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Version: 0.2b

Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1

Futanari Transformation


The main transformation take place at the very beginning. You are transformed into a futa and must spend the next few days impregnating 15, or more, women.

So far the game has 48 characters, each with their own unique route, some even have a completely different route depending on when you talk to them.

There are 15 secret endings that you can find. There's a reward at the end for finding as many as you can.


It is also important that I mention this game is massive, and still in beta. Right now there are 2077 passages. I wanted to make significant progress before anything was uploaded, so there's still around 8 routes to finish, mostly everyone has correctly coloured text, but only a few have full images.

If you find any bugs, glitches, spelling mistkaes, or just generally have criticism, please don't hesitate to comment on the discussion board.


Features planned for 0.3

  • Save feature
  • I'm looking into changes the .webm files into .mp4 files
  • Starting over when you get to a dead end is currently bugged and will be fixed
  • Goal of 25 women will be lowered
  • Bug fixes
  • More routes finished
  • More images added

You awake one morning to a strange woman standing over you. She reveals herself to be a fertility goddess and after some bodily modifications, has given you the task of saving the dwindling population of your town.

Use your new futa powers to save the world!


You: An average high school girl that's about to go on a crazy adventure.

Fontelle: A firtility goddess that has blessed you with some 'bodily upgrades'.

And many, many more lesser important characters!





  • Fixed a bug preventing gifs from looping


This update took way longer than expected and is really overdue. A combination of finals taking priority and coronavirus messing up my schedule is to blame.

  • All .gif files have been replaced with .webm versions to reduce file size
  • File size reduced from 1.7 GB to 290 MB!!!
  • Finished Nina's route
  • Changed Esmerelda's name to Bea
  • Finished Bea's route
  • Replaced some incorrect Stephanie gifs with the correct versions
  • Added Cassandra's nude photographs
  • Various small tweaks I forgot to record/Aren't very significant
  • Fixed spelling errors

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Review by Dozer365

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 04/06/2020

Very good foundation as your first attempt, based on the credits i read. "Pleseantly" surprised on the content.  I mearly did a click through a few times to see what was available and skimmed throught text and DAMN! Good job! I think this is a great framework to start from.  I agree with filament's comment.  Needs more "content" being images and GIFs.  But this is an amazing start, please continue! I think you are on the right track.

Save/Load Options please. 

Review by filament

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 04/02/2020

Great game, with a huge amount of content on version 0.1. The premise is really fun, and theres plenty of enjoyable scenarios. Writing is really strong, and the media that is there is great (and Im hungry for more!)
If youre wondering what it plays like, think of a mostly-consensual version of Incubus City. 
For a first release, its a great one, and Im very impatient already to see the next update!

However, my only complaint would be that given the concept is about a Futa transformation, most of the sex could basically be about a male PC. Very few sex scenes (that Ive encountered after a few playthroughs, but there are a LOT of encounters) ackowledge the fact you have female parts too, most of it is about you thrusting away until you put a baby in someone.
So Id suggest to the author that perhaps more of the couplings are adventurous about playing with the PCs tits, pussy, etc. Or even just add some flavour text about those parts if theyre not being touched/interacted with/fucked, particularly in the first few encounters where having a cock should be new and unfamiliar to the PC.

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