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Version: 0.9.2 Official

Version: 0.9.1

Version: 0.9.0

Clean Slate
by mugwump


You are given a chance to start your life over with a clean slate -- but even your gender is up for grabs and if you don't play your cards right you might end up with a future you never imagined possible. This is a sandbox game and while there will (eventually) be a main story line for the most part you're just supposed to explore the environment without guided direction.

This game is inspired by GirlLife, Cursed, Do It For The Band, and Hard Times in Horntown primarily. None of those gave quite the experience I was looking for so I blazed my own trail. Hopefully this will seem like an homage to those games rather than a cheap copy, but that decision is up to you.

Please report any bugs you might come across! I'm just one person so I have hard time testing every path. Eventually I plan to add a path to reassert your characters masculinity and regain your manhood, but that path is not yet available.

 To play QSP based games you will need a QSP player. Specifically the v1.9 by Sonnix:


A down-on-his-luck man meets a fortune teller at a local carnival. His off-the-cuff wish for a fresh start to his dead end life leads him down a path of self-discovery and transformation -- Nothing is off limits when the gypsy casts her spell and sends him careening forward into a lifestyle that would have seemed impossible just a few short days before. 

Will you regain that which was taken from you, or will you jump head-first into this new opportunity? This is your chance to wipe the slate clean

It's better to just play the game and explore the world I've created on your own, but here are a few tips:

Tips and hints

  • There is a cheat menu built into the game (access your cell phone and scroll all the way down) -- but I advise new players to avoid this. It just takes something from the gameplay when you can skip and jump around.
  • Your cellphone is very useful. Each app has a use in the game. Familiarize yourself with each of them.
  • Save often -- there are lots of branches in the game and you may not like each of them. Save often so you can backtrack without losing a lot of progress.
  • There are several places to live, but the only ones available to you early game are the Fairhaven house and the empty lot near the bus station.
  • Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so keep a good buzz on if you want to speed up progress though the transformations.
  • There's an open air market in the Business District, you should explore that area when you get the chance.
  • In the business district there is a billboard that will occasionally post odd-jobs that pay cash. The jobs are not always there, so first come first serve around 9:00am.
  • Get to know your coworkers and roomates, they can help you deal with your situation.

NOTE: If this is your first time here then download the full v0.9.0 and then all v0.9.x up to the current version. If you're a returning player than you only need to download v0.9.x that's new since your last visit 


  • Some bug fixes for Transformation Reactions and related code
    • relatively minor, but can be imersion-breaking so I thought I'd throw up a quick update
    • This the primary reason for the v0.9.2.1 update
  • Some more Sex Scene Media
    • largely around MF anal sex
  • Sewing Kit added
    • Now you can buy a Sewing Kit from Safeway
      • Access it at home in your living room
      • allows you to do your own clothing alteration
      • Z-Cup and Pregnancy limitations should still apply
    • may add more nuance over time -- perhaps higher skill means it takes less time
  • New Bus Events
    • Tired of being a passive observer on the bus?
    • Want to do more than just flash the goods now and then?
    • You're in luck! Now you can "engage" other bus riders in more meaningful ways
      • you still have to be willing to do the things, so don't expect a ton of new options on Game Day 1


  • Couple of small but prevalent bug fixes
    • wardrobe interactions after morning routine
    • Transformations should now delay morning routine, but not cancel it all together
    • Fix for end of crystal shard quest
    • some small Julia tweaks
  • More Bras and Panties!
    • Both Fan's and Slutz have some new underwear options
  • Alchemy update
    • Most potion effects are now temporary
      • Hair length/color and eye color are still permanent changes
      • the amount of time a potion lasts will decrease the more you use them
  • Texting Update
    • NPCs can send a variety of texts based on their personality and your relationship
      • funny/random messages
      • ask you to go out
      • maybe a little light sexting
    • you have a few more texting options too
  • Selfie Update
    • More Selfies Added
    • Selfies re-organized and some new attributes added
      • NOTE: Use the "Clear Selfies" option in the Cell Phone settings if you want to use a saved game; otherwise start a new game


  • Some small threesome-related bug fixes
  • Fixed Fortune Teller so she shows up with quests earlier in the game
    • This is the main reason for the update -- the delay in her showing up seems to really mess with people!
  • Added some media for 1-on-1 sex scenes
    • mostly for preg chars, I believe
  • Added new Bad Effect to drinking wrong potions
    • only have media for fem chars so it plays the fem media for everyone -- will add male-focused media when I can find some
  • Julia Update
    • Added new minor event/quest 
    • Now the quests are randomly assigned. If you already have an active event/quest with her she won't assign a new one.


  • usual round of bug fixes
  • Alchemy mansion has been completed
  • Park Cystal Shard event completed
  • Tons more Cam Girl media
  • some mechanic tweaks on gender of the generic pictures (ie; walking around town, etc)
  • New Pregnancy Modeling event added (must trigger during 1st trimester)
  • Food/Calorie update
  • new breast pics in profile menu courtesy of @IceCrash
  • Frat Party updates
    • some new events at Frat Parties in Uni District
  • Date code overhauled


  • some various small random bug fixes
  • More Cam Girl media for Pregnant Chars
  • Alchemy update
    • All potions should be working *fingers crossed*
    • added some new transformation media for extra flavor
    • added some rough limits on consumption rate of potions -- just to slow it down
      • will add abilites to bypass potion limits in the future
  • In-Place Updates
    • For the next little while I'll post updates to the current v0.8.9 Folder.
    • When I get to v.09.0 I want to consolidate and have just one d/l again
    • between now and then primary goal is adding more cam girl media


  • Various minor sex enginge bug fixes
  • Transformation direction flavoring
    • you can now move, more or less at will, up and down the gender spectrum. So if you're at a spot where, for example, an *increase* in breast size is bad then it would stand to reason that a *decrease* in size is a good thing.
    • So reaction to body transforms are now more tied to the direction of the change and your char's viewpoint toward changing in that direction.
    • Only added for breasts -- and is till WIP.
  • Showering Reaction text
    • similar to the notification system when walking around the city your char will now notice change in breast size while showering.
  • Updates for new body calcs
    • updates for transformation relics (sundial ring and dragon bracelet)
    • requires adding new properties to NPC Chars -- must start new game for 100% compatability
    • old games will still work -- but mentioned relics effects could be iffy
  • Cam girl updates
    • More Media for
      • Small Breasts
      • Medium Breasts
      • Large Breasts
      • Pregnant
    • Tipping system re-added
      • hard to balance -- either tips are worthless in the beginning or they're way too powerful later on. But it seems more or less ok
      • based on how hot your char is and what your char is doing -- outfit, actions, etc
  • New Location in University District
    • RNG by exploring, but will add more routes in the future
    • Should take a tiny bit of effort to access once found, but it's not meant to be a huge involvment
    • but what could be inside? (see forum if you want spoilers)





The Sex engine overhaul has been finished!

I'm still missing media for alot of the scenes, and I need to add a few more 3some scenes but the actual shift to the new engine is over and pretty thoroughly tested.

  • Added even MORE cam girl clips
    • following actions added for chars with medium and large size breasts 
      • Chat
      • Wait
      • Dance
      • Breast play
      • JOI 
  • 3 new coats added for those cold winter nights
    • Two coats at Fan's
    • One high quality coat at Finer Things
  • Hips and Ass metric separation
    • Hips and Ass size increases are now separately calculated
    • each has its own image set in the Body profile page (thanks @IceCrash)
    • some new mechanics to trigger ass growth have been added
  • Cheat menu updated for new ass/hip separation
  • New Relic!
    • See forums for spoilers
  • Gender reference flavoring
    • Thanks to @Teel you can now have a more nuanced self-gender reference in the profile menu
      • activate it through the questions at the start of a new game or using the cheat menu for existing games
      • changes the basic "shemale" reference in profile menu to more nuanced terms like 'Non Conforming male" or "Genderqueer Female"
  • All Sex Scenes folded into new mechanic
    • still missing some media for quite a few of the scenarios. These will get added over time
    •  a "Missing Media" image is NOT a bug! it's a placeholder image
  • NOTE: If you do end up emergency escaping during a sex scene go into the phone settings and click "End Sex Scene".
    • this should at least clear the variables to increase the chance your next scene isn't also broken



  • lots bug fixes 
    • Julia Scenes
    • Cam Girl scenes
    • misc bugs as stubmled across during development
    • so many many bugs.
  • Added Virginity
    • it's difficult to code (what counts as losing your virginity?) but I did what I could.
    • swapping genders might re-instate your virginity
  • Updated Date Tracking System
    • Dates themselves haven't been updated, but metadata about them has been added
    • the way dates are inventoried and called on location has changed
    • this requires a new game, old saves will no longer work
  • More Cam Girl clips
    • Dozens and dozens of clips added
      • Breast play
      • smoking
      • dildo play
      • spanking
      • gymanstics
    • Mostly only for small breasted chars -- but if a scene doesn't depend on breast size (IE: spanking when you can't see your chest then you can have media for all chars that fit the remaining requirements)
  • Check out your Friends Profiles on Friendster!
    • click on the portrait image of a friend in your contact list and see a little profile page with some basic info
    • has interact options like texting, favoriting, and *drum roll* Muting!
  • Mute NPCs from Texting!
    • If you Mute an NPC in your contact list that NPC will no longer text you. Muting only enabled for random NPCs -- main/static NPCs cannot be muted
  • Cheat Functions Added
    • Access your cell phone and scroll down to see a link to load the Cheat Menu
    • lots of nifty ways to alter stats
    • I still advise against using this in general -- it just feels like it detracts from the story. But it's there for those who want it
  • All Sex Scenes Recoded!
    • All 1-on-1 sex scenes have been rebuilt from the ground up
    • Returning players should note slight changes in perspective and options
    • will hopefully allow a more smooth and cohesive experience
    • Added "End of Sex" scenes -- still a little rough, but a bit better than dumping you out cold to the city street.
    • NOTE: most, but not all, sex scenes have media. This will get filled out over time


  • Mostly bug fixes for Camgirl scenes (with a dozen or so new clips) and the Shaman chat cycle in the alley 


  • Misc Added Flavor:
    • As your body changes you'll start to see text descriptions about that as you walk around. In the main district sections of town it'll mention the changes in your breasts for the first 2 or 3 days after a size increase
    • Hooters boss won't let you work your shift as waitress if you aren't hot enough (not showered, dirty clothes, etc)
    • Strip club boss won't let you work as stripper if your aren't hot enough, but won't impact your waitress job.
    • Arm pit hair is now a thing. hairy armpits have small negative effect on beauty when nude. (and eventually sexual partners will comment on it). Visually represented in "Body" screen
  • Overhauled Cam Girl code

    • added new quest for shy chars to help coax them into doing more
      • you still need to be able to buy the gear and then sign up on your own, once in a cam session is when the quest will be triggered.
      • this 'beginners quest' should be skipped if your char is already cool with doing sexy cam work.
    • videos will be losely tailored to your "main feature" (ie breats size, being pregnant,having a dick, etc etc)
    • the above requires a TON of videos, probably be a while until cam girl loop is fully stocked with media
    • I've only really supplied media for chars with small breasts and that's about 90% done.
    • this section is still in progress, so tread lightly.
  • Updated Julia code
    • revamped her code base for easier updates
    • added some new interatctions
      • approach her when drunk for fun times
      • Julia now also checks for armpit hair once you progress to that stage
    • Updated Shaman code
      • consolidation and cleanup
      • Minor comestic changes to interacting with shaman at homeless camp
      • One new quest line related to new item found in the City Park
    • New item
      • There is a strange crystal shard in the city park. Right now it's about a 40% chance that once-per-day you can just find find it by randomly exploring. A quest event will lead you to it with 100% success, but that is not yet implemented.
    • Three new traits have been added
      • see form post for spoilers


  • While I was away someone else made some modifications and then someone *else* sent me that updated copy. I don't have a full list of all the changes -- most were cosmetic or bug-related I believe. Biggest change might be that you can enter dynamic commands from the gear icon on the in the stats panel.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

Pool table at dive bar in Red Light District

  • You can't actually play pool against NPCs, but you can bend over the table and poke at the balls
  • your inhibition and what clothes you have on drive the pics
  • the above also drives how NPCs react to you at the pool table

New Skill added -- Singing ability

  • can take courses at the Community Center
  • can sing in the shower

New Jobs at Casino

  • If you're strong enough (and male) you can get a job as a bouncer at the Casino -- you should witness a mugging event outside the casino to trigger this path
  • If your singing ability is high enough you can get a job as a lounge singer  -- work two nights a week with some minor small events



Misc Updates

  • *****NOTE -- be sure to hit the "update variables" option in the cell phone if you are loading an old save.******
  • Usual round of bug fixes
  • Lactation mechanics updated 
  • "Costumes" added -- these are clothes that should override your "natural" restrictions like bimbo or sensitive skin traits. The Milk Maid outfit is an example what will now show up under "Costumes" in your wardrobe
  • more male pics for random stuff (hanging out at the bar, working odd jobs, etc)
  • The Gypsy's Gender Swapping spell should now actually work on NPCs (it was doing the switch, then reverting them back to their original state)
  • Some dating updates (logic changes, text additions, etc)
  • more tweaks to the Gym/Beach changing room (should not be able to leave them while naked)

Maid Update

  • Added a Cleaning Skill -- the more maid jobs you do the better you get at being a maid. Impacts how "dirty" you get (Sweat, etc) when cleaning and some text options with NPCs.
  • There's now a 4th level to the Maid progression at Fairhaven -- get sent to clean homes of random NPCs! You have to have tits and be in the maid outfit that Jeffory gives you in order to start the 4th level.
  • There's quite a bit of content around the new level but briefly -- NPC's personality can drive events while on the maid job. you might just actually be there to clean, or maybe the NPC has other ideas. 
  • Should be fairly modular -- can play an innocent maid or a naughty temptress.

New Location -- the Golden Nugget Casino

  • You have to discover it's location, but it's too far to walk to so "explore the city" won't uncover it.
  • Can play a handful of casino games (slots, blackjack, roulette)
  • The bar is fully functional -- can go dancing, meet NPCs, even have little mini-dates at the Casino and end up in an NPC's hotel room
  • more content will be added over time



Misc Updates

  • Various tweaks and bug fixes
  • Permanent Makeup: You can get a permanent makeup tattoo from the Tattoo parlor in the Red Light District. You can apply other makeup styles on top of the tattoo, but when you wash off makeup you're left with the tattoo style instead of no makeup
  • Changing Booth Updates: The beach and the gym changing rooms are now restricted to what outfits you can put on (beach = swimwear and gym = sports wear). Each should let you put back on your 'original' outfit you wore when you first entered the room, but you can only put on new outfits of the correct type.
  • Coffee Stand tweaks: minor updates around post-sex scenes and sleep levels.

Partner Relationships

  • Game tracks # of times you cheat on your partner (check the Notes app about your relationship). All sexual encounters with someone other than your partner counts as cheating, even working as a whore.
  • When you know you're pregnant you can talk to your Significant Other about your pregnancy
  • Game tracks who the father is -- but it also tracks the chances of you knowing who the father is (if you sleep with 5 guys a day for a week and then discover you're pregnant there's no way to know *which* of those guys is the dad). I'll add some sort of paternity test in the future.
  • NPC may have an opinion on if you should keep the baby -- your decision will impact your relationship with that NPC

Maid Events

  • You can now get hired as a maid while living at Fairhaven
  • Currently there are 3 levels of advancement -- each level is a bit sexier than the last
  • Right now you have to live at Fairhaven to work as a maid, but that will change eventually




NOTE: Be sure to hit the "Update Variables" in the cell phone if you're loading an old game. But you only need to do this once per save game. If you start a new game you don't need to do this

Misc Updates

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • New Escort Event -- get hired to be a Booth Babe for a convention (repeatable)
  • Added some Pregnant Selfies (pregnant selfies while outside are limited -- just not a lot of them to find)

Milk Maid

  • Now there's random chance (based off your attractiveness) to interact with customers! 
  • There's a small variety of interactions based on your outfit and other stats.

Cam Girl

  • Now you can get Smoking Fetish requests (customers pay to watch you smoke cigarettes). You don't have to "Be a smoker" but you do have to have cigarettes

Car Service

  • You can how have a car service pick you up rather than walking or taking the bus -- sort of like an expensive personal Uber
  • Sign up from the Ticket Office at the bus station
  • access through the GPS app on your phone

Dating System Update

  • NPCs have one of 3 personality types -- Conservative, Regular, Slutty
  • Conservative NPCs won't ever have sex in public --but if you're in a committed relationship with one you can have sex with them at home
  • NPCs will now leave your apartment -- Slutty NPCs leave after sex (one night stand) -- Conservative and Regular NPCs will sleep over on the weekend, but leave on a weeknight.
  • You can now become partners with NPCs -- meaning you can have a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend. (only one official "Partner" at a time)
  • Access your Notes app to see some info on your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Still pretty basic -- but you will get some "I love you" options, NPC gets upset if you don't spend time with them, etc. I don't want to spoil it -- so just explore :)
  • New Interaction options at home  -- Call NPC over from another room, have dinner together, go out on a date, etc



Minor Updates

  • Alarm Clock can now be set for specific week days
  • Selected outfit now displays with the "getting dressed" vid clip
  • Gypsy’s gender swap spell now has more effects when you cast it on yourself
  • Pregnancy flavor added -- comments and what not from NPCs (Julia, and waitressing job(s) at Hooters and Kelly's.) Strip Club now demotes you to waitress while you're pregnant.
  • Spelling error updates
  • minor bug fixes

Main Update

  • There is now a Coffee Stand in the University Campus area. And you know you'll be able to sell more than just coffee in the window! Open to both boys and girls, you just have to be attractive.


Happy Holidays everyone! I wanted to do a release today for Christmas so I released v0.7.5 to Patreon, an v0.7.4 here to you.

To see what's in the v0.7.5 update see this post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/45428652

  • Misc Updates
    • Usual round of fixes and tweaks
    • If your gender preference changes you should now get a dream to alert you to the change
    • After you refuse the Gypsy's final transformation dream enough times for her to stop offering it then your dick should stop shrinking -- other changes remain in play.
    • When you "Explore the City" as a fully male char the pics should show a guy instead of a woman
    • Fully male chars can be the aggressor in a Non-Con event -- just go to the park at night and explore around (will add this for shemale chars once I get enough media to support it)
    • Julia has new butt plug related content (she gets you to wear one and then periodically checks that you have it in)
  • Lactation Updates
    • After pregnancy you should get the option to activate lactation or not (for those who like pregnancy but aren't interested in lactation)
    • There is a new Lab Trial which can induce lactation, even in male chars (for those who want lactation but aren't interested in pregnancy)
    • Explore the Market Square and you can find a Milk Booth -- chars with access to their own milk supply can sign up as a "Milk Maid" and deliver bottled milk to customers (pretty simple now, will add random sexy encounters over time)
  • Shaman Updates
    • Shaman quest is now fully complete from start to finish. If you'd already completed the first step in the Shaman's quest then hit the "Update Shaman" option in the cell phone.



  • Misc Updates
    • Gender swap spell
      • The spell the gypsy gives you to swap an NPC's gender can now be cast on yourself in any mirror. *RESULTS MAY VARY*
    • Downtown Area revamped
      • You shouldn't see a visible difference, but I've reworked how the downtown and business areas function. this *might* cause some hiccups for existing games when you first load, but they should resolve themselves.
    • Pocket Worlds and Gender Preference
      • Since you become someone new in the pocket worlds your gender preference should reflect that. The Island girl and the Saloon girl are both bisexual while the gunman is hetero.
    • Julia update
      • No new Julia content yet, but that's coming. For now she should repeat the stripper/tshirt/mud wrestling quests.
    • Cam Girl update
      • Lactating chars can now get milk-related requests as a cam girl
  • Introducing Butt Plugs
    • You can buy them in the Good Vibrations store in the Red Light District
    • three sizes available -- you have to build up to the biggest size
    • manage them in your medicine cabinet
    • remove them in any bathroom
    • wearing a plug will cause your arousal to increase faster
    • plug should count as Jewelry when worn and show in the "Jewelry" tab of the profile menu
  • New Relic(s) and Quest(s)
    • There are now some new relics (total of 5 new relics) available and a new quest to get them.
      • NOTE: not all relics are what you would call "useful"...they all have abilities but some are better than others.
    • If you chose the "Auto complete Quests" in the start of a new game then when the gypsy offers you a quest you can chose to skip it or complete it -- this will let you skip old quests while doing new quests if you want to.
  • Shaman Quest
    • The Librarian path is now complete for Step 1.
    • Once you're going to lunch with the librarian and you have chosen her as the target for the Shaman's quest it will unlock sex with her.
    • Sleep with her and then contact the Shaman to progress.

If you're interested in seeing what's in v0.7.4 check out the change log here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/45282440



  • Releasing this a little early to resolve some small but persistant bugs that was conflicting with game play
    • "Background questions" should now be working properly
    • Date tracking system has been overhauled **CAREFULL**
      • It is probably best to simply start a new game however:
        • if your date system is not broken you should be able to continue by hitting  the "Update Variables" option in the cell phone
        • But if your date system is already broken (people not showing up where/when they should) then you have to start over; that's an unresolvable issue.
  • Other Updates
    • The Librarian now has more requests for you at work. 
      • each time you do a task for her it raises how much she likes you
      • the more she likes you the more different types of job she offers
      • Some of her taks have their own little mini scenes or events
      • eventually you can start hanging out outside of work -- but no sex yet (still in prog with Shaman quest)
    • Lactation!
      • Right now only triggered during pregnancy, but that will change
      • buy breast pumps and bottles from the Pharmacy -- use them in medicine cabinet and kitchen
      • only real scene is at Fairhaven -- groping for entry can lead to milk expression if you're lactating
    • Ring Trait
      • the 'Tidal Lock' Trait from the ring will lock your sexual orientation in place, preventing further changes


  • ***NOTE*** Everyone who is loading an old save should hit the "Update NPCs" option in the cellphone.
  • Most of the updates are for the Professor branch of Shaman Quest
    • Professor branch is now start-to-finish complete.
    • Both the "female" and the "male" paths are built out and complete
  • Misc Updates
    • Various minor bug fixes and tweaks
    • added more sexy pics for slutty Librarians 
    • also for slutty librarians -- you can now offer some 1-on-1 tutoring to students
  • New Additions
    • Skip Relic Quests:
      • If you take the "Skip Intro" route there is a new option to "auto complete relic quests" -- if you say yes to this option then the Gypsy will show up as normal and offer you a random relic with a random quest....only when you finish talking to her you just automatically have the relic in your inventory rather than needing to go on the quest. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW PLAYERS
    • Sexual Orientation
      • Added a Sexual Orientation mechanic to the game
      • Default is attraction to women
      • If you skip intro you can pick your default starting orientation
      • For this release only there are options in the cellphone to set it for existing saves
      • There are 4 new magazines available that can help push your orientation in one direction or another
      • Sex worker events (cam girl/stripping/street whore) don't have direct impact on orientation. Those are jobs you get paid for so they're less about what gender you prefer and more about earning some cash
      • Alcohol/arousal could still make you ignore your gender preference -- so be careful out there, kids!




  • Everyone who is loading an old save should hit the "Update NPCs" option in the cellphone.
  • Misc tweaks and bug fixes
  • Frat Party Update
    • You can now hang out with the stoners and play some of the party games (beer pong)
  • Library Update
    • Library is now functional (does not dead end)
    • The Librarian Assistant job is now working
      • pretty vanila and boring -- will add sexy fun events over time
  • Shaman Quest update
    • The Professor now shows up in the Red Square on Thursdays at the right time
    • The Professor branch of the quest has a viable Start-To-Finish path. There are some unfinished side-branches, but no dead-ends or crashes (fingers crossed)



  • ***NOTE***
    • everyone who is loading an old save should hit the "Update NPCs" option in the cellphone.
    • It is also advisable to dump any random NPC from your contact list and only add NPCs generated from this version onward. (stats changes)
  • Misc bug fixes and tweaks
    • various minor fixes as discussed in the forums
    • Random NPCs are are now less white. Black and Asian (broad generalization) NPCs now available.
    • Male shoes and "messenger bags" added to Tessuti in the mall
  • Random Bus events
    • Everyone has a random chance to get groped on the bus
    • Less inhibited chars will have a random chance to flash on the bus
  • Background Choices
    • If you start a new char and Skip Intro you can get the chance to answer a few "background questions" that can tweak your starting stats such as fem level, dance skills, heels skill, even starting breast size. 
    • This is mostly to help reduce some of the early grind on getting a new char to "The good stuff".
  • New Location
    • The University Campus is now available! 
      • Access through the University District
      • mostly placeholder content -- this location is involved in the Shaman Quest
      • Eventually you will be able to register as a student, take classes, etc. Even a few jobs (librarian, Teacher's Assistant, coffee stand)
      • What you can do is hang out in the "The Quad":
        • random chance you can learn about Frat Parties (open for all chars -- ugly chars can crash the party, attractive ones get invited)
        • on nice sunny days you can sunbathe if you're wearing a swimsuit
  • Shaman Quest Update
    • If you've already agreed to the Shaman's quest, just go lay in bed and hit "Trigger Shaman" from your cellphone to advance. Otherwise, just wait till he shows up.
    • Shaman tells you what you need to do -- there are two paths but I've only built out one so far. 
      • The "Professor" path has been built out, the "Librarian" path still in dev.
    • This quest will take many steps to complete, this is just (part) of the first step
    • Lots of work went into background details and new algorithms, but you won't see those until the next release.


  • Misc bug fixes and tweaks
    • another attempt for clothing menus to work for Android users. Make sure you've clicked on the "Enable Android Mode" in the cell phone and then clothing categories should be options rather than links.
    • If a male NPC refuses to wear a condom there is a chance you can refuse to sleep with him (based on how horny/drunk you are)
    • New Cam girl request for Titty Fuck with dildo (must have dildo and at least C-cup breasts)
  • New Masturbation scenes
    • anal masturbation with dildo now available for all genders. Only pre-req is that you are able to buy a dildo and masturbate in bed
  • Hooters Boss Update
    • When working as a waitress at Hooters your boss will occasionally ask you to stay late to "help with inventory"
      • there is some scene progression, so repeated late-nights are advisable
  • Main Story update
    • Once you've collected all the relics and you owe the Shaman a favor (either by using his protective spells or by learning how to quick-charge the relics) then the Shaman will come calling with a request
    • If you refuse to help him there are consequences -- like refusing the Gypsy these consequences have wide-ranging impacts on the game
    • There is a new trait available along this path, but it's not obvious and you only get one chance to obtain it. If it's too hard to figure out then let me know I'll post a spoiler in the forums
    • Note: most of the work went into refusing to help the Shaman. So if you actually chose to help him it he just says he'll be back later. That will be the focus of the next release, which will be a v0.7.0 update.


  • Usual round of bug fixes and tweaks
    • Tried to update the clothing store menus so they work better for Android users (fingers crossed)
    • Minor tweak to dialog text with Jeffory at Fairhaven based around your char's slut levels
  • Island Update
    • At the island Beach Party you can now meet an NPC if you go wander around the Firepits. Some NPCs just want a little attention, others might have drugs to try.
  • Sex Logic Update
    • There are now threesome scenes for all possible gender combinatons. Full Male and Full (non-pregnant) female are completely finished. Pregnant female and  some shemale combinations are missing images - but the scenes should all work.
    • These threesome scenes are available in the Faen nightclub and at the Island Beach Party
    • Sex scenes take a lot of coding and testing to get right -- so I'm sure I've missed something somewhere. Please shout if you run into any problems with the new scenes.
  • Relic Update
    • For old and new players alike -- use any Relic a single time and a few days later the Shaman will text you with a tip on how to charge them.


  • Bug fixes
    • Should no longer hit dead end in Salem during final chase scene
    • If you miss the post-Photoshoot date with Melissa she should now text you a few days later to try it again (but your friendship level will drop)
    • Some other small fixes
  • Economy Balancing
    • The cam girl web site now charges a 40% fee for using their site (comparable to some real world porn sites). This is to try and balance the early game economy for those of you who don't cheat ;)
  • Home workout equipment!
    • The sports store in the mall now sells a yoga mat you can use at home -- but it's only usable on the penthouse balcony
      • remember you're in the middle of the city so other people might be able to see onto your balcony...careful what you do there
  • New Trait available from the ring relic -- "Insatiable"
    • In general your stamina will rebuild faster
    • During sex you will have less stamina burn
    • Having an orgasm actually produces a small bit of stamina
  • Island pocket world upate
    • at the "Beach Party" you can now:
      • get approached by NPCs in the live music/dance section (short dance scene and then regular sex)
      • get approached by an NPC in the beer garden (drinking scene and then either mmmmf gangbang or fff+ orgy)


  • the usual round of tweaks and bug fixes
  • Snack bar at movie theater in the mall now functioning
  • Non-con events
    • added missing non-con pics for female char
    • Non-con event(s) should now be open to all genders
  • Salem update
    • The pocket world of Salem, the wild west town, is now complete. 
    • Basically a "boy-meets-girl" story...or at least gunslinger meets saloon girl. You can play as either the gunslinger or as the saloon girl
    • Do note many of the paths lead to a "bad ending" for the character. The Wild West was a rough place.
    • Once you pick one character you have to play that character through to the end of the story arc.
    • There is an interaction between the two characters that starts the "main event" of the pocket world. Complete that event and the world will reset letting you pick your char again the next time you enter.
    • Actions in the pocket world should impact the "real world" of the game -- sex stats, mental transformation from slutt behavior, etc.


  • Mostly bug fixes and tweaks to office job path to resolve some story-breaking bugs
  • Updates
    • You can now trim your nails at your medicine cabinet if they are too long or get broken
    • As a Warehouse Worker you can now meet, and fuck, random NPCs from the upstairs office
    • Melissa Update
      • Melissa has a new event and sex with her is now blocked until you complete this event (it plugs the plot-line gap of being able to sleep with Melissa while you have a dick and she thinks you're a woman)


  • Misc Updates
    • You can now buy sleeping pills in the Mall pharmacy. Use them from the medicine cabinet to instantly lower sleep
    • Coffee (and cigarettes) raise sleep
    • Dance Class tweak -- if you forget to wear your sporty clothes when you attend class you should now have time to get changed before its too late to attend
    • Finger Nail Polish -- Safeway now sells a line of fingernail polish, access through the medicine cabinet
    • Finger nails Update
      • Finger nails now grow twice as fast (should see visible increase every 2 weeks)
      • Once long enough there is an increased chance your nails could break or chip
      • New trait available from the Ring relic -- Adamantium Nails! your nails will never break or chip with this trait
  • Ring Relic Update
    • Removing a trait with the ring no longer causes the trait to be lost, it now just moves to the "Add trait" column so you can re-add later
    • be sure to hit the "Add missing Ring Relic Traits" button in the cellphone if loading a save game
    • Pole Dancing -- pole dance actions on stripper stage now show clips
    • missing clips added for getting pegged by female NPC
  • Melissa Update
    • You should now be gauranteed to get her number if you work at hooters
    • if you DO NOT work at hooters (and don't already know Melissa) you can now run into her on the floor of Dwight's Gym. Can build up relationship and eventually get invited to Girls Night
  • Office Update
    • If you already got up to where Ryan takes over the office and closes it for renovations then hit the "Post Ryan Takeover" option in the cell phone
    • Office story Arc fully complete! Can no go from first day as secretary to working as escort!
    • only 2 Escort "events" at the moment -- will expand over time.


  • various bug fixes and tweaks
  • 2 new cam girl requests -- sloppy BJ (with dildo) and self-spanking
  • Time off from work update
    • The game now knows what days you work for each of the full time jobs (Hooters, fulltime stripper, office job).
      • if you skip a day when you are supposed to work that counts as one "skip day"
      • get 2 skip days in any one week and you'll get fired -- resets every monday
      • "weekends" (or any day you don't have a shift to work) don't count as skip day
  • Office Job Update
    • Ryan's quest is 99% finished -- just need to code the "after quest" events.
    • Michael, Jim, and Angela have fully finished quest paths
      • each coworker story intersects with all the other coworkers.
      • Each have their own stand-alone quests that will stall when you reach a certain point until you progress the story of the other NPCs
      • your coworkers are sort of like chess pieces -- move them around the board in a specific order to complete the quest


  • Various miscellanous tweaks and updates
  • Angela Quest progression
    • After the cat-sitting event she will now invite you over for dinner, this can be repeated
    • Ryan's quest comes into play with angela and can now unlock sex with her (only outside of work -- sex at the office is still blocked) -- but sex on dates or at hers (or yours) should now be possible.
  • added new balloon popping request to streetwaker events
  • There is now an Amateur Night at the strip club, if you work as an actual stripper you can't enter the amateur night contest
  • In the winter months (October through March) the Wet T-Shirt contest is replaced with indoor mud wreslting -- same time and location
  • Julia has two new events she will send you on (after you complete the park event with her and talk to her in the commons room -- getting the events are random). Must at least have AA cup breasts to trigger.
  • added some more groping pics at Fairhaven
  • Having sex with male NPCs can now impact size/status of MC's pussy -- virgin -> inexperienced -> narrow -> loose, etc etc.
    • must have sex with NPC whose cock is thick enough to increase MC's stats
    • See your current "level" in the Cell Phone Settings under "Female Stats"


  • new creampie vids provided in the forums
  • if you have one of the full time jobs you will have a "XXXX Boss" contact in your cell phone. You can text this contact to quit your job -- but that's all this contact is for.
  • attacks in Red Light alley should happen a lot less frequently
  • texts from NPCs should happen a lot less frequently
  • Tweaks to when auto-masturbation can or cannot trigger
  • Thirst Trait update
    • instead of burning your thirst faster it now actually puts a cap on how much drinking will satisfy you. Part of your thirst bar should turn gray and then the gray part will expand to fill up the entire bar if you don't satisfy your addiction
    • ***Everyone (even if you don't have the trait) needs to hit the "Fix Thirst" option in the cell phone settings.***
  • Salem Update
    • Saloon girl and Gunman (female and male chars, respectively) can now meet each other. Starting to add the main event of this world, but it's still just broad strokes. Completing the main event will reset the world and "unlock" it so you can chose to enter it instead of it just being random
    • chance of bandit attack when camping in the country as male char
  • Faen nightclub quest
    • The paths for getting into faen for the relic should be less grindy -- lowered dance and strength requirements plus some other tweaks.
  • Stripper Update
    • Stripping on stage at strip club is now its own little mini-event. It's small, but has branching decisions and random events.
    • On stage shows last for 15 mins of game time.
    • Added more clips for stripping on stage
  • Office Updates
    • Can now make a new pot of coffee in break room when requested by coworker
    • added some new still images for different filing/phone activities
    • Angela story line started
      • if you already work at the office you'll want to hit the "Reset Angela" option in the cell phone
      • Sex with Angela at work should no longer be possible - she is very conservative and prudish
      • After friendship is high enough she will ask you to come feed her cats one weekend
      • after cat-sitting event, should be able to go on "dates" with Angela -- but strictly platonic, no sex at all. more like two friends hanging out
        • this will of course eventually lead to sex (it's a porn game, after all) but that's part of a larger story line with the rest of the coworkers.


  • Bug fixes and tweaks
    • Pregnancy more likely to happen if having unprotected sex as female MC (hopefully not 100% gauranteed to happen...but more likely than before)
    • arousal/stamina problems should be resolved
    • auto-masturbation should happen less frequently (maybe once per day) and has higher arousal threshold to trigger
    • minor other fixes
  • Updates
    • selfies now show if MC has cum on zir face -- but if your MC isn't slutty enough you can't take cum-covered selfies
    • Salem town
      • added opening path of alternate male char
      • Note: If you've already entered Salem and selected the saloon girl you'll be stuck for a bit. I'll add an event that will let you "reset" and go back to pick the the other char, but it's not ready yet.
      •  various mechanical tweaks in hand offs between main game and pocket world


  • If you made the jump to v0.5.0 without too many issues you should be fine to keep the save game for v0.5.1
  • Mostly bug fixes and tweaks as discussed in the forums
  • Updates:
    • Female NPCs can hit on you while you're on a date
    • Gym now has male locker room -- only accesible by fully male MCs who do not think of themselves as very feminine
    • Ignore your arousal for too long and your char may take things into his/her own hands
    • Bracelet update:
      • Town
        • can now buy waterskin (IE: a water bottle) from the General Store. The other item at store is useless and is just for atmosphere.
        • You can fill the waterskin in saloon bedroom or at the river
        • A filled waterskin lets you explore the countryside -- but watch out for outlaws!
      • Island
        • mostly cosmetic and loose-end-tying. Should now be able to go to the different "beach party" locations with limited NPC interaction


  • NOTE: Due to nature of updates, it is again advisable to start a new game. I attempted to make it compatibale for old games, but no promises.
    • To keep a save game running you will need to click the following actions in the Cell Phone settings menu:
      • Reset Slut Levels
      • Kill Texts
      • Regen Static NPCs
      • Reset Office Job
    • In Addition, remove all generic NPCs from your contact list. Keep Melissa, or any coworker or the gypsy -- but remove all random NPCs. any NPC that you add in v0.5.0 should be fine, but earlier NPCs are faulty.


  • Bug fixes and tweaks:
    • problem with contacts swapping genders should be fixed (and why you need to remove all NPCs from phone)
    • various minor mechanic tweaks you probably won't notice
    • You can now buy smokes without a purse, but you can only carry one pack.
    • add some new images for giving lapdances at strip club
    • New Trait! Swallow cum 25 times to earn the "Thirst Quencher" trait
    • Streetwalking is a little more dangerous, but  a good pimp should be there to protect you.
    • can smoke in the office bathroom at Big Red Paper Company
    • Starting chars have larger male junk, and it reduces in size until the final switch to female
  • Major overhaul
    • More dynamic slut calculations (another reason to start new save)
      • There are now two types of "slut levels" -- a Generic level that applies to all NPCs, and a "favorites" level that applies to only specific NPCs
      • Idea is: you might be willing to go down on your partner, but not some random stranger in a bar. so an MC can be in a monogamous relationship and be a "prude" but for that one NPC be willing to go all the way...*fingers crossed*
      • Add any NPC to your contacts, then click on that NPC picture in your phone
        • Black border will be added around that NPC
        • Black border means that NPC is a "Favorite"
        • You can have 3 "Favorites"
        • Click icon again to remove border
        • "Favorite" NPCs won't raise your generic Slut level.
      • Additional actions impact "generic" slut rating like cam girl or stripper work
    • Office Job Update (and the 3rd reason for a restart)
      • building in NPC specific paths for job progression. First up is Ryan
        • variety of ways to catch is his eye -- will eventually invite you to his place and that starts the story. 
        • Not fully finished, but the full intro to his story is done
    • Second Ring Relic Effect Implemented
      • I'll put details in the forums so it's not a spoiler -- but you need to use it multiple times to really know what it does


  • bug fixes and tweaks
    • gypsy issues should be resolved. If she shows up after collecting the relic again just emergency escape and that should end it -- this is the main reason for the 4.9 update
  • minor updates:
    • can now buy cigarettes at University District kiosk
      • Access through your purse
      • smoke too much and get addicted (withdrawl drains mood)
      • stop smoking for long enough (1 week I think) and kick the addiction
    • Magazine Updates
      • tweaks to impacts from "fem" mags
      • added new male mags -- all add to MCs dominance
        • muscles mag adds temporary strength boost
        • maxim mag offers chance at mail-order item
    • two new events as Streetwalker
      • double BJs
      • diaper fetish
    • brushing teeth added to nighttime routine in habits app
    • Office update
      • I tweaked how the performance review works and how you are rated
      • coworkers have stress that raises every day
      • your "moral officer" job now lowers their stress -- different amounts for different actions
      • goal is to keep as many coworkers as possible from having too high stress


  • Highly recommended you start a new game. I tried to make it compatible..but starting over might be the best route
  • For those who want to continue a save game be sure to use the following options in the cellphone/Settings menu
    • Kill all Texts
    • Regen NPCs
    • Reset Gypsy Quests -- you will lose all relics and have to start over with the quests for them, but it has to be done.
  • various tweaks and fixes
  • New luxury purses added to Finer Things
  • Faen nightclub can now be accessed through front door
    • not much going on with the first floor yet, but the upstairs might have something fun
    • Note: Upstairs Faen rooms only work for fully fem or fully male MCs -- you in-betweeners will have to wait till the next release
  • Gypsy quest overhaul (and the reason for needing to reset everything)
    • Gypsy will give you her phone number during first quest assignment.
    • After completing quest you can text Gypsy to have her come collect the relic
      • she'll show up 2-3 days after you contact her
      • She may or may not give you a reward, depending
      • if you don't contact her she should eventually come back anyway and offer the next relic
    • New shaman-relic contact
      • a couple of days after collecting a new relic you will get a text from the shaman -- rather than just randomly seeing him in the downtown area
      • meet him in the homless camp any time after that to learn hwo to use the relic


  • various bug fixes and tweaks
  • NPC texting re-enabled *fingers crossed*
    • everyone should hit the "Kill all Texts" option in the cell phone settings when first loading a game in v0.4.7
  • added about 50 new transformation reaction vids
  • magazine update
    • Kiosk now restocks magazines every monday (for re-usability)
    • magazine interface altered
    • bimbo mags now have impact of random chance to:
      • add either makeup related trait
      • gradually raise required "slutty" level of clothes -- sort of like a mental version of the "sensitive skin" trait
  • Some new outfits added to Fans for early game low-fem MCs
  • Related Updates
    • All of the below updates are related to each other
      • Finer Things is now open for business with small clothing and shoe line
      • New Location in Red Light alley -- STILL IN PROGRESS
      • New Relic and new Relic Quest
        • There is now a second relic that the gypsy can request
          • Note: Relic can be found, worn, and even charged -- but it doesn't DO anything yet. That comes next
          • Note 2: Relic can be charged by wearing it and then using your hands to bring NPC to orgasm (haven't decided how to deliver that info in game yet)
        • There is also a second quest you have to complete to get the relic
          • new quest is at new location in Red Light -- fornt door entrance is still in progress but there is a backdoor way in to get the relic.
      • When you run into the gypsy she will randomly select a relic and then randomly select a quest for that relic (sort of like a mad libs)
        • For new games, no problems
        • for old games; in the cell phone setting there is a "Clear Gypsy Quest" option -- hit this to "reset" the quest so she will come back and offer the 2nd relic. She still does not ask for the first relic back.


  • Texting disabled for now
    • I resolved the bug that was causing the game to crash, but it uncovered a handful of other small issues. easier to just cut it out so you can keep playing while I tinker with it
  • Coworker run-ins
    • now random chance to run into Ryan during cam girl events -- even if you don't work at the office yet
      • doesn't impact office-related content....yet
  • Magazines added
    • the University District Kiosk sells magazines
      • each magazine can bed read 3 times -- after the third time the magazine is thrown away
      • can be re-purchased as many times as you want
      • effects of reading are basic, but i'll expand on them
      • bimbo mag has no impacts at all yet


  • who doesn't love selfies?
    • You can now take and

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by askqer

Version reviewed: on 05/22/2022

Imo, mugwump have blazed their own trail spendidly! I absolutely love Clean Slate, it has an amazing story, and progression thereof, very well selected videos (J'ADORE the MM inclusiveness), so I'm waiting for the future updates eagerly and always patiently. Speaking of, I was very happy to see the dev coming back and delivering updates so often. Welcome back and cheers!

Definitely recommend it - 9.5/10

Review by pacman92

Version reviewed: 0.8.7 Pre Release on 04/30/2022

The story progression is fantastic! Have a only handful of all time fav and this is one. Constant dev and release. Thanks to the the Author .

Review by DIasenner

Version reviewed: 0.8.7 Pre Release on 04/27/2022

One of the best, most consistently and regularly updated games. Hell it seemed for a while there, this game had nearly daily updates. The devs took an understandable hiatus, but they're back baby. This is one of the most enticing and interesting premises for bimbofication out there. While it does railroad you pretty hard into breast expansion and such, this game still is lots of fun. Its got tons of delightful content, is pretty well written, and the photos are well selected. I hope one day to see custom artwork/renders for consistency and a live view of your transformations, but hell, Trapquest has like 6 major artpacks now and i can see why its hard to keep an artist for this. Im glad they're back, and this game is solely worth QSP for. Better than RAGS to be damn sure lol. I give this a solid 8-8.5/10 in terms of its described fetishes, and can't wait to see more!

Review by Vanafaye

Version reviewed: on 03/28/2022

It's crazy to me how impatient people are now. This game is great because it's a slow burn and lets you experience the everyday lifestyle of somebody in a sort of normal world with extraordinary circumstances. The grind is nowhere near as bad as most games, but you do have to either plan your day well to get the most out of it or you will end up having to take extra time later. I was really sad when the dev disappeared and the game seemed abandoned, because it is fun and the story is engaging, even if it is somewhat confusing and doesn't seem to progress very far still.


My only gripe with it is that I have no idea what to expect in terms of progression and content. I wish there were more events and more things to impact my character and the people around me during jobs and activities. My biggest worry is that the dev will lose interest again and abandon it, because it's one of the gems of its genre. It's not quite on the scope of Girl Life, but for a game that's 8GB smaller in size it's really fun and deep.

Review by Jazsalumbru

Version reviewed: on 03/27/2022

A Wonderful game with so many options, directions, and possibilities! I hope the developer is doing well, their work is amazing and appreciated! Hoping for more updates in the future!

Update: I am so happy this is getting love and attention again. Thank you for keeping it alive and building more upon it! Looking forward to possibly more in the future!

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