you're not belted.

- Other minor bugs and typos fixed/squished.


Build 7 Release Notes:

This build focuses on filling in bits of content at the currently existing locations. New scenes have been added for the Thieves Guild, Mage's Guild, and Brothel.

Thieves Guild Scenes: 

- Iris' Potion game has new scenes! Including both Futa support and a new transformation entirely...
- Rodger the Finger now has his own scenes!
- Lysa has a reward for you after you help Elizabeth...assuming you meet the conditions first!

Mage's Guild Scenes:

- Once you reach a certain level of Magic Skill, you can now research a second useful spell, unlocking a few scenes in the process!


- Once you hit a certain level of Rouge Skills you can now help Roslyn out with a certain problem...assuming you've discovered she has said problem!


- Credits menu updated

- A few bugs fixed and typos corrected

- Chose not to update the modwatch list this time, due to the nature of the issue I had this month causing me to actually remove a lot of mods, rather than add new ones.


Chastity Quest Build 6 Release Notes
Build 6 contains 16 new scenes, covering adding Lust Effect (Scenes that Trigger with high Lust while walking around Town) content to New Landing, as well as adding another small game of sorts to the Thieves Guild.

The Potion Game:
At the Thieves Guild, it is now possible to talk to Iris about getting free training. She's willing...if you'll play along with a bit of Potion Roulette. Take a random potion and let her have fun with the effects, in exchange for training...

New Landing Lust Effect: Whereas Hope's Rest was extremely tolerant to public lewdity...New Landing is less so. So, when your Lust overwhelms you in the streets, you might get away with it...or you might get caught by the Town Guard....who may let you 'bribe' your way to freedom...or may haul you in to see...

Guard Captain Annalise( New Major Character ): While her content is currently somewhat limited, Captain Annalise is not just a Major Character...she the Major Futa character for New Landing, something that I said would be a thing in each 'Hub Area,' in response to the voting a few months back! She also seems to have...interesting interests...

While you might get away lightly with Annalise...you might not, either. If you can't manage to get off lightly, or simply choose not to, you'll be facing a short time in the New Landing Jail...which Captain Annalise has made some questionable renovations and policy changes to...

Other Stuff:

- Credits Updated

- Some Bugs with the Escape Minigame fixed

- General bugs fixed

- Typo corrections

Chastity Quest Release Notes for Build 5

Build 5 contains 21 news scenes, covering a large amount of Thief Guild related content. Including both a fairly involved mini-game and the first Quest in the Rogue Path through the New Landing Content.

The Thieves Guild General Content: Introducing two new Major characters and two new Minor Characters, you can now visit and join the Thieves Guild of New Landing. Rolf the Guildmaster can help you with your chastity belt(for various return 'favors'), as well as having his own chats. And his Assistant Lysa, in addition to her own Chats, can introduce you to a newly-popular form of training at this thieves guild...

The Escape Game: As a free means to learn some Rogue Skills, you can participate in the Escape Game, where Lysa will bind you into one of two bondage gear sets (your choice, differing difficulties) and you must escape by whatever means necessary. You can pick locks, struggle...or get help from your fellow thieves! Though the thieves are likely to demand something in exchange! The game should have variants for all possible combinations of either outfit that you could end up in! Including a couple of major variants where the scene changes completely depending on what parts you have and haven't escaped from...

The Thief Guild Quest Chain: While only the first quest in this chain is finished...there are three separate paths through it! Seriously, I think this has the most unique content of any of quest so far. I'm fairly proud of it. (Hint: It will only trigger once you hit a certain level of Rogue Skills).

Other Stuff:

- The credits menu has been fixed, including making the links work properly in the web version. I think I may have forgotten to update the modwatch list though...oops?

- Various typos and bugs from previous versions fixed. Special thanks to SaloJ for reporting several typos and other issues! Thanks!'


Chastity Quest Build 4 Release Notes:

Build 4 introduces a lot of new content. It focuses on three major areas. First, is the new Pony Express Courier Service. Second is the first 3 events/quests for the Mage Guild Route through New Landing. Third is quite a bit of content for Tylan, the Chapter Mistress of the New Landing Mage's Guild! The total new scene count for the build is 17 new sex scenes, with about half of those being much larger than usual scenes.

The Pony Express Courier Service:  The Pony Express business is owned by a new Major Character, Ryka. She...actually kinda took an unexpected but enjoyable turn when I was writing her! She, of course, has her own chats...though sadly no sex scenes with her just yet! What the shop DOES contain, adult content wise, is: 

-  Courier Job: 4 new scenes (two in chastity gear, two not), with some random chance involved as to the outcome... (Job has a non-sex variant that IS NOT included in the scene count)

- Adverting Job: 2 new scenes (unbelted scenes, both, though later on a belted version will be added). Again with a random chance on which you get :-p.

The Mage's Guild Quests: There are are ultimately going to be three ways to get through New Landing and onto the next major came location. This build properly introduces the first such 'route.' While not yet complete, the first three Quests/Events of this route are now in the game. Each one is LARGE, far larger content-wise, than anything else in the game so far. Included are:

- 4 New Scenes for the first quest/event. 3 normal sized scenes and 1 large one. 

- 1 EXTREMELY LARGE scene, the single largest anywhere in the game, for the second quest/event. 

- 1 Large (but not EXTREMELY LARGE) and quite varied scene for the third quest/event.

Chapter Mistress Tylan: The last 'major' content area of this build is to flesh out one of the Major Characters, which is something that hadn't happened yet for any of the New Landing NPCs. In this case, Chapter Mistress Tylan has received quite a bit of new content, including:

- 2 Repeatable Sex Scenes between just Kiralia and her.

- 3 Repeatable Threesome Scenes with a character from the First Mage Guild Quest. Full disclosure, only 2 of those are considered Unquie Scenes, as the third is basically a repeat one what happens during the quest itself.

- New Chat revealing some interesting (I hope) bits of Tylan's past. This isn't automatic...you have to find a hint by playing her scenes, before it will show up!


- A new Kira-is-futa-variant scene for the Practical Mage instructor. This got forgotten in the last build! Oops!

- Various typo fixes. 

- Probably something else I'm forgetting since I'm totally exhausted.

- The Credits Menu has been updated. Both adding a page for New Landing, and adding some new $10 patrons. 

Known Issues:

- The first video (oral) for the Unbelted Pony Express Delivery (Female Variant) is trash. It's stuttering and has a ton of issues. This, unfortunately, was not caught until testing. It will need replacing in the future. Thankfully, the second vid for that scene was mostly unaffected. 

- Entering the Dawn's Rose content with Max Lust can, apparently, trigger the Lust Effect content, resulting in you not actually going to the Dawn's Rose...not sure what's going on there. Having trouble duplicating this...but it's been reported to me. Will poke at it some more.

- Some minor issues with the credits menu screen. I did kinda a hack rush-job on it this time due to a mistake with not saving changes to the photoshop template. Will need to fix this in the future. 


Build 3 Release Notes:

As mentioned above, Build 3 introduces the Brothel and the Mage's Guild of New Landing. Between them, the contain 15 new sex scenes and two new Major NPCs, though neither Major NPC has very much content just yet...

The Brothel: The Pleasure Palace, owned by Madam Roslyn, is the largest brothel in the entire region. Speak to Madam Roslyn about a chance to work there! Contained within are:

- 4 regular scenes to provide male/female client options for both a belted and unbelted Kiralia.

- 4 Unlockable Dom/Sub scenes. A special thanks to Urban Sniper for inspiring the core idea for the Sub Scenes!

- 3 Scenes specific to a Futanari Kiralia...if you can figure out how! (It's....not exactly hard...)

The Mage's Guild: The New Landing Chapter of the Mage's Guild is now open to you! You can join, if you want, in hopes of getting answers about or help with that annoying belt. This edition also comes with a new Stat on the character menu, Magic Skill, which can be raised by training with a couple of tutors once you join the guild. Speaking of those tutors and other stuff in the guild...

- 2 New Scenes with the Elydra, a minor character (the practical magic tutor).

- 2 New Scenes with Jaren, a minor character (the magical theory tutor

- A means to futa-transform Kiralia, temporarily!


- A new scene at the New Landing Adventurer's Guild, where Kiralia can masturbate (different animation from Hope's Rest) if she is unbelted...

- As reported by a patron, it was hard to see text in the boobjob scene Aboard the Dawn's Rose. That should be fixed now. 

- Various typo fixes. 

- Probably something else I'm forgetting since I'm totally exhausted.

- *Update* I totally did actually forget a thing. The Credits Menu has been updated. Both adding a page for New Landing, and adding some new $10 patrons.


Build 2 Release Notes:

The new content for Build 2 takes the form of 3 separate routes you can unlock for the transit between Hope's Rest and New Landing. You will need to purchase passage aboard the Dawn's Rose from the Scarlett Sisters (who can be found only after asking Sam about passage out of Hope's Rest). There are also some major new 'other' additions to the game, as well, such as Fast Travel from Kiralia's room in Hope's Rest and a cheats menu...

The Dominant Route: If Kiralia is Dominant enough, she can earn a discount on passage by agreeing to be Aleyna Scarlett's Mistress for the duration of the voyage. This Route has 3 major 'scenes' that cover entire themed days, allowing you to play with Aleyna in various ways...

The Submissive Route:  If Kiralia is Submissive enough (Low Dom Score), she can earn a discount on passage by agreeing to be Shizara Scarlett's plaything for the duration of the voyage. This route has 3 major 'scenes' that cover entire themed days, where Kiralia will be subjected to the whims of Captain Shizara...

The Default Route: Somewhat different than the other two routes, this option is always available for Kiralia, regardless of her Dominance level. It's also structured very differently than the other two routes. Kiralia will be presented with a series of choices throughout each day, leading to different outcomes depending on which combination of choices she makes. It's actually somewhat hard to put an exact 'scene' count to this route, as different daily encounters can be mixed and matched over the three days. There is roughly a similar amount of content as the other two paths...though some of it may be harder to find ;-). 

Other Stuff:

Credits:  The Game's Credits page has been majorly revamped! While I can't give detailed links to every single mod in use (though, of course, the ModList linked in the Credit's Page has been suitably updated for Build 2), I can and HAVE included new pages for Hope's Rest and the Dawn's Rose on the credits page. If you click on them, you'll get a list of the major Location and NPC mods, as well as some others that deserve highlighting or were used in a major way. And that list has links to each mod's official page, either on Nexus or Lover's Lab, as appropriate. Of course, the list of $10+ patrons has also been updated!

Fast Travel: Based on a player suggestion, I've added a Fast Travel menu option in Kiralia's Room. Meaning that you don't have to click around nearly as much after ending up there in the mornings, now. 

Escape Key: Due to the seriously large number of complaints (I hated it too, to be fair), I dug around in the Visual Novel Maker Engine's code and found where the dumbass thing had the Escape Key set to exit the game. I couldn't get rid of the code entirely (it generated an error when I tried), but I was able to remap the blasted thing. The escape key no longer exits the game! Though, be aware that the HOME key now does so instead. Honestly, I figured no one really uses that key...but just so you know...

Cheats Menu: While this is truly only relevant for the $10+ patrons, who now have the cheat codes in their own post, a cheat menu has been added to Hope's Rest. Cheats to manipulate most stats are now available to $10+ patrons! 

Chastity Quest Build 1 Release Notes:

This build is HUGE, containing the entirety of Hope's Rest. While Hope's Rest is the smallest of at least 5 planned 'Hub Areas,' it still contains a staggering amount of content for a first release. In a nutshell, this content includes:

- 5 'Major' NPCs : Major meaning they have their own chats, backstory, and a considerable amount of sex content based around them. 

- 1 Additional Named NPC: Chats and Backstory, minimal sex content. 

 - Numerous Minor NPCs 

- 5 Major Locations (plus the ruins, technically)

- 5 Jobs that can be performed around town at the various locations

- 55 unique sex scenes, many of them gated behind various requirements

Known Issues:

- Skip feature DISABLE. I've disabled the Skip feature in the game do to a bug with the current build of the engine. The bug is somewhat game-breaking and occurs most frequently when Skip is used. I and a number of other developers have reported the same problem, so hopefully it gets fixed soon!

- Random chance rolls not being as random as it should be. If this happens to you, leave the area of the game it is happening at (such at the magic shop), DO SOMETHING that passes time elsewhere, then return. Results should once again be random. This, unfortunately, is a problem with the engine, not my code, there is nothing I can do to fix it. 

- Some U.I. elements might not always be where they ought to. I THINK I have this fixed, but it was an issue up until just a couple of hours ago. It's minor issues like the Character Menu button not always appearing or disappearing as it should. Nothing game-breaking (I hope).

- Possibly additional unknown bugs! PLEASE REPORT THEM, seriously, PLEASE. 

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Review by relattic

Version reviewed: Build 11 on 03/05/2021

There's a lot of content, but it is not that easy to find. Always use all dialog options all people.
Also, all content just leads to some form of sex, which is totally against the idea of "chasing the next release". where's the chasing? there's just release after release.



Also, the file size is way out of proportion. All the images/animations need a better encoding.

Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: Build 2 on 05/02/2020

Not much content for now so... I'll wait for developer to Chase the Next Release.

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