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Expansion 1 - 1.2.24
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Version: Expansion 1 - 1.2.24

Version: Base 1.0.0



Inspired by the movie Jumanji (the original) four players embark on a game where anything can and will happen. The game is in heavy development at the moment, there are expected to be quite a few main path's with many branches. The game uses an element of randomness coupled with the player's choices to attempt to give a unique playthrough every time.

The game is heavily inspired by games like humpin' and The Change Games.



You are forced by the school to tutor your bully, your best friend decides to help. Your mom is at home when you arrive and all four of you are sucked into playing this weird game.


You - You, should be simple enough

Evan - Your high school bully

Lena - Your best friend

Kathy - Your mother










xpac 1.2.24 - 

Fixed -Mom after following "Snaked Away" after you click "Bimbofy Lena" goes dead. Mom10 is missing from the image pack

Fixed-"Anyone Will Do" is listed as inside "images\UI\Perks\anyonewilldo.jpg" capitalize the I in images (capitalization matters on linux browsers)

Fixed-"Undo" image is a gif and should have .gif not .jpg

Fixed-On Walktrhough List you have "</td>" between Mimic Mom and Snaked Away(Linux OS issue, should be resolved)

Added-Walkthrough for current update path, will be renamed when path ends and then should be continued on the new build path going forward to make finding the content easier.

2 pages of content added to path currently in progress.


xpac 1.2.22 -

3 pages of content, better tracking for changelogs going forward (aside from this one)


Expansion - 1.1.6

changed versioning information to something that makes sense (x.y.z, x = current expansion, y = current completed paths, z = pages done in incomplete paths)

Content additions

Expansion - 1.0.0

Initial release of xpac 1. 

Changelog - 1.0.0

Due to a large amount of feedback regarding content directions the game is being completed as is. Stay tuned for an open world sequel where you can play as you like..

Changelog - 0.1.0

  • Finished up the Dom pathing, that branch will be effectively closed.

Changelog - 0.0.10

  • First ending to sub path


Changelog - 0.0.9

  • Continuation of the sub storyline

Changelog - 0.0.8

  • Due to high demand the focus of writing has shifted to the submissive portion of the storyline.

Changelog - 0.0.7

  • Added walkthrough
  • Added discord upon request
  • Fixed issues reported in 0.0.6
  • Slight expansion into more pathing but no new endings this time


Version 0.0.6

  • UI added
  • Added path/end mimic mom


Known issues:

  • Mimic mom ending has incorrect path for images, fixed in 0.0.7
  • Some of the UI descriptions are not in place, fixed in 0.0.7
  • Incorrect function with removing evan's sex change, fixed with 0.0.7
  • Lena mistakenly gets the owned by mom demotion instead of Evan, fixed with 0.0.7


Version 0.0.5

Added a cat for that one guy (You know who you are)
New Pathing splits

New Endings

  • A Cat is Fine Too

Version 0.0.4

Custom name variable implemented
a few spelling fixes
converted webm to mp4, for ios compatibility
Endings renamed so you can tell if you get them all

Current Endings
Return things to normal (boring stuff)
No Deal
Momma's Boy
Kage Bunshin
Blowjob King
Cumshot King
Cum Cow
General of Bimbofication
Mom's in Charge



Version 0.0.3 - Figured out I need better changelog management


Version 0.0.2 - First endings added, branching begins on completed path


Version 0.0.1 - Initial launch


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JTMD

Version reviewed: Expansion 1 - 1.2.24 on 02/08/2022

This game is definitely great for its sex scenes and videos. Honestly, some of the best on this site. I just hope that we get to continue seeing more story branches in the future that lead to all sorts of unique endings and interactions. 

Review by krimhilde

Version reviewed: Expansion 1 - 1.1.6 on 02/01/2021

I am a bit disappointed that the dom paths turned out that shallow. Would have loved to turn Even into a little sissy slut or smth similar. Or at least a scenario where you don't do bimbo cum but still are 'winning')


Update 20210201:

Like that this is still beeing worked on. You never quite know what will be up on the next page. looking forward to see more paths completed.

Review by aloopy

Version reviewed: Expansion 1 - 1.1.6 on 01/30/2021

This is not a game in any sense.

There are very few paths and a tiny number of choices.

There's quite a lot of writing, and a lot of movies. You can enjoy the movies ... or not ... but that's really what this is about.

There's never a moment where you feel like you are in control of anything or making a real decision, but there is a sort of - very minimal - story you can read that links up the different sex movies.

If you want to watch the sex movies, there are worse ways to go about it, but the replayability here is very limited.

On the plus side, there is no grind and no time sinks. You just click through each stage and watch a movie or two.

Review by Linriss

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/07/2020

I am SO bummed this game is basically canceled !


I loved it, and hoped it would grow into a large game...

Honestly, good concept, good execution, good images... The only problem is that there are really few choices !

Review by Carowsonge

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/02/2020

Feels like developer got bored of the game, cut off most of the possible branches, and named it "finished".
I remember in earlier versions there were some promo branches, but in this "final" version it looks like they never existed.
Shame, some more branchings would've made it so much more...

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