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This is another sex game about, well: hitchhiking. 

Do not do this in real life and do not expect this to be a realistic game.
This is for fun only: it is not supposed to make sense or transport deep thoughts.

Please note that the MM content is happening very, very limited and part of the tg process only. 

Regarding the Patreon link: A couple of people have asked me in the last few years about a patreon link for my games. I cannot accept any money for games, or I would have to ask my boss for a special allowance to work in my spare time: I live in a country with special job regulations. 
Pervy Sage is an artist who will illustrate all my games in due time. Pery has a patreon: 

Perversity is a one man operation working on art commissions, while also working on different projects of his own creation. When dealing with commissions he's willing to undertake any kind of art request. While the projects he works on tend to usually sit in the science fiction, or superpowers genre of games. His projects tend to look more reflect real life situations, than fantasy outlooks (IE: the real world is a pretty bad place, and he doesn't see any particular reason to hide that, or lie about it) the real world is a grimdark setting, and his projects tend to reflect this.


Update! https://mega.nz/file/u9JDzQBQ#afn3xLG7md5m3TNYJkDe20JyEzr5lWal688__Pccchw 

Try and survive, will you? 

I am afraid you will have to do whatever it takes. 


Your slutty sisters

You Mommy Dearest

A Truckdriver: well, actually LOTS of truckdrivers


Salesmen in family wagons


Certain choices will kill you. 

Use the upper left arrow to chose another option if you do not want the poor main character to stay dead. 

Upddate 29.8.2020: Onward to the Lone Bison Dinner (with some stops on the road...) 

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Review by Requete

Version reviewed: 2 on 06/07/2021

Hot story wish Blauz would finish this one, much better than first version I played before. 

Review by qaeron

Version reviewed: 2 on 12/31/2020

Blauz, the Agata Christie of this site, delivers yet another raw, off-beat, unfinished story. From terse dead-ends to a mini open world, from awkward utilitarian dialogue to sudden bursts of prose and humorous asides, from farcical plot contrivances to pedantic realism - the only constant here is change. Come and, at least, not be bored!

Review by Renadon

Version reviewed: 1 on 05/27/2020

Nice start. It seams to end after you first hitchike.

I really like the idea an hope there will be more content during the actual hitchking. Would like it if the truckers would rob her from time to time, so she may need to "humilitate" herself to earn some cash.

Thanks Blauz. for the new story.

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