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Version: 0.006

The Last Hope
by Mord

The Last Hope


You are mankind's last hope for survival. An extraterrestrial virus has spread across the globe making every male impotent and every woman grows a cock. There is only a small number of women left that are still able to help reproduce. You are the only known man not affected by the virus and have viable seed to save the human race!

It won’t be easy. The women are held captive by the Shemale Queen who is surrounded by loyal shemale followers. You and a small group of rebels will infiltrate her ranks to free the vivacious women. To do so, you must transform yourself into the most desirable shemale love slave that the Queen won’t be able to resist.

The game features a slow male to shemale storyline with side quests Develop relationships and make allies. You can take the submissive or dominant paths along your adventure.

The game is still in the early stages of development. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Message me here or on Discord. Your support on Patreon is also greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

New releases will go to my Patreon subscribers first. Public releases will follow several weeks after. Please join my Discord server where you can chat with me and other players of the game. If you enjoy The Last Hope, be sure to play my other game as well, Futaland.


Every new info from the next update is on my Discord!


Discord: Link  

Futaland: Link





- Converted every pictures and movie to reduce the size.


- Added a new long questline with a different path. You will find a new female NPC. You have to go to explore after you completely finished every training with Aubrey and Chanel. 3 new MM Clips. (Ending not finished yet)


- Patron poll extra content with Aspen added. You have to go to explore to have a pass from Aspen after you completely finished every training with Aubrey and Chanel. 12 Clips, 111sec long.


- You can find memory cards in the school when you explore.


- Quest menu updated with the new quest.


- Changelog updated.





- Every sexual skill, stats, counters, energy usage added to the psychology training. 


- Room rent bribe only working on the dominant side until you finish the psychology training with Aubrey. 


- Hunter training: Bows and guns can be learned after the blowjob training completed and the throwing weapons can be learned after the anal training completed. Every sexual skill, stats, counters added. 


- Quests: Main quests details added. 


- Hunting: Player HP increase problem fixed. The HP increasing normally when you level up with any weapon. It will write down when exp, lvl or HP increased. 


- Contacts: Empty line bug fixed. 


- Minutes are not reset after sleep bug fixed. 


- Texts fade time reduced. 


- Canteen`s kitchen opens between 08:00-20:00.


- Take a nap changed: Extra screen removed, gives you 20 energy and 20 HP under 1 hour. You can nap between 08:00-20:00. 


- Shared shower: It is open between 08:00-22:00. If you just take a shower or masturbating then +10 energy. Sometimes a man or two men offer you some money for sex. You can choose to give a blowjob or get fucked or join in the party. You have to finish the blowjob training first to give a blowjob and you have to finish the anal training to do the rest. You will earn money but your energy not increasing.  The money depends on your skills. Higher skills mean more money. Adult content: 50 MM clips. 


- Psychologist is not available if you finished after midnight bug fixed. 


- The butt plug from Chanel is removable. It will be removed automatically if you using your ass. Small popup text will notify you from it to don't forget put back if it needs. 


- Hunting, gathering, exploring and scavenging will bring you back to the outside of the outpost instead inside. So you can go back straight without an extra click. 


- Electric scrap price bug fixed. 


- Psychologist only available Mon-Fri. 


- 15 Dreams created. They will comes on if something important happened with you on the daytime or if your arousal high.





- Aubrey`s anal training sessions added.  22 clips and 5 pictures .

- Sleeping room wake up bug fixed.



- Aubrey: Psychologist added. You can get to her from the living area. Blowjob training sessions added. 14 clips and 9 pictures.

- Chanel: Three events added. You can meet with her on Saturday in the medical area. 23 clips and 3 pictures.

- Contacts: Aubrey added.

- Hints, tips: New infos added.

- Outpost: You can leave the outpost 08:00-20:00.

- Timing system reworked. You can go to sleep between 20:00 - 02:00 and you will wake up at 08:00.

- Hunter trainer: It is open every day 08:00-20:00 and you can go more than one time a day.

- Missing hunters quest: Finished and after the quest you can go to Jessica's apartment and spend some time together once a day after 20:00.





- Exploring: Added a school. You can explore it and you will find electric scraps in it.


- Gathering: Added 8 different flowers which you can gather in the forest.


- General store: I created a general store where you can sell the things you find and you can buy different items like laptop or tools.


- Memory cards:  Added 60 memory cards to the game and you can watch them on the laptop  in your private room. You can find or buy the memory cards everywhere in  the game, some of them very common, others rare and 1 ultra rare. Every  group has 10 different clips. The commons show less and very short, the  rares are showing more and around 1-3 secs long and the ultra rare show  everything and it is 10 seconds. Lot more cards will be added to the  game.


- Herbalism trainer:  Added a herbalism trainer. After the training, you can go to gather flowers. You can sell them in the general shop.


- Scavenger trainer:  Added a scavenger trainer. After the training, you can go to explore,  and you can scavenge in the investigated area. The items you will find  you can sell them or use them.


- Interactive sex system: I  created the system. If the sex scenes are not story driven then you can  choose from different sex positions. The sex positions depend on which  side sub or dom you play. You have 5 basic sex skills, and once your  partner reached the orgasm, the outcome will depend on your sex skills.  Like when you try to bribe the room manager for the private room rent.  The rent days depend on your sex skill.


- SUB/DOM system:  I created the system. Every npc has its own sub/dom level and  relationship points. The player can choose every time which side wants  to play. The sex scenes are entirely different on each side and the  outcomes from the dialogues or quests as well.  


- Contacts:  Updated the contacts menu. Added every contactable NPC. They have own  SUB/DOM meter and realationship points. Some basic info and the events  with them. Added: Chanel, Jessica, Sheylla, Morgan, Emma, Aspen.


- Changelog:  I created a changelog menu for the changelog so I can use the hints,  tips menu for helping the player with some extra inforamtion.


- Credits: I created a credits menu where I write down everbody who helped me or where I find some codes I using.


- Side quests: I added 3 quests. Memory card for scrap, Orchid wanted, Missing hunters.


- Notice board:  I created a notice board in the outpost. You can find quests on it.  Some of them has story others just to gather and make money.


- Shower:  You can take a shower. If your arousal over 80 then you will masturbate  in the shower. Sometimes a man will offer some money for a little  pleasure. You can decide to take the offer or not. You gain 20 energy in  the shower and it is take 30 mins. Adult contents with male and shemale body: 25 clips


- Hunting:  Every time the enemies or animals has different stats. That is mean one  type of weapon will damage more then others, and other type of weapon  will damage less then others. The better weapon type will be shown green  and the less damaged one will be red. At the moment it is not balanced  and only make +/- 2 damage.


- Most of the pictures been resized and repositioned for better controlls.


- Bugs fixed: Weapon training random videos, hunting weapon damage,



- Texts: Most of the texts was rewritten by Koi. He did a brilliant job. Thank You!

- Hunter trainer: All of the training is done. You can learn every type of weapon skills and you will receive the starter weapons. it is open Mon-Fri 10-18. Adult contents with Jessica when you learn new skills. 6 pics, 19 clips

- Hunting: You can go for hunting. The animals or sometimes enemies have randomly generated HP, armor and damage but all of them adjusted to the player level. The fights and rewards and shop prices are not balanced yet, because need more test and feedback. You can gain +1 exp for each weapon style per hunt. You just have to use them. 5 animals, 3 humans

- Weapons: 46 weapons added to the game. You need higher levels for better weapons. At the moment you can buy all of them from the weapon shop. Weapons damage and price are not balanced yet, because need more test and feedback.

- Clothes: 19 clothes added to the game. You need higher levels for better clothes. At the moment you can buy all of them from the clothes shop. Clothes armor and price are not balanced yet, because need more test and feedback.

- Items menu: You can check everything you wear. Weapons, clothes, underwears, accessories, body mods. It is showing the skills they add to you.

- Stats menu: You can check your sexual and weapon skill levels and experience.

- Inventory menu: It is showing every weapon you buy and everything else you will find. Except every clothes. Every clothing will show up in the wardrobe in the sleeping area or private room.

- Hints, tips: Added the changelog.

- Clothes shop: Added all of the clothes. You can buy or sell.

- Weapon shop: Added all of the weapons. you can buy or sell.

- Private room: You can rent a room. You can sleep and use a wardrobe. No other content yet.

- Time and energy system is not used everywhere at the moment. If you take a nap or sleep then your health and energy will charged up. You can train with weapons and go for hunting only once a day.


- Intro and the basic places are done.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by DarcWing21

Version reviewed: 0.006 on 07/06/2020

Slight issue with the anal training. After you choose to suck or refuse to suck Aubrey, the buttplug vanishes and breaks the game. I've saved right before that training and tried both giving the blowjob and refusing and refusing has you putting the buttplug back and wincing at the sting but if you go to your room and check, it's missing. Please investigate this issue. Other than that, awesome game, enjoying it quite a bit.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.001 on 03/19/2020


its an early work for sure


chosen graphics:ok

game play:not there yet

grammar: for me its ok

intro story:full of holes like Grand canyon

summ: it can be lot better in the future if you do not forget half of humanity ever existed

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