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Version: 0.830

by jazzerj

Niburi is an open world adult RPG built on player choice and transformation. It is tough to explain as there isn't much else out there. You can go fight Bandits in the woods, blow an orc if you lose. Get blown by an amazon if you win or lose potentially.

You can explore a large city and work in a brothel. See the sites and the people. Choice is the only option.

All major bugs should have been squashed if you find any more or can think of ways to improve the game. Let me know :)

Currently has 123k words

You are forced to move to a new city, with the two women you live with. Once there you discover that this steampunk type world has a very seedy underbelly. You transform based on your decisions and make choices that will not only affect you, but those closest to you as well.

The game is too complicated for a simple walkthrough, will attempt to make one at some point

Added Guard job
Added Evelyn Maid job
Added milking job (Will be expanded later)
Small scene if Rachael in the bathroom and high corruption
Reworked time of day
Maps etc will close others once opened
Remade stats screen

fixed crash with prostitute job

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Review by Treacherous_Usurper

Version reviewed: 0.820 on 07/22/2020

Quite buggy, albeit playable.

Lots of very repetitive grinding involved.

Navigating the menus feels like a chore, particularly the maps and the dialogue menus.

The gameplay loop is basically go to forest, kill stuff until you run out of hp, use a cheat to set time to nighttime so you can sleep and heal, with maybe a little bit of prostitution to pad your coffers.


I would not recommend playing this in its current state.

It has promise, but this looks like a game you should come back to in a year or two to see how it has improved.


Review by navigator_dan

Version reviewed: 0.806 on 07/06/2020

It is still work in progress, but a good game. The developer has done great job of reviving and reformatting old RAGS variant.

Let's wish him further success.

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: 0.806 on 07/04/2020

So as already said below, 0.806 version is littered with bugs and error messages
Their actually so frequent that i sincerly doubt he has playtested the game himself.

So atm you cant properly play the game to reach all the content thats in it.

Cause eventually you get to a situation you just cant continue and then it loads up an old safe 

And keeps bugging fromt that point out, thus you basicly gotta restart the game.

And then same shit happens at some other point of time in the game.


Im no dev so idk how easy renpy is to bug crunch but atm its actually unplayable

Review by Tilla

Version reviewed: 0.806 on 07/04/2020

Deeply deeply put off by the disdain for fat people in the intro. Really a huge turnoff

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 0.806 on 07/04/2020

I have to agree with others. This looks like this could be a really promising game, but there are a butt-ton of errors and bugs.  What sex does exist is also not very interactive. It's basically a single image followed by a lot of text describing what should be happening onscreen. So, in a lot of respects, it's more of a text-based game with some sprites showing what the NPCs look like.


I have no problem with text-based games but would usually like to know beforehand that's what I'm getting. Shocked this is listed as v. 0.806 given how buggy and error-prone the game is. I got frustrated and quit not long after getting to the city.

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