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Version: Chapter 3 Part 2

Version: Chapter 3 Part 1

Maiden of Milk

A girl who gets a surprise visit from her grandmother. Her grandmother drops off some of her coveted cupcakes. The girl begins to find that her breasts are rapidly growing and that her grandmother is no where to be found! Why is her chest growing and how can she make it stop? 

Update Chapter 3 Part 1 is out FOR FREE here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/60468471

Android Version can be found on Itch.io: https://nooneinparticular0000.itch.io/maiden-of-milk

Chapter 3 Part 2 is out for Patrons.






Version 1: First Release

Version 1.5: Added Side Content

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: Chapter 3 Part 1 on 04/16/2022


Writing for the game is all over the place (it really makes it tough to like the characters), but you'll get the gist of what's going on even if the text used gives you OCD and the story is consistent enough. Images used in the game are good for what is going on in the story with the characters, but the backgrounds behind them are quite plain and sometimes the characters hit "uncanny valley" with their looks for a scene that has item interaction. Sound used in the game is a repeating musical soundtrack, which is quite nice to listen to but other than that any "effect" sounds (i.e. phone ringing) are just silent and shown instead as an image action. Interactivity is very low and you're basically going through a visual novel since none of the decision points (so far) seem to have any lasting effect on the game: it's too earlier in the development cycle. Transformations in the game are limited right now and are all straightforward body alterations.

Tough call. I want to like this game, but the abrasiveness of the characters and the language used for their dialogue just doesn't seem to fit: even the older characters sound like they're talking like they're in high school and showboating. The story as it runs (once you get past the writing) is interesting enough, but again the Eight Deadly Words are still in my mind about everything else.

I need to see how this is updated with future releases. Especially with it being a +4GB download!

Cautiously recommended.

Review by vasheed

Version reviewed: Chapter 2 on 12/07/2021

I love the content in this game.  I'm hooked on the story.  However, there are no choices that really matter.  You only get to choose the order you see events in.  To really become a game, there must be choices that matter, and I'm not sure how the develper can go back and add choices in.  It feels like they are painting themselves into a corner of this just being a novel.

Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: Chapter 1 on 03/29/2020

Right now, it's a good book, with good pictures, and I'm excited (in several ways) to see where it goes, but...there's nothing game-like about it. There is no player interaction, no branching paths, no choices to make. The only thing you can do is click through the linear story, one text box at a time.

Like I said, though, taken as a story rather than a game, this is pretty good. Some minor gripes I have are that each text box ends with no punctuation, and occasionally when characters are yelling in ALL CAPS, they SOMeTIMES FAIl tO CaPITALIZE oNE RANDoM LEtTER. These issues are barely anything compared to the nice 3D models, though!

Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/27/2020

The quality is decent, and the text is written without mistakes, the dialogs are relatable, kinda funny and witty - but the amount of content is not enough for 1.0.0. The only thing that personally I consider a downside is the presence of smileys in dialogs, but otherwise I have no complaints. If author just added more content in the same vein it'd be great.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/27/2020

There's enough here to get you interested...then it just ends.  It might be worth a download in an update or three.

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