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Marooned on Teayeph VI


Your starship has crash-landed on a planet under biological interdiction.Your ship can't regain orbit and your distress beacon is fried.You and your crew will have to find a way to survive,fix your beacon, and call for rescue.

This is a top-down worker management game where most of your workers will get transformed as you play.  That might happen accidentally or... "accidentally."

The game will play just fine, but there are not yet any win conditions.


Building Graphics
A truckload of new art, for Cistern, Creamery, Electronics Station, Farm, Fence, Furnace, Lumbermill, Lumberyard, Milking Stall, Paddy, Quarry, Refinery, Shower, Smelter, Smokehouse, Solar Boiler, Wash Tub, Waspiary, Water Pump, and Work Bench!

Duty Shifts
Crewmembers each have a duty shift defining when they work
Click on their schedule (above their stats) to modify it
Off-duty crew seek out buildings with leisure value to regain happiness

New Building: Bunkhouse
A place where crewmembers can spend their off-duty hours.

Natural Feature: Vista
A few natural vistas are scattered throughout the map. These scenic vantage points provide leisure to off duty crewmembers.
This natural feature takes up a space that might be filled by a building and cannot be demolished.

Unhappy Messaging
Crewmembers will complain when their happiness is getting low.

Under the Hood
Map generation creates a more interestingly-shaped continent
The Master's Manse and the Brood Pit are placed on the map as placeholders
Sea tiles have fewer resources

When more than five crewmembers are on the same tile, their busts are presented in the tile display so that all present crewmembers are visible (they were falling off the screen before)
Corrected the TITLE OF THE GAME in the page header, how did I miss this before?

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by ljk43

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 01/15/2021

This isn't a proper review - just a quick note that I gave up trying to play the game on my desktop because the text was too large. Seemed about 48 or 60 point.

So in the text area giving the crew description, I could only see a few words of the text, and scrolling isn't available.

The ship's log book or text chat area only displayed four lines of text, and scrolling jumped the text too far so it jumped past some lines so you never got to read them. It just made it too hard to even attempt to play.

Zooming in or out seems to be disabled so, that wasn't a workaround either. (Tried on Chrome.)

Review by WonderLlama2008

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 12/13/2020

I enjoy this game! I look forward to further development!

It's kind of like Rimworld, but more adult content, and less technical knowledge needed.

Note: The game plays best in Google Chrome.

The game is a bit rough around the edges, but I find it entertaining.

Review by sgb69

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 11/03/2020

-There's no tutorial whatsoever.  You can blunder around and figure out how to cook food since the firepit is the cheapest building, but after 20 minutes I still couldn't figure out what I needed to get purified water.  Also it seems to take forever to harvest food.  You could deploy more crew members to harvest more, but then you have to feed them too so you're no further ahead.  I assume there's some tool that makes this faster?  Some basic in-game tips to get going would be nice.

-The controls need some work.  Many times I gave orders and had the wrong crew member move or had them move to the wrong zone because it didn't select things intuitively.

Also as many said, it's hard to play at all because of the tiny screen.  I think it's an interesting concept worth looking at (adult rimworld), but the core game definitely needs a lot of work.  Hopefully this gets focused on and the dev doesn't go off adding content before the fundementals get hammered down.

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 10/21/2020

Cubist sums it up pretty well. I should make my font tiny aswell. Game has potential, just It is so hard to see and read anything. Going to the sea is one of the worst things I did. It took my character a very long time to "swim" out to the center before it will accept any new orders like grabbing food or water. poor guy or girl can't tell. I would like an auto harvest, instead of a micro management on each individual character. It's like there's apples here, I'm starving.... Have to collect the apples and then deliver, then cook, then eat. thats for one character!!! Just go out and grab the stuff man. I am sure if I crashed landed on a planet I would not wait for my captain to say ok you can eat that.

Also ran into a tentacle monster, I had no idea what was happening since my character just stopped and was on the verge of death. I clicked on him/her and barely caught a glimpse of something like "i was grabbed" because the other characters just overwrite everything. IDK what to do. it just took that person forever to leave that tile.

Review by Cubist

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 10/11/2020

Interesting game. Sadly, while it has promise, there are also problems.

  • Much of the interface text is, thanks to a combination of small text-size and poorly-chosen colors, pretty much unreadable on my screen. As well, the one-line reports from the various crewmembers scrolls up too rapidly to read.
  • The "game speed" control could use some work; it would be nice if the player could just pause everything with one click, rather than requiring the player to click thru 3* and 4* speed before looping back to pause. Is there another way to pause? No idea—if there is, the (lack of) legibility of the interface-text has got in the way of my finding out.
  • Using "select all", and copy/pasting the crewmembers' remarks into a separate word-processing app, does work. But it also makes the map start to scroll to the right unstoppably. No idea what's up with that.
  • The various crewmembers' text-descriptions don't necessarily reflect their physical state/appearance. Since the graphics are distinctly minimalistic, the text-descriptions should be accurate, and kept so in realtime. IMAO, anyway.

"Teayeph" sounds like a phonetic transcription of "T A F". Wondering what that's an acronym for?

Can't recommend the game in its current state. Keep an eye on it to see what improvements are made in future updates.

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