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Fort of Chains


(v1.1.0.0 release notes) (Subreddit) (Discord) Download the latest version of the game here: https://gitgud.io/darkofocdarko/foc

Fort of Chains is a completed, free, moddable, open-source, TEXT-ONLY sandbox management NSFW game where you manage a band of slavers in a fantasy world. Be warned that the game contains heavy themes of slavery and non-consensual sex.

Key designs. This game is designed to be a short-story-teller machine: the core gameplay involves assigning groups of slavers to quests, then reading what happens to them, and finally getting the various quests' rewards (money, slaves, etc.). Fort of Chains is written in Twine and SugarCube 2. This game is heavily inspired by No Haven and Free Cities. This game covers all spectrum of orientations: (you can setup the game to cater to whichever gender orientations you prefer). This game is complete: all features, bugfixes, polish, balancing, and originally planned stories are finished. But improvements and community-made content are still being added continuously to the game.

Contributing. The game is always looking for all and any kind of contributions! As of v1.1.3.2, at least 10 kind contributors have helped by adding content into the game, while much more have helped playtest the game and give feedbacks.

First, you can help support this game by adding your stories into the game. It is very easy to do, because this game is designed from scratch to be a writer's wet dream. You do not need any programming knowledge at all to write new stories to the game, nor you need to commit to it from start. The only thing you need is to have the story in mind. Once you do, simply follow the in-game GUI tool to add your story into the game, all at your leisure. Once you are done, you can submit the finished story either in the subreddit (Example submission in the subreddit), or if you are feeling adventurous, directly in the repository. If the story fits the game, it will be added pronto, with a lot of thanks! (There is a Tutorial, but the in-game GUI tool is designed to be friendly enough that it is not necessary to read the tutorial.)

Second, the game is open-source, so programmers, artists, and other contributors are also highly welcomed! Code fixes, artwork for units, flavor texts, everything is available for improvement.

Questions? If you are hoping to contribute something and have questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the subreddit or Discord.

Transformation content: The game is not focused on transformation, but it contains a sizable transformation-related content. In the later parts of the game (when you reach around level 35), there are numerous place where your slavers can get corrupted, which in turn can grow bodyparts such as demonic tail, wings, or hooves. There are also flesh shaping where you can increase/reduce body part sizes, but the flesh shaping part is an extremely late game reward and not the focus of the game.


You did it! You have found an old abandoned fort to establish as the base of operation for your company: Fort of Chains.

The fort is in a sorry state however, and there is much to be done before you can even begin operation as a proper slaver band. The first improvement you should construct is the Scout Hut, which allows your group of slavers to take on more quests on the wild. Next, you need to build the Dungeons to house your slaves, and Slave pens to temporarily keep incoming slaves. You also need to expand the Lodgings if you ever want to hire more slavers. All in all, aim to build the Grand Hall as soon as possible. (Also, make sure to check the Settings menu to change your game's preferences.)

You open the gates to your new fort and begin your new career...

Some of the game's features:

  • Fully text-based.
  • Slavers and slaves: Hire and capture procedurally generated slavers and slaves, each with their own gender, race, personality, asset sizes, etc. There are over 250 traits in the game. Level them up! Shape their skills in whatever combination you like!
  • Base building: over 120 different types of improvements to build, each unlocks a new part of the game.
  • Questing: Send your slavers and occasionally slaves out on around 100 quests for flesh and money.
  • Interaction: Interact with your slavers, use your slaves. Your slavers/slaves will interact with each other too depending on their personalities.
  • Content creator GUI tool: An full blown in-game GUI tool for rapidly adding your own written quests and content into the game! This is the same tool that I use to add content to the game.
  • Slave trade: Fulfill slave orders by selling slaves, and profit from increasing their values before selling by:
  • Slave training: 15 different fetishes to train your slaves in
  • Duties: Assign your slavers on duties such as a trainer, vice leader, or a doctor
  • Corruption and purification: Your slavers and slaves can be corrupted during the gameplay by various forces. You can purify them with the right tools, or you can build a ritual chamber to corrupt them specifically...
  • Potions and items: 10+ potions each with unique effect
  • Equipments: Equip your units with armors or buttplugs, which will slightly change their sex menus!
  • Character creation: Design your character: choose a name, race, skills, and so on!
  • Flesh-shaping: Late in the game, unlock secret technology to alter your unit's assets...
  • All these features interlock with each other, affecting one another, creating a full game experience.

You create your own character, and the rest are procedurally generated.


Follow the in-game extremely short "tutorial" and you are all set!



Full changelog here.

v1.1.5.1 (November 28, 2020) Content

  • 20+ new quests (special thanks to contributor writer Alberich and Dporentel)
  • 12+ new interactions, including bedchamber/harem-exclusive ones
  • Improved the writings for most quests that were written in v0.9.x
  • Teams reworked. Now Mission control governs maximum number of teams you can deploy at the same time. Teams can be used to group slavers now. Ad-hoc teams no longer need to be designated
  • Automated word / sentence generations in content creator (e.g., random insult, random good adjective, etc)
  • Make it easier to add new content into the game (removes needing to "include" them)
  • Several new traits (fairy wings, draconic ear)
  • Several traits have been reworked to be more applicable in more situation and having less overlap
  • UI improvements for equipment sets, duties, markets
  • Skill focus is more focused now
  • Bazilions of bug fixes

v1.1.x (November 20, 2020) Game is stable!

  • 20+ new quests (special thanks to contributor writer Alberich)
  • 20+ new opportunities (most are part of a quest chain)
  • Game is now completely lagless by making several things load asynchronously
  • Implemented unit histories
  • Implemented variables for content creator
  • Implemented bedchambers (allow keeping harem)
  • Implemented familial connections (e.g., siblings)
  • Implemented bodyswap mechanics and descriptions
  • Implemented conditionals, clauses, and other recursive operations in Content Creator
  • Implemented scheduled events
  • Implemented slave orders in content creator
  • Implemented quests / opportunities that can involve units in your company (e.g., a runaway slave)
  • Second way to write quests in content creator
  • Easier testing in content creator
  • Back button now works to undo to previous weeks
  • More skin traits
  • More background traits
  • More computed traits
  • More restriction options in content creator
  • Make compiling game dirt easy
  • Proper use of articles
  • Tooltips on mobile
  • Flavor texts for unit tags
  • Skill focus UI changes
  • Better map (thanks to contributor mars_in_leather)
  • Requirements QoL (now hidden when satisfied)
  • Keyboard shortcut for ending week
  • AutoSave now works
  • Insurer duty
  • Tons of tutorial and documentation on Content Creator
  • Balance improvements
  • Tons of bugfixes

v1.0.x (November 6, 2020) Game is released! Bugfixes, QoL, content, and documentation galore

  • Implemented temporary traits
  • Implemented unit speech types
  • Wrote unit full description
  • Implemented procedural banter texts
  • Adapted around 15 unit interactions from Free Cities
  • Recreation wing flavor texts
  • Flavor texts for duties and building levels
  • Implemented company statistics
  • Improved Content Creator user interface
  • Filters
  • Multiple display options
  • Sorting
  • Implemented building upgrades
  • Implemented editable unit images
  • Drastically reduces save file size (around 85%)
  • Implemented conversion from slave to slaver
  • Implemented Ad-Hoc teams
  • Implemented unt tags

v0.12.x (October 30, 2020) Text content, polish, QoL

  • 20-ish quests
  • Bugfixes

v0.11.x (October 27, 2020) Finishing core quests.

  • Balances all aspects of the game
  • Implemented potions
  • Implemented treatment
  • Implemented friendship
  • Implemented vice-leader
  • Implemented different names per races
  • Implemented character creation
  • Tons of bugfixes

v0.10.x (October 20, 2020) Initial balancing.

  • Initial 60-ish quests.
  • Implemented the Content Creator
  • Implemented corruption / purification mechanics
  • Performance fixes (part 1)
  • And tons of bugfixes

v0.9.x (October 7, 2020) Initial release. Filling in core quests.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JackJoe

Version reviewed: on 11/26/2020

Cool game, i hope there will be also more gender transformation for the MC and the other slavers and maybe some more interaction and creation that maybe mindalternation, mind control. Could be funny if there is a way for example a hulking male MC ends after a questline as a submissve triplet sexy girl, and his/her new "sisters" former slavers and one former slave now mommy has to "help" them. And they have to figure now stuff out or stay that way.

Review by belo

Version reviewed: on 11/18/2020

the new free cities, and with an user friendly creation tool, yep this is the best prject of the year but we will only see the results in a looong time.

Review by Ayrana

Version reviewed: on 11/15/2020

It is an interesting play game, but it lacks one very important thing it needs for even using the compact view modes. Namely scrollbar implimentation. Some how that window is completely missing the scroll bars so I can't see anything below a certain point. This is when I used F11 to maximize the window as much as possible on my laptop.

Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: on 11/08/2020

It is very good for the first release, but while there's a decent amount of content in the questing and mechanical part there isnt much in the sexy part. What MC you pick doesnt matter really, the MC traits dont affect sex scenes at all (other than having penis/vagina making certain sex scenes available) and for the mechanical part MC is no different from other slavers. Slave traits only affect the irrelevant flavour text. E.g. a normal slave will suck you off. A submissive slave will suck you off... "submissively". The entire game is the loop where you do quests to get money and build new stuff that unlocks more missions for more money and more stuff... The game progression is long but it lacks width.

The game advertises addition of new content via GUI but from what I've read it implies only adding more quests (that I really dont care much about reading, first few quests are ok to read but after week 30 you stop reading everything except requirements/rewards and just click through), neither more camp interactions, nor making traits matter beyong giving a unit +500 cost and redistributing some stats.

While the game follows in No haven footsteps it feels far less alive and the gameplay is easy but grindy. Hopefully it'll get more alive as time passes and require actual strategizing to play instead of randomly assigning randomly assembled team being merely 5-10% less efficient than taking time to carefully pick an optimal one.

Review by Tilla

Version reviewed: on 11/07/2020

Interesting foundation as a take on No Haven without the limitations of RAGS. Right now hard to recommend for overall play but I'm interested to watch it develop. Right now it also needs a bit of UI polish - hard to see for example which stats are most relevant at a glance

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