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The Costume Shop
by snail

You have been invited to a mates birthday party and he's decided to make it a fancy dress costume party. You've been busy at work and forgot to sort out your costumes for you and your girlfriend and on your way home you notice the joke and Fancy dress shop on the out skirts of town.

You decided to see if they have anything for you to wear tonight and go in the shop. As you walk the shop is dimly lit and looks a lot bigger than you originally thought. Even though the shop has only a small front it seems to go back quite far.

'Can I help you?' a voice calls out and as if my magic the shop keeper appears. The shop keeper looks a lot like a tailor of old with his black pinstripe suit and a tape measure draped around his neck.

'Yes I've got a costume party to go to tonight and thought I'd pop in to see what you've got.'

'It's a but short notice but I'm sure we can find you something. Please have a look and feel free to try anything on in out changing room. All costumes are Guaranteed to fit. Also for no extra fee if you want to know more about the costume your wearing please go through the door marks enter here in the charging room. But be warned it is quite an experience and choose your costume well and it will have quite an effect on you.

You look at the shop keeper and he has a strange glint in his eye that is quite unsettling. But you've got to get a customer so you decide to look though the racks........

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Review by Mulenex

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 09/08/2013

Frankly, this is far from playable. It's a very early alpha and there's nothing to do yet. Also, some spellcheck would help.

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