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Version: 0.12

Version: 0.11

The Spider Throne

The Spider Throne is a fantasy RPG game made in Twine Sugarcube. You play as a male dark elf in an underground city that's ruled over by women. You'll be fighting monsters, rival houses, and against the matriarchal society itself.  

This is my first game so I hope you enjoy it. I'm doing all of the artwork, writing, and coding myself so if you find any mistakes it was definitely my fault. I'm not a natural writer and I'm still learning to code so I expect you'll find many typos and bugs. Comments and critiques are most welcome.

0.12 Update:
-Fixed some bugs and typos
-Added 3 new images
-Finished the transforation potion story line (but not everyone recognizes the new gender yet)
-Permanent Bimbo Potion now works on Welvressi
-Charisma now increases your relationship gain (+1 per 4 chr)

Scivan LaBrada - You're the first-born male of House LaBrada

Cozzari LaBrada - Matron Mother of House LaBrada

Shalltear LaBrada - Your youngest sister

Cyanna LaBrada - Your older sister

Sevara LaBrada - Your oldest sister

Addicus LaBrada - Your uncle and spymaster of House LaBrada

Welvressi LaBrada - Half-sister and weaponsmaster for House LaBrada

Gensozia - Alchemist who runs the potion shop

Janis - Derro (dwarf-like creature) who runs the equipment shop

Nyuma the Ringmaster - Master of cerimonies for the fighting pits

Nebanizar Helvena - Powerful mage from a rival house

Ashari Evailon - Surface elf

Alibeck the Diviner - Master of divination magic at the Wizards Guild

and many others that I haven't written yet...

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Review by Trifecta

Version reviewed: 0.12 on 07/21/2020

Interesting theme and premise.

I can't wait to see how this will develop.

Review by custardscone

Version reviewed: 0.12 on 07/14/2020

I really liked this, its fun! and did I detect a couple elder scrolls references? I couldn't tell but i swear the fight pit rakins are same as the arena, plus the plotline of capturing the ruler and taking their place. Anyway good job.

Review by fawfawgeaw

Version reviewed: 0.12 on 07/13/2020

This is really worth checking out and is currently already really enjoyable while a bit on the short side. 



+Good writing. 

+Interesting worldbuilding

Review by Nerevar

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 07/08/2020

This is worth checking out. It's a decent game with a good story and solid mechanics. I look forward to further development.

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 07/05/2020

For a first version this is a surprisingly well developed game, orderly written and clearly set up. The graphics are beautiful, the female drow really sexy. And is that Halle Berry's face on the Matron Mother? I came here for sex and I found an absorbing drow city and even a Lovecraft reference. ;-)  Well done so far!

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