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Version: 2.0.0

Bimbo Quest


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A novice adventurer, fresh out of the Mage Academy, sets forth into a simple dungeon, eager to bring honor to his family name... but stumbling into a bizarre curse that changes his class from Adventurer to Bimbo brings those plans to a screeching halt. Desperate for a cure, you must guide him through the traps and perils of the dungeon, but know that every level gained changes you more and more from the innocent young lad you were into a busty blonde bombshell, too fun-loving and horny to waste her time in a smelly old dungeon!  

Bimbo Quest is a short TF-focused game which was initially just intended as a practice project, but which grew into something solid enough to stand on its own, offering multiple endings and deeply descriptive TF scenes. While the game is essentially complete, we intend to add a few more endings, as well as art for various scenes based on support from our fans. See the stretch goals below for details!


New walkthrough for puzzles, bosses and endings in the discussion board!


Stretch Goals:

10 likes - P.Bird will make pancakes. 

100 likes - We add two new endings.

200 likes - We commission artwork for all the job events.   

300 likes - We commission artwork for all the endings.  

500 likes - Icarue will make pancakes. 



We finally did it! 500+ likes and ALL endings with images + 2 more endings (with images as well)!!
Thank you so much for your support!!


As usual, if you like/dislike feel free to comment it on the Discord!




Co writer: P.Bird
Images: Ryusuke KH

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MichealRein

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/17/2020

Short but well done and the scenes are all good, 9/10.

Review by relattic

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/05/2020

It's a nice little bimbo game. If it gets all the images that were promised it'll be very good I assume. Although one thing I would love to see in addition to that would be the world actually reacting to the bimbo levels, like armor shopping, NPC dialogs, etc. Right now, it basically has no effect storywise.

Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/04/2020

This is a very fun RPG! Quick to pick up, quick to finish, but a lot of content in the middle if you look in the right places.


The core mechanic is pretty interesting: being the Bimbo class (as you are forced to be in the opening cutscene) gives you awesome multi-target attacks with special secondary effects, but if you use them, you level up as a Bimbo and transform further in body and mind, eventually ending the game, so you have to factor the extra damage output against your long-term plan for beating the game (or not).


The Pokemon-esque puzzles didn't really strain my brain, but they weren't all no-brainers, either, so they were just right for a game that most people will pick up for the porn. The ability to flee from any random encounter or even turn them off (at the cost of transforming faster against the bosses) eases the burden of the quite high encounter rate and lets you stave off transformations if you want, and the predictable rewards for each encounter makes it easier to stomach the long grind to buy the more expensive items from the shop.


My favorite part of the experience is how (almost) all the endings are "good" endings, even the one where you actually beat the game. Most authors and game devs leave that one as a brief blurb of "you changed back and escaped your fate" or even a bad ending where you get caught anyway offscreen, but this one is much longer and more detailed, and feels very satisfying in a non-sexual way. Of course, there are a variety of other ways to end your game, all of them quite sexy. There is one ending that feels like I wasted my energy, though...


My biggest complaint is that the transformations and cutscenes are all just text, usually on a black screen, but if enough people click that Like button, that could be fixed!

Review by Blauz.

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/04/2020

This if a fun game for everyone who likes the engine: there is some grinding, and the usual surprise attacks that are part of games like this. 


The leveling system is well made, and other than the obvious option (go dungoneering) there is also another sideline of jobs available. (I have tried the first one only yet, but I will try the others later). 

The writing is well done with a sense of humour and wink. 

The riddles are a mixed set: some seem to be quite obvious, others are completely beyond me: but I do no often play RPGmaker games; and there is also a game thread to ask questions. 

The main character does, as the name of the game suggests, turn into a bimbo: not a woman, a bimbo: phat ass and all that. 


I can recommend the game for everyone who likes the engine and bimbos. 

Review by Mile

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/04/2020

I wish more games would release in such a state.


Its properly playable, no gamebreaking bugs, the fights have a basic balance (that could easily be improved), and you can turn off random encounters (which i always had, because i dont like puzzles with those).


A few design decision are a bit game-breaking. Like how pots cost gold and how you cannot sell or farm stuff, without gaining bimbo here and there.

If you go the dark souls way and give every boss a twist that would be fun.

Punishing the player for losses by increasing bimbo a large amount is bad, as it just results in save scumming. At least you could keep the Boss HP at the reduced amount. And i think a system like in Magical would be fitting, where the PC is being ported away on loss, after being violated a bit.

I had to fight the Fire Boss two times.


I really enjoyed it, even though i couldnt beat the last boss, as i couldnt even use a single bimbo spell anymore, without gameover.


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