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Version: 3.1

Version: 3.0

Into the Naga's Den (Remake)

This is an enhanced port of Fever Dreamer's first transformation game, Into the Naga's Den.

This was her most evil game as there is no good ending.  She has made it both nicer (by adding a "good" ending...emphasis on the quotes) and more evil (you'll see, wah hah hah).  It also adds Achievements, but that swings both ways.  It keeps track of what you have seen and indirectly gives hints as to where others are, but on the other hand, some people will obsess over getting that last achievement.

As you wander the forest you find a mysterious path. You've explored this forest ever since you were a kid but you don't remember a path ever being here. Curious, you start to explore.

You find yourself in the weird world of Naga, exploring the mansion of the Sorceress. What is behind the solid gold door? Can you get out without falling into her magical traps?

Old Daydreamer Version Walkthrough (A good start.  About 70% accurate.)

Achievement List (Short, good for quick lookups)

Fever Dreamer's Test Walkthrough (Complete, thorough, excessive for most purposes)

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Review by Darkfeenex

Version reviewed: 3.1 on 06/09/2021

There seems to be a lot of plays for this game but no reviews (yes I realise this is the remake) so I'll just add one.



The gameplay in this game is pretty simple, with a very simple co-ordinate moving system and a very well thought out map which makes navigating around this MASSIVE map so much easier. It's a simple "point-and-click" which at times can be tedious and get to the boring side but it's still a well thought out gameplay system. The actual game is more of a "achievement hunting" style game where with each achievement comes a tf - warning if your not a big fan of achievement hunting style games this may be where you turn around. Me myself enjoyed trying every single option and seeing what absolutely RANDOM tfs I could get. In the end it is pretty dificult to try do this yourself and complete the game so definitely use the walkthrough (I did). Gameplay wise it is very simple game with lots of content which can get a bit repetitive especially if your not a fan of the "achievement hunting" style of games.

Gameplay: 8/10


Images & Writing

The images in this game are very well done. There are a total of 144 endings, which means at least 144 tfs, which means at least 144 custom pictures, not to mention the images for all the different areas, different characters... and so on. My point is that there was a lot of work done to create all these images and it shows. With each tf there is always a great image to support the tf and it makes you know EXACTLY who/what you turned into. The general style of writing is pretty simple, but I can't really fault it because it's not a game with a full "storyline" it's more of a "click buttons and enjoy game" style game. This meant that the writing was short but not necessarily dull. For the tfs, it would've been better if it was a much longer description for all tfs BUT I understand how much work that would take (dont forget at least 144 tfs) so I understand why it's short but if you do ever come back to this, this would be where I would love to see work in. Other than that the images and the writing is pretty well done.

Images & Writing: 8 - 9/10



Overall this is a pretty awesome game that all fans of the "achievement hunting" genre should try, otherwise maybe give it a try but be prepared to do a lot of clicking. 

Overall: 8.5/10

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