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The Second Tournament Version 1
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Version: The Second Tournament Version 1

Missy's Transformation Tournament

Welcome to a world like no other. Under her control.


You are invited to partake in Missy's Transformation Tournament!


Create a character and enter into an arena where 100 enter, but only 1 leaves. Transform your opponents into submission before they can transform you! Use a wide array of body parts, species types and items to your advantage to become the sole champion.


The game will change over time as more species, items and transformations are added! This is the beginning of a great journey!


Have fun!

Missy is a powerful being. She lives far from prying eyes, under the earth and runs her wicked tournaments for her own amusement. She hates plain humans and loves nothing more than to see them changed.

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Review by BlueMoon

Version reviewed: The First Tournament Version 3 on 05/31/2020

Decided to give it a try. Seemed interesting, but very bare-bones at the moment.

Graphics are obviously not great, but they're far from the ugliest I've seen, and after a bit of getting used to them I'd even say they have their own weird charm. Combat's not fully implemented -- you can strike enemies, but they never seem to strike back. There's a bit of a core gameplay loop -- scavenge, get lucky or unlucky with random loot/traps/events, get transformed, use your transformations to knock out enemies before your Humanity runs out -- and while it's a very solid idea in concept, it feels simultaneously a tad monotonous and rushed in execution. Any second you spend not searching for loot or attacking competition to, say, take stock of your transformations or examine how you've changed, feels wasted, which just isn't a great feeling for a game that's supposed to be about all about transformation. 

The game could use a fair bit of polish just in terms of options. A way to see what parts you have without opening your combat moves or without having to guess what each piece of your avatar's supposed to be, a way to turn your avatar around in the stats screen or in character creation without just waiting for the game to turn them for you (especially inconvenient when you're on a constantly ticking down clock), etc. etc.

Overall, a lot of promise (and I'll be sure to keep up with the game in the future), but needs some work.

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: The First Tournament Version 2 on 05/29/2020

isliked it, i'm not a fan of the while throw you into game w/o instructions thing

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: The First Tournament Version 2 on 05/28/2020

I think the concept is fun yes it is.
But yeah the artstyle isnt actually anything to write home about


If you want to make this game actually a thing i think thats your first point to take care of
Either put more effort in the art or find a artist that is willing to spend this much time in to all the optional pieces
I know thats gonna take alot of time but i feel atm its not really nice thing to look at

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: The First Tournament Version 2 on 05/28/2020


the idea is good

the game itself ....how can i describe with moderation: UGLY

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