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The Blackmail

The blackmail is a game in which you hold a blackmail against your puritan neighbour, forcing her to do your bidding and thus giving you more blackmail material, by forcing her to degrade herself and posting the videos on the internet for cash, i plan to allow more sex scenes and transformations in the future

You: you are a loner that spends your time alone doing no harm to no one, but a neighbour keeps badmouthing you and making you look like the neighbourhood's blacksheep.

Neighbour: a puritan that turns the neighbourhood against you because of your life styel, this person eventually gets wasted and goes to your house think it it's his/hers, this event changes this person's life

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Review by Tolkien46

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/30/2020

It is a text game that is badly optimised and has really bad layout issues.

The intro text is a couple of lines at a time that have sentences stretched across two screens.

Most of it is pressing buttons and reading text that bleeds off the screen so you can't read half of it.

Not sure how it is 3/6gb either as the actual program could be done in Twine for a miniscule fraction of that size.


Overall a basic text game that's bigger than it should be and hard to read.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/30/2020

for a crapy text 'game'that not realy working 3g down 6+g unpacked

i can only say in anger GO TO HELL

(im sorry but this one crossed my bottom line)

Review by yeoman

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/29/2020

If there's a reason this needs to be a 3GB download, I can't see it.  Perhaps its the format, perhaps this game would be better with HTML- it certainly would be more accessible.  

The other thing I want to say is that I had to CTRL+ALT+DEL to escape the game.  Again, this is a quirk of the format and that the author chose to not allow the ESC button to function as a pause button.

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