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Version: 0.9

Version: 0.8

Costume Drama - Circus update

Costume Drama!

Welcome to the circus!

Massive new update released. It's time to get in the mood for spooky season. The game now has double the content. Now if you can complete the mansion you can unlock the circus. Games, rides, shows and transformations. Spend more time with your colourful friends, developing your relationships, before going to the big show.

The update has more content everywhere so even if you've played before exploring will find new events and characters.


It's Halloween, a night of terror and tease await you.

You play the one guy in a group of friends, dragged out to a house party in a town in the middle of nowhere. Foolishly you did not bring a costume. And that's where the drama lies. You better hurry up, you have to get changed.


So, this is phase 2 of a planned 3, so you still can't win. This is a puzzle game, though you're strongly encouraged to fail as many of the games as you want, after all losing can be more fun than winning.

As always this is an adult game full of adult content and meant strictly for adults who have a clear understanding between reality and silly erotic fiction.



Sources of cash, there is a way to get every one without taking mental damage:

Find a watch and pawn it.

Trick or treating:
Play the pervs candy pot game
Steal and pawn a necklace
Clean a house

Get some cash as a pledge
Lead a cheer
Sell druggies their own drugs

Win beer pong
Buy some booze for a weedy guy
Steal some panties for a pervy guy
The stripper has arrived
Rob an unguarded room

The mansion:
Tell a story at the hookah
Win twister
Win darts
Help Scarlet win the costume competition
Hidden in the laundry room

Reunite your friends

How to reunite your friends:

Find Lana in the dance hall, you'll need to seduce her with your dance moves, be more adventurous than her current partner but not so much you attract other attention.
Find Kara in the hookah lounge, you need to show her your ID, this can be found in your clothes back in the costume shop.
Find Ayami in the Game room, talk to her, if you're nice to her you might work out some differences and reduce the amount she takes advantage of you.
FInd Cleo outside the VIP room, talk to her then follow her in. You'll need to keep perstering her to come upstairs, don't get too distracted by the other activities.


Total word count: over 50,000.

Large new area, the Circus added. (You must complete the mansion to unlock)
-Secret events
-A show
-Walk around with friends individually for different interactions.

Sorority initiation complete - become a full sister of Delta-Tau-Delta. Several new charcters and events at the sorority house.

Cafe added.
Medic area added.
Hill events added.

+much more.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AKhamseh88

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 11/28/2020

It does remind me of some of those older "RAGS" games where you need to solve the puzzles based on what you're wearing and how you act, in a good way. The story is simple, and there's no mocking about if you are looking for sex scenes. Also, a personal note, compared to most other HTML games that try to do the same, this one had a good choice of photos to use in different scenes and didn't just plaster a wall of text to read out loud.

My only problem is a very real lack of a clear way for many of the puzzles. Some of them have clues but some of them had nothing to use in order to understand the next order of operation.

Review by DarkDaemonX

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 11/28/2020



"losing can be more fun than winning", I know, I've played the Henry Stickmin Collection.

But right now losing is the only thing that's really there, winning just says "END" the moment you buy back your clothes, no scene, nothing, it's not even 100% clear you even got turned back into a guy, it just gives you the page with only "END" on it, the moment you press the button to buy them back.

A good story is important in a game too, you can't just have a player click around to hunt for sex scenes and call it a game, where's the fun in that, it get's boring really fast


Another reviewer said that is has "A good challenging story", I don't think they understand what a story really is, what this game has is just a premise, you get transformed into a female by a witch, and need to earn enough money doing things for others (most of the time sexual) to buy back your clothes, that's it, there's just tasks and scenes scattered around, that's not enough to call it a story, just like you can't really say a nukige has a story, it's just sex, nothing else.

Review by silverdreamdancer

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 11/28/2020

A good challenging story, interesting events and well written with great images as well.

I really hope that this continues.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 11/27/2020

This is a browser based adventure game where a male-to-female character tries to solve puzzles, such as find some used underwear for a pervert. The trick is that you are dressed for a costume party and you can solve different puzzles if you are wearing a different costume. I think the idea is fine and there are plenty of pics as the hero has sexy escapades. If you're not willing to invest time into the problem solving then you won't progress very far but as another reviewer said, failing can be more fun.

Review by Althalus

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 11/26/2020

Liking this so far, looking forward to more! Hopefully it doesn't get abandoned.

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