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Version: 2.0.0

Version: 1.0.2

BBC World

The year is 2028, and a new virus is ravaging mankind. Scientists don't fully understand it yet, but it is said to transform white men into either powerful, black studs or white, black cock addicted bois.

And you're one of the (un)lucky ones. Your goal is to survive and make sure that you don't fall completely to the virus.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a 'sissy' game. There is an abundance of sissy/feminisation raceplay games. I wanted to make one with gay content.

v2.0.0: Massive reworking of the game's internal systems, plus certain game systems. A lot of content added, more still to come. Lots of bugs also fixed from v1.0.2.

v1.0.2: A few bug fixes including making the final Tim transformation optional.

v1.0.1: Quick bugfix for issue with Tim already being transformed.

v1.0.0: My first release! Basic porn content is there, along with a few random events and some transformations for Tim. Don't expect much of a game, just basic foundations for how the game will look in future versions!

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Review by DerrekA

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 11/23/2021

Playable, good proof of concept, had a lot of promise. Shame it seems to have been abandoned.

Review by mitori

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 03/27/2020

Im loving the new stuff, the news segment  and the anti-infection pill especialy. plus the fact that now u canT do some things if ur libido or infection is high enough, that part of the game is a must! great gifs and I epsecially liked the fearture with maxing libido. Random event don't triger and I didnt get through the storyline with u rcowerker apperently but overall great progres and prety arouysing game please keep it up. I wdon't like is u dont get to dominate anyone so i dont think it should have that tag.

Review by shaneopks

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 03/27/2020

The concept is good but it the game mechanics have a huge problem. if you try to play the game and fight the infection, which you can now do easily, it's just a game of going to work everyday then home then sleep and repeat. If you want to live in the fantasy and become a sub boy, the game can end in mins. As once you do lean into the infection to see the fap material, you reach the end screen for being at 100%+ infection.

Simply, good concept but backwards mechanics and barely worth playing. No story development. Nothing to achieve. Just clicking go to work a few times then 4 or 5 screens of porn and game over.

Hopefully the whole thing gets revamped and made into something actually playable.  

Review by discretlysinful

Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 03/23/2020

Love the concept of this game. Obviously, it is clear there is more to be added. Mechanics are good. Would love to see some actually sissification/feminization included, not just the MC being called a sissy in the "You" section.

Review by master-ka

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 03/20/2020

Quite a tempting idea and good start, of course it still misses content and depth but I'm looking forward for what might come up ...

Please keep on!

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