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Version: 1.4.1

Version: 1.0.0

Expansion Mansion
by zededd

Written and coded by Anon, Illustrated and edited by Zededd (me)

A text-based adventure (with illustrations) where you are trying to wrest control back of your home, and your own body!

You need to answer the questions correctly, or the women who are holding you at their mercy will expand parts of your body. You can't expand forever, you have to defeat them before you reach your limit!


Double check which file you're downloading.

(1.4.1) Game and Images (unzip and play. Now with or without images)

(1.0) Additional Image Pack (For looking at. Not needed for the game.)


If you spot any spelling errors, please let us know which passage they're in, or the surrounding text. Thanks :)

(I just want to say thanks to everyone who has commented and reviewed. Not only have you guys been more thorough testers than we ever could, but the support from the forums has been outstanding! Critique and reviews are always very much appreciated too)

In a world where your family have created the 'Bio Net', you're no stranger to jealousy and rival companies... But you never expected a cult of derranged bio-terrorists to break into your home and attack you!

Your home, mind and body invaded by the cult of bio-terrorists, you need to battle against them in twisted games of their own devising to get into the control room and call the police... 

The Player: A nameless heir to the 'Bio Net' invention

House Guest: A nameless lady who works at your families' company and is visiting your home.

You Sister: A nameless heiress to the 'Bio Net' invention

Volumptious Woman: A bubbly woman who has a thing for breasts and seems to have taken a breathy shine to yours.

Wide-Hipped Curvaceous Woman: A woman with a 'No Pain, No Gain' attitude for hip, butt and thighs.

Gigantic Pregnant Woman: A large, nihilistic woman with a penchant for pregnancy being your 'destiny'.

Enimatic Woman: The 'Leader' of this bio-terrorist cult.


Several 'cheats' have been included in the game.

For everyone who wants to just 'get the bits bigger', you can chose to expand yourseelf -almost- to your biggest by goig to the options menu via your Mirror

You can also chose to skip all three 'minibosses' by entering an alternate dimension and getting all the control chips right away...

Of course, we encourage you to try the game the regular way first.

For those of you who have technical issues, here is a link to ALL releases of the game: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2fd9e4btbft9j0n/AABIhYjK_O-Rs707_fgzLrAva?dl=0 Although we hope to fix most of the bugs we find with the newest release.


1.0 Complete release (pending bugfixes)

  • First thing EVER uploaded here, so bear with me as I hammer out the bugs and kinks in the whole process.

1.1 Fixed a few errors and feedback comments (Probably broke something I missed too)

  • Change Image extensions to match game text. Should fix Linux and IOS errors with image display
  • reset stats on restart
  • Spelloing
  • Add 'Ending X/X'
  • Options menu (TG/Images on/off)
  • Set ALL images to be options controllable
  • Much code Tidying...

1.2 Image Scaling

  • More Menu Items on the Sidebar
  • Image Scaling should now be browser-window sized! Somone test this on a phone and let Zed know if it breaks the universe.
  • Removal of the 'back' button (we will only let you cheat as far as the cheats we provide)
  • Show which chip/keys you have in the sidebar
  • Included a 'Story Menu' with links to this site, Zed's Site and the Changelog.


  • Stopped the (not totally unintended) exploit of 'previously visited links' appearing as such.
  • Allowed players to leave the 'Story menu'

1.2.3 More image scaling

  • Spelloing corrections
  • Changed the image scaling method to try and correct a bug in Firefox browsers

1.2.4 Scaling a mountain from a Molehill

  • Zed screamed at code until it obeyed him

  • Image Scaling changes to code (should work in Firefox, chrome and phones)


  • Code Typo causing the 'breast counter' to dissappear if it was any number but zero.
  • Removed all other 'versions' in the download list to the left. If there's any problems, they can all still be found at the top of this changelog.


  • Code typo affecting winning the garden game and limiting completing the game.


  • Fixed the 'beat the boss' bug that stopped the game being 'winnable'


1.3.0  (Fanservice 1/3)

  • Added Dining Room Boss image
  • Added a little more description to the Dining Room 'Loss' Expansions
  • Added 'Questioner' Image to the Dining Room

 1.3.1 (Fanservice 1.5/3)

  • Added the Garden boss image
  • Added a Garden Questioner image
  • Cleared up a lot of spacing issues in the Dining room and Garden


1.3.2 (Fanservice 2/6)

  • Added more description to the Garden Loss expansions
  • Decided that fanservice needs to be 6-long, not just 3 long.

 1.4.0 (All the Fanservice)

  • Added more description for the Lab loss expansions
  • Added images for the Lab Boss on meeting and questioning.

1.4.1 (Final polishing)

  • Updated Version number
  • Added the option to skip the intro (for frequent replayers)
  • Lawdz o spelang ficksez
  • Final boss code error fixed
  • 'By Choice' Expansions on cleared bosses now have flavour text
  • Coding changes in the 'final battle' regardin the sister's images



At this point, we are not expecting to add anything else to the game. It's done, finished and unless we find s'more bugs, we're happy to let it sit and be enjoyed by whoever wants to!

Known Bugs:

  • The side-bar does not scroll, so things can be cut off the bottom.
  • Minor Spelling Errors (if you can spot them, let us know where they are)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by oh2bpreg

Version reviewed: 1.2.6 on 09/26/2020

The game feels more like something in early beta than a "complete" game.  The game has great potential, but as of right now, it's rather short.  The descriptions of the changes to each body part is the same regardless of beginning and ending size.  The questions never change and are rather easy, so it lacks replayability.  Some good graphics of your changes, but none of the boses.  Also there seems to be a bug, in which after defeating the final 3 bosses, it doesn't open up the option to go face the final boss.  You have to go into the options menu to select that, but you can do that without defeating any of the bosses.  

I do think this could be a great game if the author keeps working on it.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/15/2020


For what it is I quite enjoyed it. Images are pretty good, transformations are simple but varied and the story (while thin) does the job for this first work of a CYOA game. Interactivity in the game is what it is with simple puzzles, though if you have any knowledge of maths you'll breeze through it.

I liked the nice touch of being able to mess with the transformations yourself to push the game quicker into risking a bad end or simply to let the player speed through it straight to the ending path.

Certainly looking forward to more submissions by this author.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/14/2020

This is a short 15 minute game with a bit of TF fun and some body expansion images. The story doesn't make sense, and your enemy is fixated on maths, but who cares.

Review by TenbatsuNo

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/14/2020

The pictures made with 3D models look better than real pictures in my opinion, and can show a gradual changes. Although the descriptions following these pictures don't change based on the stage of the transformation, and are very poor anyways (no mental description).

The biggest problem I have though are the 3 pictures showing the stages of the three transformations overlaps with the text on Android, making the text unreadable, and some choices can't even be selected.

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