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String Tyrant


April 28th, 2020. Version 1.03 for Windows, Version 1.04 for OSX. Bugfix updates.

April 13th, 2020. Version 1.02 has been released. This includes OSX and Linux ports!

April 5th, 2020. Version 1.01 has been released.


A strange deck of playing cards.
A stranger appearing from a sudden storm.
The sheltering doorway of a lonely manor.
Unliving dolls smiling emptily as they chase you down.

They just want you to join them. Forever.

String Tyrant is a survival horror game where you must look, think, hide, and if necessary, fight your way out of a mysterious mansion filled with monsters and traps.

If you're defeated by a monster or fall for a trap, you'll be ensnared by the manor's residents - and join them to hunt your former friends. At least you'll be a pretty doll.

The game has an active card-based combat system where you build combos using your magical cards. You can hear nearby enemies through doors and walls, can open and close doors to try to break line-of-sight, and must contend with traps that will tax your wits. You'll need to unlock the secrets of the manor to stand a real chance of escape.

The game is complete, with 15 endings, several enemy types, many transformations, and five special "traps" that you'll need to solve.

The downloads on the left is a copy of the demo. A full version can be purchased via itch.io or acquired by becoming a 5$ patron of the Starlight Studios patreon.

More information about the project and its history can be found here. You can also join our Discord for help or to ask questions.

TF Themes

The game features doll transformation, petrification into a living statue, ice-sculpture transformation, becoming a girl made of clay, turning into a rubbery inflatable toy, and turning into a glass sculpture.
In all cases, you'll have to hunt down and transform your former friends.

Please note the game marks "Robot" in the tags list as a stand in for the unliving dolls.


Typical gameplay.

The dolls have found you! Defend yourself!

A diabolical rubber trap...

The inevitable result.


Mary, her friend Jessie, and her brother Lauren find a strange card deck when lost in the woods. Suddenly, they are attacked by a stranger and run for their lives. Mary loses them in the confusion and finds herself before a strange mansion, filled with living doll girls. Will she find her friends and escape, or will she become another resident of the manor?

[v102 Bugfix/Port Release] (April 13th, 2020)

*Fixed Jessie not having dialogue when spoken to while in the main hall as you go to find Lauren.
*Fixed the map piece in the chapel showing the wrong area.
*Fixed several typos.
*Fixed storybooks not costing a turn to drop.
*Fixed incorrect door highlighting with mouseover for west/east doors in some rooms.
*Fullscreen, Dark Mode, and Large Text size options are now saved between playthroughs.
*You can now set doll type/color preference from the options menu after getting any game-over.
*Options are now split into their own configuration files.
*Added OSX/Linux ports.

[v101 Bugfix Release] (April 5th, 2020)
*Added 'dark' and 'light' UI themes. You can toggle them from the in-game options menu.
*Added ending relive to the options menu. You can replay endings you've already unlocked.
*Increased text window text size. Can be toggled from the in-game options menu.
*Added itch.io manifest so the app doesn't launch the no-sound file.
*Fixed the tutorial text concerning doors.
*The 'think' handler in the tutorial will now display unique text.
*Fixed a bug that caused items to not appear on the locality window.
*Modified some colors to be easier on the eyes.
*Fixed a certain entity not appearing on the entity list until the next turn.
*Fixed clay infection not showing the correct image after loading the game. (Does not affect existing saves).
*Changed the dialogue for meeting Lauren if you have not met Pygmalie yet.
*Added a notification to talk to Jessie/Lauren the first time you meet them.
*Stranger will now only start to spawn more aggressively after completing two major traps. Should make early game exploring easier.
*Updated the 'think' text for the early part of the game to give a few more hints on what to do.


[v100 Initial Release] (March 31st, 2020)
*Initial Release

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Review by polinh1

Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 04/22/2020

The premise of String Tyrant is to save your best friend and your brother from the manor or you can transform everyone into an inanimate dolls/claygirls/statues. I was gifted this game through itch.io and I thought to give it an objective review. 

Firstly, the plot of String Tyrant is well constructed, with books scattered around detailing the origins of the lifeforms cohabiting in the manor, as well as some testaments cautioning the dangers of the manor. Most of the stories are tragic as everyone is trapped inside the manor and transformed against their will, but some actually accept their transformation into a statue, doll, claygirl (I believe there are more forms which I left out, but it's mainly these 3 which leave a deep impression). The plot is succinct and direct, following a typical storyline, while getting constantly chased by the inhabitants of the manor, which gets me to the mechanics of the game.

The style of String Tyrant is a familiar mix between House of Pandemonium Adventure Mode and Pandemonium Classic Mode. Briefly, it comprises of the rpg adventure platformer with a clearly defined end goal, with elements of Classic Mode(the enemies spawn indefinitely, sandbox mode) incorporated into it. Combat mechanics are refreshing with the use of randomly generated cards to craft a sequence of elements-based attacks. I am not very sure what the circles around the enemies are for, but maybe you could base the colours to the elemental weaknesses they have. Equipment are diverse though I do appreciate if they can implement some range weapons and even a stun bomb which temporarily stuns the movement of the enemies if you are trapped.

The gist of the transformations is inanimate, forced(against will) possession which I do not prefer. I do like some anthro and mythical creatures, maybe considering exploring a sequel with these in place to cater to a greater community. However, what I do acknowledge is that the transformation sequences are well-illustrated and coloured, and there is no denial that the artists have spent a huge time deliberately designing inanimate characters, so kudos to them. In particular, I actually do like the ending scenes and the transformation scenes placed on a black blackground, thus shifting most of the focus to the transformations themselves, and not on the background. The title screen is ominous too, which foreshadows what the protaganist and her friends predicament if they are not careful.

There isn't any iconic soundtrack that house of pandemonium adventure has, but the absence of any fast paced, upbeat soundtrack fits the mood of String Tyrant. The characters are memorable and endearing, particularly Lauren who can stand up for himself despite appearing fearful throughout most of the game. There isn't any end bosses to the game, but I find that the health of the end game enemies is a tad too much. There isn't any bugs nor typos I have found in the game, except the occasional inseperation of the words for the dialogue between Sarah and the protagonist at the basement. The minigames(guised as traps)are a great respite from the run-or-fight playstyle for String Tyrant. The minigames are creative and logical. I wouldn't spoil the endings for you, hence I do encourage you to check out the demo, or you can hop on to Discord or Salty's blog to find out more.

Overall, great work by the developers of the game who obviously design the game for a particular audience who like inanimate tfs. Yet, there is some charm in discovering the origins of String Tyrant and discovering your inner fetish. Expect the playtime to be around 2.5-3 hours. Thank you to the developers and supporters of the game. Final Score 8/10 (objectively, can't denial that my preference for HoP adventure mode and mythical/anthros tfs pull the score down a little, but 8 is a respectable score nonetheless)

From FloraAsu

Review by slairaartora

Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 04/16/2020

Fantastic game, absolutely worth paying for. 

There are a lot of things to like about this game. First off, it's a complete game that isn't in RPG Maker, which is refreshing. The design and build is indie-level professional, which is as good as it gets for TF games. The art is good quality, all custom and very thematic--the visuals of this game do a good job of creating immersion and never get in the way of play. The core gameplay is tightly designed, both the exploration and the card-based combat system.

The fetish material is definitely exactly what is says on the tin--it's a collection of transformations into various inanimate humanoids. If you don't enjoy at all, this game won't suit you. But the game quality makes it worth a buy even if it's not your top fetish pick. The TF descriptions are solid, if nothing to write home about, and the art complements them perfectly.

There are definitely a few design flaws and missteps, but they are all pretty minor. And even though it's fairly short, the threat feeling is consistent almost through the whole game (there was a spot in the middle where I basically couldn't take damage, but this ended the next time I progressed the story), leading to a solid experience. There's no padding here, just tight design. The biggest weakness of the game is, well, it's a text engine--there's only so much you can do with that. But unlike some other text engine based games *coughtrapquestcough* the interface never gets in the way of the gameplay.

9/10, would betray my friends into rubber dolls again.

Review by Landorin

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 04/07/2020

Overall good game. Good art, good story, good mechanics and good fetish depictions (if the ones listed interest you as they are the bulk of TFs). 


The mechanics of the game were very fun both in and out of combat and honestly had they wanted to, they could have made a much longer game out of it. That brings me to my first compaint though, which is how short it is. It can be beaten in a few hours once you understand the mechanics and what to do. Normally I wouldn't fault a game for its length unless it is extremely short, but since this game has a price tag, naturally the bar gets raised a bit. However, this game is 100% complete which is a nice breath of fresh air on this site where a solid 95% of games are either abandoned or have been in development forever. The theme was also spot on. Fetish horror games are always in a weird niche and I find them quite odd (yet i end up playing them and enjoying them anyways) but everything clicks well.

As far as the fetish content goes, its odd for me to decide. I'm personally not too into dollification or objectification which are the primary fetishes of this game, but they were done well regardless and I really liked the latex clone one. The art is also very good. Very consistant and pleasing to look at. Just a shame that theres so little diversity of it outside of bad ends. The following are complaints based on personal taste. I personally wish there was more TG content and more explicitly sexual themes, but i knew going in that it was a PG game. I woud have enjoyed if there were slow transformations that slowly changed the character models. Maybe as a non bad-end transformation that could give buffs/debuffs as you got them. would have made the art that takes up 1/8 of the screen interesting past the first few minutes outside of bad end paths. I also wished there were monstergirl related content as the setting could easily catered to it. 

Wholisticly, it was a fun game that if it was expanded and it wasn't fetish focused, it could find very good success on a platform like steam as a normal game. If the themes tagged for this game are interesting to you, you will certainly like it.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/02/2020

Your previous work was good enough for me to pitch in $5 for this, and this is like the first game on TFGamessite I've actually paid for I think, so I'd say the demo and the idea for the game was at least good enough for that to happen. :)

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