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The End Day

Today is your first day of college. You were accepted to a nice university that has a fairly large campus and there seems to be a lot of excitement about the place. Your first couple of classes were the standard for the first day, and a bit on the boring side.

You head down the hallway as you look for your final class of the day, when suddenly you spot a huge crowd forming just down the hall.

You try to force your way into the crowd to see what is going on. You see a group of five naked women who are moaning in pure delight, their bodies grinding up against each other. The crowd just watches in shock as the girls go at it, until finally they start pulling people from the crowd down onto the floor and into their wild orgy.

You watch as one of the men's shirt is pulled off. His nipples stiffen and push out as his chest suddenly swells into large C cup size breasts. As you look around, you quickly realize each of the people pulled into the orgy is starting to change, and as the changes finish they turn and grab more people.

In that moment you realize something is horribly wrong.

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 02 on 05/01/2015

Enjoyable erotic game.

It is now listed in Lily's site named End Day, file named ended with an 3. The game is pretty long consider that you end game every second turn with an erotic hot downfall and have to restart or load game. Yet, the choices are mostly obvious if you really want to make it to the end. Save often. There are no images, pretty strange for a rag but once you get use to it it is pretty hot will all the erotic descriptions. I spent 1 hour each down the two paths getting all the possible endings until the current end of development. 

Review by batmreload

Version reviewed: 02 on 11/20/2013

Not much here, but the concept and execution were pretty good.

There needs to be more added to this

Review by demosen

Version reviewed: 02 on 03/04/2013

Love the bimbo flu theme

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