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Version: 1.0.0

Monster TS Game 3
by Super3x

Kiyohiko needs to make 5000 gold, so he came to a town popular with adventurers looking to take quests. In this world, magic is very real, and can be used to switch people's sex, corrupt people into monster girls or swap bodies. Also, the town has a seedy underbelly with illegal gambling and slavery. Can Kiyohiko make it out with the money in one piece?


An English translation Monster TS Game 3, by いが扇風機 and provided for free in Japanese at https://game.nicovideo.jp/atsumaru/games/gm9781

Kiyohiko does quests for cash in a fantasy town and may end up falling into a TF situation and probably a bad end.

Kiyohiko- An adventurer trying to make money.

Church healer- she'll set your body right if you're cursed.

Loan shark- hangs out by the inn. Will loan you money

Take quests at the adventurer's guild. If you don't get a bad end, take more or explore town to view more paths. The 'win' condition is when you have 5000 gold free and clear and leave town.


A guide to getting all the endings is available here: https://i.ibb.co/ZYpnQhq/Monster-TSGame3-Endings-Guide.png .

Contains spoilers.

1.0- initial release

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Review by Squirrelonomicon

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/12/2021

Good game!  It's a complete experience.  You basically go around and take 1 of several independent quests that each lead to a different transformation path.  The transformation paths each have different endings, all of which are catalogued in a sort of "ending library" where you can review any ending that you've achieved as well as get hints to the remaining ones.  As someone who has completed every ending in this game, my advice is to save often.  Paths can diverge pretty early on, and you might miss one entirely if you're not careful.  But the in-game hints make it pretty easy to figure out once you know where to look. 

Things I like:

  • Full art!  Each transformation has art, and many have intermediate art of the steps leading up the the final transformation.
  • Detail!  Even in the "bad ending" transformations, the character gets a short chapter for almost every one where they get to walk around town post-transformation and interact with the villagers.  Some of these scenes are really good.  Every transformation gets a fair and more or less equal amount of content.
  • Quick!  The pacing is fast and the pattern of gameplay is easy to figure out.  This "game" is really more of a catalog of short transformations, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Things I didn't:

  • The dialog was a little rough at times, it feels like it was translated by a Japanese speaker/machine and not an English speaker.  While you clearly get the message in pretty much every case, it gives this dialog a sort of uncanny and goofy feel at times where it definitely wasn't supposed to be that way.
  • Unoptimized!  The game *technically* can run on my macintosh laptop, but man did it get hot and scream at me the whole time.  Additionally, during the succubus quest, the game runs at ~1 FPS when a particle effect is supposed to trigger, at which point I just kind had to leave the game running and pray that it recovered.

Review by Arawn

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/22/2020

Short, but fun game! Love that the art CG is actually consistent! Cute TFs stuff from loli angels to busty harpies where you can even control them for a time instead of straght to a bad end. Would reccomend for monster girl TG fans. 

Review by Goldendawn

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/15/2020

Overall a good translation - however - the first lost End game is .... well a little girl (the words of the game) that is "raped" by an old prevert! This is really not a good look for a game to have child molesting in it, even if "animated".

Could I suggest that the Little Girl is changed to something different? For example, a Young Woman, or something like that. I mean "rape" is bad enough, but having it identify the character as a little girl was.... um.... shocking!

Review by Kei-chan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/14/2020

Very clearly a roughly inserted machine translation. It doesn't take much to guess at the intent of much of the dialogue, and text formatting could use work across the board, so I'm not sure why none of this was corrected before release, as it seems like very little manual work would have gone into doing so.

In any case, in terms of content, it's more ecchi than anything else, which will appeal to some, but probably not the majority of those who frequent this website; I'm in said minority, so to me, it was enjoyable. Transformation is largely expressed through (the aforementioned roughly translated) text, and CGs are more cute than expressly lewd, with a unified style, as opposed to the usual schizophrenic assembly of stolen pornography and gelbooru images.

In short, it's what you'd expect from a typical Japanese TS/TG game, albeit with a very rough translation.

Review by Awes

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/14/2020

A decent short-ish game. The writing and occasional puzzles/sneak minigames are not terrible, but nothing to write home about - the real attraction is actually pretty good art. Quite a lot of art, honestly. NSFW content is completely censored, although things are more or less directly stated to happen at least in a few endings.


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