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Version: 2.0.27

Version: 2.0.24

Version: 2.0.19

Version: 2.0.18

Version: 2.0.16

Version: 2.0.14

Version: 2.0.13

Version: 2.0.12

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Version: 2.0.0

The Fixer
by SamTail

The Fixer is an adult life sim lite visual novel. You take the role of our protagonist, Samantha, who is a Fixer. As a Fixer, you are tasked with making "problems" go away. From investigating industrial sabotage to diplomacy between factions. All the while trying to balance your normal day to day life.

The world is suffering. Disease, economic and government  collapse and the death of over half the population has lead to most people living in extreme strife. The town of Blaston, where the story is set, fared a little better than most and so you and your sister try to make your way there to seek refuge.

After playing through one of the origin stories, you find yourself in Blaston, having been rescued by the cities main power base and in return you agree to work for them as a "Fixer". Someone who solves potentially sensitive problems using tact, diplomacy or underhanded means. Will you manage to make a difference to the town and it's power brokers or will you fall into the pit of depravity and despair along with the majority of residents in Blaston?


She is our protagonist of the story. Her name, skin/hair colour are all customizable to your liking and play a large part in the story. As the Fixer, you will be tasked with getting close to people to fulfill your mission, and in many cases you will change your appearance to better suit the preferences of those you are trying to befriend.

Game features

Sandbox gameplay around a more traditional branching narrative. 

Character customization. Change your skin and hair colour. More to follow.

Wardrobe system that lets you mix and match any clothes you have bought as well as colour them to your liking.

Pregnancy system. It's all fun and games till your belly starts to grow

You have had your life saved by being given a new experimental body after you died in your last one. One that can have it's features changed so your race and apperance is no longer set in stone. You boss expects you to use this ability and work for them as a Fixer. 


Samantha (Name customisable) - This is you.

Dr Tucker - Your boss. He will assign you missions related to the Institute.

Emily - Your sister, She will help you get adjusted to your new body and the world you woke up in.

Changelog for v0.2.33

Content update

  • Added 8 events for the dance troupe questline. This event chain introduces 3 new characters to the game, Dani, Anabel and Rachel.
  • Added the soccer boys to the school field who you can play and hang out with in the afternoon.
  • Added some thugs to the school. You will bump into them now and then and if your confidence is too low, they will harass you and generally try to make your life miserable
  • School sandbox sex event chain added to tie in with the random events.
  • Added new lunchtime events. You will now have lunch with Cass alone if Mira is away for the day and if you are part of the dance troupe, you can also have lunch with them
  • Added random events throughout the school. These range from overhearing people talking to dragging someone into the changing rooms if desire is too high.
  • New dance troupe outfit consisting of a micromini skirt and a knotted tee.
  • Fishnet tights added and changed the waistline of all tights so they fit better with low rise bottoms
  • Hair changes. There are now 6 variations of bangs to choose from and 4 lengths of hair. Hair can now be styled as loose, pony, bun or pigtails at the bathroom mirror.
  • Updated the classroom, field and gym backgrounds. They also now have people in the background to show if certain events are available (eg. You can see the boys playing soccer in the field)
  • Added action images for when you do some sport. Running will now show a Sammy running image, dance shows a dance image and soccer shows Sammy kicking a ball

Minor additions and fixes

  • New cheats added. Cosmetic surgery, spank, punch and the ability to jump straight to some of the new events. The events jump is just for testing and will be removed in future
  • Reduced the fitness requirement to join the dance troupe from 60 to 40
  • Removed "go for a run" from the soccer field. It is now only available if the boys are not playing. Playing with the boys provides all the same fitness buffs as well as extra mood buffs so no point in running alone if they are there.
  • Reworked how the lower travel buttons are displayed to reduce the amount of image files
  • Fixed if you press escape while having the wardrobe open, then returning the game and closing the wardrobe menu, the text will stay onscreen
  • Fixed missing phair colours from the front shower scene
  • Removed cut off jeans shorts from the school uniform 
  • Fixed highway and checkpoint busstop backgrounds not showing

  • Fixed the haven peeper hole not showing
  • Fixed it so the Haven guard is gone the first time he leaves to smoke.
  • Fixed so you don't talk to the haven guard while he is gone and instead trigger the bars prying properly
  • Made the rooms in Haven dark again
  • Fixed the bedroom and common rooms backgrounds not showing during winter
  • Fixed the Haven 3rd floor hallway not having a background
  • Shops now display clothing using the same pink/crimson colour scheme as the images when hovering over the items
  • Updated the shop interface to be consistent with the wardrobe interface
  • Shops also now sell jackets and gloves again
  • Removed the cut off jeans from the school shop. Added the cargo trousers to the sports and meow shop
  • Fixed one of the anal popups having the wrong pubic hair image

Content update

  • New clothes. An off the shoulder, ruffled crop top, a tight sports tee and sports vest (transparent and mesh variations), cutoff jeans shorts, cargo trousers and bra versions of the mesh tee and vest.
  • Night time "Fun alone time" events added with 2 new CGs. Sammy fantasises about past events while pleasuring herself (more to come)
  • Updated the shower scene to factor in nip colour, tattoos and piercings
  • Added new art for a shower scene. Showering will now randomly pick between the two images
  • Updated the sleeping event and re added morning sickness and hangover sickness mini scenes
  • Added a new penetration effect. It plays whenever Sammy gets penetrated (currently vaginal and anal)
  • Added a new cum popup effect which shows whenever Sammy is ejaculated in and where(currently vaginal and anal)
  • Added eyeliners to the accessories wardrobe. 2 new eyeliners added (4 total) and eyeliner is now colourable
  • Updated the juices effect on the side character. There are now 3 levels of amount for each location
  • New colours added to the wardrobe. Brighter red, an ocean blue, a bright cyan and hot pink.
  • New dyed/bleached hair colours added as well as unnatural eye colours
  • Update of the wardrobes. Selected tabs are now highlighted and new buttons added

Minor additions/fixes.

  • Sammy side picture is now coloured based on the time of day/weather/season
  • Adjustments to how the backgrounds are displayed. Summer is now much brighter, overcast more gloomy and winter more colourless
  • Wardrobes now show what tab is currently selected
  • Any "juices" on or in the body now degrade over time and take away from your hygiene
  • When drunk, Sammy now has bubbles come out her mouth
  • When blackout drunk, the swirl behind Sammy now spins
  • When Sammy has high desire, love hearts float around her
  • Adjusted the broken perk to also give you a minimum base desire of 50 and allows you to leave the house at night regardless of confidence level
  • Updated the spank image
  • Added arms for the school cardigan. It now works correctly with holding beer or an umbrella
  • Added drunk, shower, bukake and toggle makeup cheats to cheat menu and drunk levels to the toggle debug display. Moved hunger and hygiene to the debug display
  • Added an alarm icon to show you were woke by your alarm clock (I do not like this but have kept it in to get feedback on it)
  • Period cycle adjusted to be a little more realistic and fertility rates adjusted in preparation for perks to alter the base rates (If loading a previous save, this will reset your cycle)
  • After giving birth, it will take 2 weeks for your cycle to restart
  • Night time fun time now needs 80+ desire to trigger
  • Fixed the Psychologist not responding to your actions if you pried the gate bars in Haven
  • Fixed patching error on load if you load a save when you have activated the Haven mission but not started it yet
  • Fixed so you wont get the Haven wait message when waiting outside of Haven
  • Fixed the zip hoodies left arm when holding a beer
  • Fixed the school showers so you exit to the locker room after a shower


I have updated to the latest version of Renpy to take advantage of some of it's newer features. There may be some teething issues I am unaware of due to the transition. Please report any bugs you come across.

Major content update

  • Added the second part of the Haven quest. There are many path combinations you can follow to achieve the goal of your mission.
  • Haven pt 2 has the continuation of the quest to speak to "Big Al", more ending combinations than I can count, leaving Haven, another session with the psychologist, mission debrief and mission wrap up.
  • Many new CG's and naughty scenes to go with some of the paths or outcomes
  • Added the "Broken" perk available through one of the Haven endings. It allows you to always agree to sell yourself, massive buff to sex agree dice rolls, makes you fail all willpower checks, unlocks all confidence related clothing options and caps your max confidence at 40
  • Added art for the Institute psychologist, 4 Haven guards, Viktor the brewmaster and the girl who shows you your bed when you arrive to Haven

Minor additions/fixes.

  • Updated the punch effect when Sammy gets hit
  • Added blood for when Sammy gets punched in the face.
  • Added rain and snow back in. It was removed when testing weather effects and forgot to be put back in
  • Made breaking the pipes in Haven considerably easier
  • Reduced the time between talking to the gate guard by 1 hour from 4 to 3
  • Made it so you can also be caught by the blackmailer while stealing the lighter fluid from the lounge and increased the chances of getting caught from 1 in 8 to 1 in 6
  • Made gathering intel slightly harder to make it more unlikely you will trigger the ending while aiming for another.
  • Fixed issue in the bar where Sammy would offer company to a patron when she isn't a whore
  • Fixed issue where the pub patron has sex with Sammy while she still has her pants on
  • Fixed issue where you sleep in Haven and the black screen remains
  • Fixed issue where you hover over the belly and will be teleported or sent to the main menu

  • Added the random haven join room events
  • Unblocked the repeatable events. Now if you have gained all the intel you can still do the event but Sammy will comment that she has all the intel she is likly to get.
  • The more drunk and tired you are, the higher your chance of passing out.
  • Decreased the chance you get intel in Haven so it is less likely to trigger the intel ending when you are aiming for another one.
  • Fixed the haven waiting image so Sammy's top has a strap, added the missing eye shadow and inverted the sock stripes.
  • Sammy when stuck in the vent, sleeping, blow, storage and on the stool now has a shoulder strap on her top
  • Added phair to the image where Sammy is getting the naval ring and the image where she is plugged. Adjusted the colour of her nips to match the side avatar
  • Removed the not implemented message that appears after getting paperwork from the police station prior to the Haven mission
  • Fixed Sammy having a missing head when refusing to listen to the peepers intel
  • Fixed an error when waiting in a room (old spider)
  • Fixed the wrong image being loaded when blowing Viktor (old spider)
  • Fixed the black screen rarely not going away when going to sleep in haven
  • Dressing for haven now correctly removes any accessories you were wearing
  • Removed the collar from the peeping images

Major content update.

  • Added the Haven mission. Infiltrate a homeless community and investigate whether Dr Curse is hiding out in Haven and, if not, where he has gone.
  • The Haven mission has the intro, preparation for mission, arrival to Haven and the sandbox/searching for Doctor Curse. Content ends once you trigger one of the endings.
  • Haven has more naughty events than I can count. Some small and some larger chains.
  • 5 Different paths you can take to complete the mission. Some easier than others and depend a lot on Sammy's stats and experience.

Minor additions/fixes.

  • Fixed not being able to buy school jackets or gloves from the shops.
  • Made some thin material tops slightly see though so that bras underneath are shown slightly.
  • Fixed the busstop screen not showing.
  • Fixed not being able to wait when you unlocked the Haven mission
  • Added a trigger so you can get the slut flag.
  • Adjusted some descriptions in the stats menu based on if Sammy wants a baby or not.
  • Adjusted description in stats menu if Sammy is an anal virgin but has a butt plug in
  • Fixed the minidress and the maternity dress not colouring in the party tab
  • Very low hygiene now lowers your mood (sweaty state)
  • Added new blackout drunk effect. This will only show when you are drunk enough you might pass out at any moment.

  • Increased the chances Simon will come inside during his quest from 1/10 to 6/10 to fit better with the lore of the game
  • When changing race in the surgery menu, your nipple colour will also change to fit the race.
  • Fixed(again) the psychologist pregnancy comments if Simon got you pregnant (Birujo)
  • Fixed the wrong events being called when walking in the park with high allure. You can now trigger 7 allure related events(Birujo)
  • Fixed the stats menu always reporting the wrong time of your period after the first month has passed (Birujo)
  • Fixed many other issues reported by Birujo. https://tfgames.site/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?p=643113#p643113
  • Fixed crash while knowing you were pregnant and talking to the psychologist (International)
  • Fixed common room button at home being flipped (International)
  • Fixed not being able to speak to Emile when she is at home
  • Fixed error in the femstart when entering the changing room alone (BagelHouse)
  • Removed the ability to start the work in progress Haven mission by normal means. Being able to start it was unintentional. If you want to pay it anyway, open the console and type jump main_quest_05_intro


  • New female protagonist origin.
  • Many small adjustments and improvements to the male origin.
  • New clothing - New sexy top, 3 new skirts and a new jacket for school wear.
  • Added new hairstyles and modified old ones. There are now 5 front and 5 back styles
  • Added Ginger hair
  • Added xray hover effect to the belly when pregnant
  • Added hover descriptions to outfit types and clothing types for the wardrobe
  • Added small bits of flavour dialogue depending on your origin choice
  • Adjusted Sammy's expressions when you hover the mouse over her or open the stats menu
  • fixed hoodie icons in the wardrobe being switched
  • fixed self voicing issue repeating your latest quest update
  • fixed Santa socks not working with the school uniform
  • Fixed the cosmetic surgery looping an event if you followed the highway route on Simon's quest
  • Fixed a typo on the diary
  • Fixed the school shirt clipping with larger bodies
  • Fixed the diary not always giving you the correct description of clothing worn
  • Fixed dialogue with the psychologist if simon got you pregnant and you know you are pregnant


  • First part of a new Institute quest. This quest will take you to the security offices to find out where one of their missing scientists might be hiding out.
  • New body features. Colourable nipples, nipple sizes and muscle definition based on fitness.
  • Adjusted Sammys skin tones to match a bit better the race they intend to represent. Later on suntans will be used to effect them further.
  • New choker, nipple rings and navel ring added to the accessories wardrobe.
  • New shorts, top and gloves added.
  • Put the pub lap sitting sex scene behind a very high drunk check and a very high desire check.
  • Fixed prologue pants going missing if you asked about thongs.
  • Adjusted the code behind how the wardrobe and shops work. This should have solved most wardrobe related bugs.
  • Added functionality for head shape changes, eye changes and tattoos. Not ingame yet but are testable via console.
  • Fixed possible issue relating to the location of sex in the pub.



  • Fixed stat menu creampies/facials/swallow not counting up.
  • Fixed an error when setting the price for your body.
  • Fixed leaving work sometimes still in your work clothes.
  • Fixed an event where the guy is having sex with you, but the art didn't reflect this.
  • Fixed error when opening the school wardrobe if had a collar or glasses on.
  • Add clothes cheat now adds the hats.
  • Removed the ability to enter the police station, getting yourself stuck


  • New feature. Accessories wardrobe. This is where you will put on things such as chokers, necklaces, choose your make up and later on will be where you put other jewellery and piercings on. Accessories are independent of your outfit choice.
  • New feature. Hats. Hats have been added to the clothing wardrobe and can be added to your outfit choices.
  • New feature. Stats diary and quest log.
  • New clothing. Beanie hat (Meow shop) and a miss Santa outfit added(hat, dress and socks added to Cosplay club).
  • New shop. Cosplay club. It is where you will be able to buy all the seasonal items and any cosplay outfits.
  • New accessories. Simple choker and a pair of glasses added to test the new accessories wardrobe.
  • Make up is now separated into four slots, customisable from the accessories wardrobe. Eye shadow, blush, lipstick and nail polish. All are colourable.
  • Huge amount of adjustments to the bar job. Main points are you can choose the hole to have sex in and agreeing to sexual encounters now use the same check calculations for consistency
  • New player variables that check if you are an experienced whore, if you are a slut, if you want or don't want a baby. These are calculated by your sexual encounters
  • New variables mentioned mean that you will always pass or bypass certain checks. If you are a whore you will always pass checks where people offer you money for sex. If you want a baby you will never be given the choice of where a guy cums.
  • A few new encounters to the bar job if you are a whore or want a baby.
  • Expanded some of the virgin sex events.



  • Added art for the pass out drunk event.
  • Rare bad event added while working in the pub.
  • Added event where if working in the pub and your hygiene gets too low, Sammy will go to the toilets and wash herself.
  • New locations. Security checkpoint, Truck stop, Industrial area and the lake. No events for these locations yet but they will become important for the main storyline.
  • Reorganised the travel buttons. Buttons are now separated between district locations (square icons that take 15 mins to travel between) and local icons (rounded icons that take 1 min to travel between)
  • District icons are reorganised. West location is always first. North/South second and East third. Followed by local areas.
  • Added bus stops to all district locations to facilitate faster travel. Moved bus icon to the bottom travel screen.
  • Changed the train station to Revel street. A new train station location will be added with new artwork.
  • Moved the market so it is now a sub location of the commercial area.
  • New clothes. Since more "naughty" clothes were so highly requested, I have added a micro mini skirt and a revealing tank top. There is also a more sensible pencil skirt for school and daily wear.
  • bus stop backgrounds added to all bus stops
  • Huge typo pass over the main missions.
  • Fixed bug where if it was raining when entering the pub during the Simon quest, it would be raining inside.




  • Fixed missing images in the prologue.
  • Added the updated highway background.
  • Converted many images from png to webp to reduce filesize.
  • Fixed a bug with Simon in the alley if you pick the "..." option instead of the "Am I pretty option" you would crash.
  • Removed mood requirement to work in the pub.
  • Experimental Web browser build available at itch.io


  • Added a very temporary hair style option at the cosmetic surgeon. It will eventually be moved to the hairdressers.
  • Added weather and seasonal background images (commercial area and highway does not have this as they will be remade)
  • Weather is now fully represented. Sunny days will be bright with sharp shadows and blue sky, overcast and rainy is gloomy with grey skies and snow is snowy with a white sky.
  • Adjusted the way backgrounds are displayed to account for the seasonal and weather changes.
  • Fixed bug where you could leave the school changing rooms in your pyjamas.
  • Fixed bug where after transforming from Nadia, your eye colour would not return to light blue.


  • Added two hoodies and a pair of tracksuit bottoms available for sport, daily and home wear
  • You can now directly leave the house when wearing your home clothes. Sammy will automatically dress in an outfit appropriate to the time. If the wardrobe can't find a good outfit to wear, it will prompt you to open your wardrobe or wear another outfit.
  • Added a home fitness routine. It is currently a simple event that will be expanded on later.
  • Removed a low mood preventing you from leaving the house. Instead you get a warning that Sammy is feeling horrible but go out anyway.
  • Arriving to school without your uniform will send you to the locker room to change, provided you have an appropriate outfit in your wardrobe.
  • Choosing to run in the park without your sports gear will give you the option to change. The event is placeholder and will be expanded on soon.
  • You can now set a sports bra with no top for the sports outfit (needs high confidence and to be slim)
  • Sleeping has been slightly adjusted. Morning sickness, drunk sickness and waking horny now triggers if you meet the conditions.
  • Changes to stat descriptions to better reflect your fitness, int and desire.
  • Removed being blocked from sleeping during the day even if you are tired.
  • Added the ability to nap for 1 hour in the bedroom to kill time while not losing tiredness.
  • After you shower at home, you dress up in your home clothes.
  • Removed the pass day debug button from the residential area and put it in the cheat menu. (It's actually 20 hours, I need it that way to test day/night changes)
  • Removed the pass time debug button from the residential area that was throwing an error, and added one that works to the cheat menu.
  • Temp masturbation event when woken while horny. No art, but was added to help stop Sammy from being permanently horny.


  • Added cheat menu.
  • Removed daily stat degradation when stats are below a certain number. Only things such as pregnancy, giving birth or other similar style extreme events should be able to bottom out your stats.
  • Added random confidence boost while working out with low confidence.
  • Added random confidence boost while working out while fat and low confidence. Stacks with above.
  • Added random confidence boost while drinking with low confidence.
  • Added random confidence boost after having sex.
  • The mood and confidence debuff when selling yourself stops triggering when you have sold yourself more than 15 times


  • Added a skip prologue option for returning players.
  • Fixed bug when talking to Emile.
  • Removed the rollback blocker from the residential area.
  • Home clothes have been recalculated. Walking and sleeping topless or nude if confidence is high is now possible.
  • Massive typo/spelling/grammar pass


  • Fixed staying out late triggering when you are at home
  • Fixed school running event error
  • Fixed not being able to sleep naked when your confidence is high
  • When selling your pants in the bar, they are no longer referred to as socks
  • Fixed some working at the bar errors
  • Fixed rejecting the cosmetic surgery keeping Tucker and the doctor on screen
  • Fixed the heart bum yoga pants not being saved in your outfit
  • Fixed issue with O'Neill class throwing errors related to the % symbol
  • Fixed the backless mini dress giving the wrong description in the wardrobe
  • Fixed getting the wrong message when reaching the end of Tuckers content
  • Fixed a bug when relaxing in the park
  • Fixed the school swimsuit missing some colours
  • More typo corrections


  • Fixed issue where Simon doesn't go away
  • Fixed doctor image error after the debriefing where you transform back
  • Other bug fixes and typo corrections


  • Removed confidence requirement for the pub job
  • Bug fixes and typo fixes


Initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Boikevi4

Version reviewed: 2.0.24 on 02/07/2021

 Very interesting plot and  idea, a lot of interesting details and character customization making this game one of the best I have ever played in this genre. I really like this game and looking forward for future updates.

Review by abbabb

Version reviewed: 2.0.13 on 11/19/2020

I like the games art, menus story for the most part.... what bothers me is your a fixer that supposted to salve problem for the company cuz your tied to them which makes sense but you have to go to school pay rent ajust to be a girl amonge other things that just dose not make sense..... i feel theres to much tacked on for your char to do. on one hand they need you to do a normal life but they also hold your had and force you to do so many things like go to school and pass exams and also be a secret agent for them i don't buy it


Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: 2.0.13 on 11/19/2020

This is fun and interesting, looking forward to more!
Nice graphics, nice game system, interesting characters and UI.

I'd raise the body-modification cost, if 17 quick turns of flyers can get you a complete body modification, it feels too easy.
I'd love to see a height modification option.

I like that you can choose the colors of your clothes, but it feels a bit unrealistic that you can change them at will. Maybe you could make it so that we could buy them in the color we want at the store?
Overall, great clothing system!

I'd move the "go out" icon on the right, because on the left I always end up clicking it by instinct when I want to go to the bedroom.

Why does the sister stay there if you can't talk with her?
Why is his new body, by default, "fat"? Is it because it's been degrading?

Great job overall, I hope you'll continue to work on this!

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 2.0.12 on 11/17/2020

This is a game I'll be keeping my eye on to see how it develops.  Right now, besides going to school, there's only one Fixer mission and it's underwhelming - the protagonist says much.  Still, it makes sense in the since she's a newbie at this and untrained.  Baby steps as they say.

If you want to know where the game is going sex wise, you can go to the bar, where it looks like she'll go down the rabbit hole of accepting more and more bad behavior from the patrons and ultimately will probably end up pregnant because of it.  It's rather repetitive to get to that point, though.  I imagine this is more a placeholder to provide some sexual encounters until the missions she gets working for the institute lead her to possibly be impregnated there.  Just guessing.

Some of the other criticisms others have written seem to be fair as well.  It seems rather arbitrary to have the protagonist be legally unrelated to the sister, and for her to completely vanish from the game.  She seems to exist purely to introduce the situation and then poof.  This isn't something that can't be fixed later as the game develops.  The author may just not want to bother writing for the sister right now.

I will keep an eye on this one.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Review by manarak

Version reviewed: 2.0.7 on 11/13/2020

very impressive first releases.

the interface is polished, everything seems to have been setup for story development, nice work!
note: please don't forget to include footwear ;-)

I will stay tuned for more to see where the game is going, but please keep up the good work

I have encountered a bug - when fatigue is too high to proceed with automated school sports, the game crashes.

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