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Version: 1

Version: 0.2.4

Version: 0.2.3

Version: 0.2.2

Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.4

Version: 0.1.3


A game that tells how your character goes through a maze filled with various things and events that will change his body and mind.
In the game, you can choose which gender character you want to play. At the time of writing this text, the art is only drawn for the initial States of the characters, but in the future it is planned to draw unique art for transformations. Now, transformations are accompanied by other people's art and photos. If the authors have any complaints about them, I will be happy to remove them.

I would like to note that the game has 7 floors, events for which are generated differently each time, so each passage will be unique. There aren't many events yet, but when there are more, it will be possible that not all existing events will occur in just one playthrough. I wish you a pleasant day and a good game)

Your character receives an invitation to the maze, the reward for passing which is the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

Outstanding nerds guy and girl :3

To complete the game, you need to go through 7 floors, finding a way out on each of them.

Version 1

Now I want to offer you, most likely, the latest version of the Maze. Perhaps someday there will be added art for the remaining endings, but there will be no more big updates.

In this version, arts have been added for two more endings.

Version 0.2.4

In this version, arts have been added for two more endings.

Version 0.2.3

In this version, arts have been added for one more ending, as well as errors have been fixed due to which some blocks of text overlapped.

Version 0.2.2

This version has improved several points related to the display of endings, as well as more elaborated styles. Fixed several spelling errors and. most importantly, images appeared for two more endings. Good luck finding them and see you soon.

Version 0.2.1

In General, I want to inform you that work on this game will be suspended to a greater extent. The only thing is that over time I will add images for endings.

In this version, the first images for the ending were added, as well as minor errors with the display of some events were fixed.


Version 0.2.0

There was quite a lot of work done on the logic of the game. In particular:

1. A new system of rooms has been finalized

2. Fixed errors related to the loss of some events from the map

3. Worked out a gradual transformation, in the process of passing

4. Modified some texts in the endings, corrected grammatical errors

5. Fixed transitions in some events

Version 0.1.4

This version completely reinterpreted the system of rooms in the maze, so that events are linked to certain sections of the maze. Also made many improvements in GUI - removed extra spaces that bound the arrow buttons moved the pictures in the places where they appear. Also, fixed bugs that occurred due to the transfer of some functionality from the Russian version. Fixed initial dialogs so that the player can understand exactly what they need to do.

Version 0.1.3

In this version, minor bugs that occurred when choosing a female character were fixed. Also, initial character art was added. If you want to see transformations from the same author, she will always be happy to do it, however, this process is not free, as you understand. Also, several new endings have been added based on your wishes.


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Review by willnotwork

Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 02/01/2021

This feels a lot like Princess Kay's Dungeon Damsel, which isn't a bad idea. I liked that there wasn't a lot of awful moon logic pizzles, but there are definitely places there the maze is not ‘fair’ — I definitely felt like there were hard-coded gotchas that I couldn't avoid.

Being officially on hiatus, I'm not sure how much more development this will get, but treat it more as a series of minigames or encounters than a game with plot or narrative or it'll probably be more satisfying. It's good for about an hour of mucking around and experiencing the right and wrong ways to solve each trap or situtation.

Review by TenbatsuNo

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 01/19/2021

Basically a succession of bad endings (huge chunks of bland text with barely any pictures) in a form of a labyrinth. This game could have been way better if the game had a little more complexity.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 10/08/2020


i will be polite and fair

xth floor has no exit

out of 10

game owers 3

dungeon lay out 2

encounters 2

programing 1

styl 3

story 1

game flow 0

thats 12/70 er lets forget about it.

Review by Althalus

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 09/24/2020

It's interesting, but it needs a lot of work to make it more than a quick time sink.

Review by Jondei

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 09/24/2020

Cool idea, needs a lot of work though to be an alright time killer. Don't see much of a story coming out of a game like this.

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