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Version: 2.14

Version: 2.12

Mistress Madness

Mistress Madness is a collection of TG/TF themed games, all of which revolve around "Mistress", the otherwise nameless antagonist of the games.

This game is in ongoing development, and updates will be somewhat slow.


Details on each mini-game can be found in the "Walkthrough" section :)


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There's relatively little story in Mistress Madness, you're sort of just dropped into the game^^

Steven, James, Luke -Maze Game victims

Nathan, Logan, Aurélien, and Lucas -Bimbo Hordes victims

François, Trent -TF Trivia victims

Game 1 - Mistress's Maze

In this game, you play as Steven, James or Luke. 
Your goal is to solve the maze by pulling 4 levers in the correct order before time runs out!
As time passes, your character will slowly transform into a bimbo!
This features 5 full kisekea based animations.


Game 2 - Bimbo Hordes

The most developed of the 3 game modes.
This game is loosely based on the zombie game mode from CoD, except you're being attacked by bimbos instead of zombies :3

The basic gameplay loop is very simple: Run around, shoot bimbos(they don't actually die, don't worry)and avoid becoming a bimbo yourself!
Features over a dozen animations across the different maps.


Game 3 - TF Trivia
A simple trivia game! If you get stuck, feel free to look up the answers online :)
If you get an answer wrong, you transform part way! Get too many wrong, and you loose!

V 2.12: Initial release


V 2.14:

-Added Slime Labs map for Bimbo Hordes, with slime girls chasing after the characters instead of bimbos.

Slime Labs features a different perk system, with slime-based drinks replacing the standard ones.

-Fixed a bug with the MAC-10 in the Bank
-Added combat animation for "Knife" move, purely cosmetic
-Buffed most Pom-Pom moves to be more effective
-Improved A.I. combat intelligence, it's now more likely to target players with low HP
-Added 5 Pick-ups, "Max Ammo", "Nuke", "Barrier", "Instant-KO", "Bimbo Cash"
-Reduced cost of "Super Charge" from 1,000 to 500
-Reduced cost of "Electro-D*ldo" from 750 to 600
-Buffed "Electro-D*ldo" damage

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by BigPervert

Version reviewed: 2.12 on 11/13/2020

The Maze and Hordes suffer from the same thing that every single RPG Maker game does, and that is being a grindy walking simulator with empty, repetative space. I got to level three on Hordes and the map and gameplay just seems like it repeats itself with the same enemies only getting stronger. So, I don't know if I will ever get back to that. The Maze is also repetitive, but it's a maze so what else do you expect, lol. The animations are great, though. But, I don't expect any less from Thriller in that regard.


However, the trivia is well done. Some hard questions mixed with super easy ones and progresses nicely with multiple ends depending on the level of transformation. Could use more questions and maybe change the date questions to multiple choice instead since punching in numbers is tedious, but it is still good.

Review by dhccpmc

Version reviewed: 2.12 on 11/11/2020

Some of these cut scenes just go on forever. We don't need 10 seconds for every single movement the character makes

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 2.12 on 11/10/2020

its a charming game of a noob lvl

Review by Theacds

Version reviewed: 2.12 on 11/10/2020

I enjoy the directness and charm of the opening. It's a bit more personable than a title screen and a bit faster, too.


Mistress's Maze:

It's a fun concept for a punishment for a bad end, but it should be just a little bit more mini-game because there's simply no playing it, at the moment. Running around and guessing the way out is too boring under a long timer and a large map, but compressing both would simply make it frustrating or negligible. Additionally, the animation for each transformation is too long. With the pacing as grounded and pressing as it is, the pausing of it to play the animation is jarring. And, in the way of visuals, there's no landmarks or theming that would color and justify in some more interesting mechanics as well as aid the player in learning it along the way. To remedy this, though, is much less harrowing than it might sound. All it would take is a repurposing and representing more cleanly of all the pre-existing assets while reworking the map as is to something more interactive.

In short, for the transformation animations, make the player's portrait always visible in the same way as the timer and transform it at set intervals. For the map, make it small, theme it uniquely, color in landmarks and hints on the walls, and add in traps/lockeddoors/dropoffs/bimbotiles/etc to make moving around more interesting than simply running in a direction. For the game, place objectives on each end of the map so that players are rewarded for learning, memorizing, optimizing, and making their own way through the terrain instead of simply guessing. All this put together would shift the player away from getting lost in a maze and put them towards solving the maze.

This all might be a pain in the rear to playtest and iterate on over and over again, but the end result is worth it. A smaller labyrinth that promotes decision making and skill would bump everything the current build does to a higher level of itself.


Bimbo Hordes:

I don't know enough about turn based combat to offer critique!


TF Trivia:

I believe this is a game mode that needs only a little bit of fine tuning. It's got a winning formula. There's already got enough content to prove that this is a functional and satisfying minigame. The main issue to raise is that because the questions asked are not procedurally generated, because there's a lack of a time limit, and because there's only a reward for answering correctly the player should and will always just guess. That's not particularly awful for the genre of transformative fetish quiz show, but the helpless feeling of being posed unanswerable questions can be heightened by adding the aforementioned components. Not knowing what will be required to win, not having enough time to answer all the questions, and having the option to skip for half-credit leaves the player in a position where knowing, adapting, and executing are so much more valuable than simply failing or Googling the answer. The animation for transformations would have to be sped up and I'm not sure if the engine can support these mechanics at all, but changing up the rules with this tweak might just be a strict upgrade to pacing, tension, and depth of gameplay.

Once all these components and mechanics are in place, it's a simple task of playtesting and balancing them to make this well-balanced mini-game shine.

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