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Version: 0.2.2

Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.2

by 6six6

Game Logo


Between is a game with slow transformation of the main character inspired by games on the site like Afterlife, Timeless Pantheon, Magical Camp, and quite a few more. In particular, I was inspired by their ability to tell a quality story with compelling characters independent of the TF themes while also using said themes as a pillar of the story and lore.

Below is my planned scope for it (certain elements might not be there in the described form quite yet, but these are mostly implemented for early game options or are on the cusp of being available)

  • Enter an contemporary/urban fantasy story that involves magic, original supernatural beings, and transformations of our male lead. All of this is made with a focus on narrative, characterization, worldbuilding, and storytelling.

  • Explore unique themed dungeons with their own compelling mini-story arcs and find more extreme TFs throughout the game's various bad ends and temporary forms throughout a given dungeon.

  • Accept or resist your transformation by making choices to sway the main character's attitude on the situation, take on player controlled transformation customization via TFs being connected to class unlocks, and hunt out hidden TFs through dungeon stories and side quests.

  • Battle in a responsive, dynamic, and user friendly take on the RPG Maker battle system that emphasizes strategy. That means there is no grinding, no random battles, and a variety of other quality of life features.

  • Take on high challenge, optional bosses if you really want to test your strategies and mastery of the combat system

I'm very open to feedback and opinions, so please provide that via the discussion thread or reviews (whichever is appropriate based on the rules and content) if you're willing to provide.



  • You can use saves from earlier versions. Chapter end saves are considered the safest ones to stay compatible. To transfer your save, move the save folder under 'www' to replace the one in the new game files
  • You can speed through dialogue using the "Page Down" button/R1 button on controller. This helps to redo scenes much quicker (though it does risk cutscenes potentially breaking if you're not careful. Save often if you do.)
  • ATTENTION MAC USERS: You need to put the "Game" file in your Application folder. Or else any action that accesses the save system will fail and crash the game.



  • Petrichor - An escape room type game and a short, side story that takes place in the same universe as this with it's own cast of characters.

Between is an original contemporary/urban fantasy game that involves magic, original supernatural beings, and transformations of our male lead. It is inspired by games on the site like Afterlife, Timeless Pantheon, Magical Camp, and more... as well as commerical titles like the Trails/Kiseki series, the Persona series, and the Xenoblade series.

The main character (a recently hired employee of a company called IMEA Engineering) and his companions are thrown into a struggle for their survival as they must learn to work with or resist powers beyond their imaginations.

As the nature of "what's going on" is part of the mystery of the story, I will leave it at that. Expect a focus on narrative, characterization, worldbuilding, and storytelling as the main character slowly changes to a new, more feminine form.


NOTE: For full disclosure, the "X" rating covers small segments of the game as it stands. Most of the content is more akin to an R rating.

Spoiler Free Missables Guide (updated 0.2.0 release)

These include any content elements that would be potentially missed by choices or not participating in the content they are a part of.

*Character names partially censored to keep this list as spoiler free as possible

  • Prologue
    • 1 Optional Boss + Reward
  • Chapter One
    • 1 Minor Mental Change TF
    • 1 Bad End
    • 6 Skill Items
    • 2 Weapons
    • 2 H***** affection points
    • 1 V****** affection points
    • 2 Acceptance points for Player Character
    • NOTE: There is NOT currently an optional boss for those area (it will be implemented later)
  • Chapter Two (so far)
    • 4 New Class Unlocks
    • 4 Physical TFs associated with Class Unlocks
    • 2 Optional Physical TFs
    • 2 Weapons
    • 1 Skill Item
    • 1 Recipe
    • 2 H***** affection points
    • 2 V****** affection points
    • -1 Acceptance Point for Character

Some notes on the nature of some of these content elements...

Acceptance: Acceptance defines the Main Character's current attitude on the transformations they're undergoing. This can fall in one of five categories ranging from complete rejection to full acceptance. Typically, this value is determined for dialogue on how the MC reacts to a change when it happens, or other story elements that may be tied to it.

Affection: Affection points are a measure of how fondly a character thinks of the main character. It is important to note that low affection points will not lock you out of content. Think of it more like a rivalry/friendship system, though more on the scale of friend to something much more deeper instead. A platonic relationship doesn't have to be worse than an intimate one, for example.





----------------------------  STORY SPOILER GUIDE  -----------------------------------------




Currently updated for content through.... Chapter Two intro and side quests


  • Mostly straightforward and linear. Progress and defeat the enemies as they appear.
    • You can find it by examining a cabinet right before the entrance to the emergency shelter
    • Tips: Change up the weapons on each character to create better synergy between their class skills and the basic attack you get from the weapon. Equip skill items in the same capacity.
    • Defeat it to get the GRAND RING item

Chapter One

    • When you are in the white expanse, keep going in one direction consistenly and you'll get the Big Stick weapon
  • CHOICE: Should I suggest Harper stays behind?
    • Say Nothing: Harper Affection +1
    • Say Something: No effect
  • Once you're free to navigate the forest, the main things to remember is that each area will always go to the same place. Going backwards will take you somewhere else, but every exit always leads to the same entrance on another map.
    • One navigation strategy is to contantly go back from where you came from. It always leads somewhere else than where you actually came from, and will often result in a much quicker way to jump between the 5 maps.
    • FIRST AID GEAR - near cabin entrance
    • MAGIC INFUSED RING - near forest pond
    • REMEDY NECKLACE - in canyon area
    • KNIGHT'S NECKLACE - near waterfall area
    • On the signboard near the cabin, there is a phrase... "WESSNEM". After entering from the beach, you can follow these cardinal directions (M for middle) to reach a hidden cave. Here, there is a stash of stuff including the CANE weapon
  • OPTIONAL SUPERBOSS + REWARD not implemented yet
    • To reach the area, you need to first find the hidden cave where you find the cane item. Once there, you get a clue with a set of names. The initials, in order, are WSSSNSNM. However, you need to find a grave at the cabin that informs you that one of these names is technically wrong. The new sequence is WSSNNSNM. After this, you need to apply the "watch you back" hint to flip their directions. These leaves the final sequence as ENNSSNSM. Follow those cardinal directions to get to the location.
    • Defeat it to get the THEATRIC RING item
  • CHOICE: Do I help with the morning chores
    • Help: 'Big Sis' Mental TF 1/3, obtain SIMPLE APRON skill item
    • Do Not Help: +1 resistance points
  • Find the perdita seeds. There are three, and they are... On the beach entrance map, on the waterfall map, and on the cabin entrance map.
  • CHOICE: To picnic or investigate
    • Picnic: 'Big Sis' Mental TF 2/3, Harper Affection +1
    • Investigate: +1 resistance point
  • Defeat the shambling corpses. Making sure you have the remedy necklace to heal statuses and the First aid gear to heal reliably over a longer battle are recommended
  • Investigate the forest
    • Talk to Vincent about at least his "Memories"
    • Talk to Harper
    • Talk to Kiera
      • CHOICE: Correct her?
        • Correct Her: +1 resistance point
        • Do Not Correct Her: 'Big Sis' Mental TF 3/3, Acceptance +1
    • Search the bookshelves in the cabin
    • Search each forest map for a clue. Each has one, and there are 5 maps to search
  • Follow up on investigation
    • Talk to Kiera about the toy
    • Talk to Vincent about the coin
    • Talk to Harper about the ghosts
    • Talk to Harper about "being watched"
  • Head to the beach. Initiate a multiple choice cutscene...
    • If story mode difficulty is on... +1 resistance point (as of 0.3.0 release)
    • CHOICE: I spy something silver
      • Campfire Rocks: No effect
      • Belt Buckle: No effect
      • Coin: +1 resistance point
      • Stepping Stones: No Effect
    • CHOICE: I spy something...
      • Old: +1 resistance point
      • New: No effect
      • Borrowed: +1 resistance point
      • Blue: No effect
    • CHOICE: I spy something big
      • Me: No effect
      • Harper: +1 resistance point
      • Ocean: No effect
      • Expanse: No effect
    • You now need to resist 4 times. The maximum number of resistance points you may have garnered at this point is 6 (3 before this cutscene, 3 during). There are two more opportunities to get resistance points during the resistance event itself. In total, there are 8 opportunities, including 5 in the the overall cutscene.
      • +1 if story mode is on with 0.3.0 or later.
    • CHOICE TREE: After resisting twice, you can answer...
      • Spirits controlled bodies -> You? -> Memories: +1 resistance point
    • SAVING THROW BATTLE: If you're out of resistance points, you fight
      • If you win... +1 resistance point
      • This can only be done once
    • CHOICE GAUNTLET RESULTS: Did you resist every time successfully?
      • Success: Continue Main Story
      • Failure: BAD END 01
  • CHOICE: Confronting Vincent at the cabin
    • Trust Him: Vincent Affection +1 (bugged in 0.2.0 and earlier)
    • Play it off: Battle Vincent
  • Head to the lake. Talk to the spirits if you want a couple free items. There's also a chest behind a tree on the middle island (just consumables)
  • MINI-BOSS: Harper
    • Tips: Take out the additional spirit enemies first. The untouchable mirage enemy will heal at a set pattern, so time their defeat to minimize how much healing you need to repeat damage for. Harper herself isn't strong, but she can heal herself. Once you get her down to around half health, she'll start using a more power desperation move that'll consume even more of her health. Take advantage of that for the last stretch of health.
  • CHOICE: A Doll
    • Strip: Acceptance +1
    • Don't Strip: No effect
  • PUZZLE: Box and a Hook
    • Grab the rope from the northern most section of available places on the ground level. Grab the hook from the original room you started in. Use the rope to get up to the area with the boxes. Push the box to a location across the gap from the hook on the other side. Attach the hook to the now in place box. Cross.
  • PUZZLE: Unstable ground
    • Spaces next to holes or full stalagmites will break on the first step. Anything else, including next to piles of heavy rocks, will take two steps. You will need to restart each time to get a chest if you want to get them.
    • Route Map, if necessary
    • THORNED RING - Ground level of underwater cave, 2nd section
  • PUZZLE: More hooks
    • Head to the ground level and head to the southernmost edge to get another hook. Use that on the ground on the upper level to create a way to get down to the 3rd ground level area with the rope. Completing this is a point of no return. THIS CAVE IS NOT ACCESSIBLE LATER
  • CHAPTER BOSS: Hollow Fairy Queen
    • FIRST STAGE: Kiera and her echos
    • Tips: Much like the Harper fight, take out the adds before anything else. You have a 10 turn timer for this stage where Kiera will wipe you out. Defeat the adds to move on. Oh, and Kiera will counter attacks, so be wary about using AoE
    • SECOND STAGE: Hollow Fairy Queen
    • Tips: Once the story segments play out, it is recommended to have Harper, now a navigator, use either her Support or Healer mode because you're by yourself. You can't really rely on regular cut ins from her, so those two are better at shifting the tides of battle with just you. Adds show up at set HP thresholds, so it's better to take care of them earlier over later. For your own strategy, use Cautious Stance regularly to minimize the damage done to you. Using cripple or standard basic attack types are good in order to do regular damage. Combining Charge Stance with Martyred Strike works well for offense, since it can more easily burst through even defensive buffs. The boss will cycle through several sets of abilities. This includes buffs and debuffs that can you may want to time strong attacks to avoid having your attack debuffed or their defense buffed when you go in for a strike. Additionally, the boss has no status resistnces, so getting lucky with a cripple attack applying one could help a bunch. 
    • THIRD STAGE: Hollow Fairy Queen Enhanced State
    • Tips: At this point, the stats of the boss will increase quite a bit. Basic attacks will starts to be significantly less effective, and using buffed skill based strikes is ideal. They will also use Mirage Stance... which will buff their evasion significantly. While it will end up healing in this time, it would likely be more helpful to wait this out. Use guard and useful support skills to line yourself up for hitting it hard once it goes down.


 Chapter Two

  • After you setup the camp, you need to take a nap before you can move on with anything outside of it.
  • CHOICE: Boon of Knowledge
    • What is a Will?: Some future scenes will alter in small ways if you acquire this knowledge
    • What is that expanse?: Some future scenes will alter in small ways if you acquire this knowledge
    • What is happening to me?: Some future scenes will alter in small ways if you acquire this knowledge
  • NEW CLASS UNLOCKS: Tier 1 Classes
    • SOLDIER: Tank type class, Ass TF stage +1
    • MEDIC: Healer type class, Breasts TF stage +1
    • FIGHTER: Physical Damage type class, No Body Hair TF
    • MAGICIAN: Magic Damage type class, Slender Hands TF
  • At this point, you have access to talk to everyone currently available at camp, acquire up to three side quests, unlock new classes with their associated TFs (Tier 1 is available), and exit to the world map to do side quests or go to new Oasis dungeons
    • Attempt to Fight Liebra: Acceptance -1 (optional... can be done once per chapter)


Chapter Two Side Quests

  • Liebra Side Quest 01: Too Close to the Sun (This will available under near endgame)
    • Talk to Liebra and accept the quest
    • Choice to take a longer, refreshing nap
    • Investigate the hotel room
      • 1/3 - Investigate mirror
      • 2/3 - Investigate phone
      • 3/3 - Investigate papers on desk
    • Exit the hotel room and make your way to the club
    • Here, you can take one of two route to advance the story. Search out events to build a "classy" or "easy" reputation. There are three for each. Whichever you will complete first will be recorded and impact some future dialogue. You can do the other events before moving on, if you wish. 
      • Once you complete 2 of the 3 for one of them, the VIP lounge will become accessible.
      • CLASSY route
        • 1/3 - Pretend to be the desperate guy's girlfriend in the dining area
        • 2/3 - Get the guard's attention in the Bar area
        • 3/3 - Spread mysterious rumors about you... South end of the bar area, between dance and dining area, and in VIP area
      • EASY route
        • 1/3 - Dance with drunken girl in dance area
        • 2/3 - Offer a blowjob to the obnoxious guy in the dining area
        • 3/3 - Offer a handjob to the disgruntled man in the VIP area
    • Once you've completed the events you want to, talk to guard to advanced the story
    • BATTLE THAT CAN BE FAILED: Transformed Guards
      • There are two enemies with notable different aspects to them. The teal demonic guard has low health, higher magic attack, higher physical defense, and luck that makes criticals non-effective. It will use a combination of a single magic attack (that debuffs attack), a weaker AoE magic attack (you only have one person), and a basic physical attack with low accuracy. This should likely be your first target. The purple demonic guard has higher health, higher physical attack, higher magic defense, and a luck stat that makes critical hits very strong against it. It uses a combination of a single target magic attack, a weaker and health absorbing single magic attack, and a basic physical attack with low accuracy. It would be best to leave this one for last and focus your efforts on getting critical via high attack count moves and your Reckless Aura buffing skill.
      • Success: Gain CONCEALED KNIFE weapon
      • Failure: No effect
      • Advance Primary Path TF +1
        • Penis Size is now miniscule, unless you have a TF that overrides this (not available until later, though this is available later, too)
        • Start having some weird thoughts about penises
  • Harper Side Quest 01: Something's Missing (Available to complete until chapter end)
    • Talk to Harper and accept the quest
    • Travel to the cabin location in Avalon forest
    • CHOICE PUZZLE: Get a lead on what Harper's missing
      • This is a puzzle with a failure state. but you get three tries to choose the right selection of three choices to construct an approach to the mystery. Each time you fail the set of choices, you get a random hint at one of the answers before being sent back to try again. Bar bad luck, you should have 2 of the 3 answers basically given to you by the last attempt. If you fail three times, the story will continue very similarly to what it would have anyways.
      • Correct three answers are...
        • Why Harper knows any of this
        • Why haven't we found anything
        • Focus on Harper
      • CHOICE GAUNTLET RESULTS: Did you get a lead on your own?
        • Success: Harper Affection +1
        • Failure: No effect
    • PUZZLE: Navigate the forest via the hint
      • This is the same as the previous ability to find this location outside of this Side Quest in Chapter One.
      • On the signboard near the cabin, there is a phrase... "WESSNEM". After entering from the beach, you can follow these cardinal directions (M for middle) to reach a hidden cave. Here, there is a stash of stuff including the CANE weapon.
        • If you reached this already prior to the side quest, you will find an extra reward of assorted consumable items
    • After a cutscene, you can now enter a deeper level of the cave
    • CHOICE: How to get through the hole
      • Squeeze through: Height TF Stage +1, plus baggy clothes detriments until new clothing can be acquired.
      • Make it bigger: No effect
    • PUZZLE: Push stuff, unstable floor
      • This follows the same rules as the previous unstable floor puzzle. The only addition is that you also need to push some items around. If they go on a tile that would cause you to fall in one step, then you'll be sent back to the beginning at this point as well. There are three sections, each with their own checkpoint
      • If necessary, here is a Route Map image
    • PUZZLE: Cross the water
      • This is a straightforward one. Get the rope, pull down the box that is up above, and then push it to the water's edge. You can now cross.
    • Once ready, enter the final area
      • The spirit's main gimmick is that he can occassionally fire off an attack that has a very high (not certain) critical rate. This will likely do over half your damage if you do not guard. He can only do this when he has 50TP, so keep in mind that he will guard and use multi-attacks (along with the damage you do) to get to that point again. This can give you a rough idea of when he might do it again
      • Success: Gain MUSKET weapon
      • Failure: No effect
      • Harper Affection +1
      • Acquire skill item RUNIC GEAR
  • Vincent Side Quest 01: Those Prepared (Available to complete until chapter end)
    • Talk to Vincent and accept the quest
    • Go to the Avalon Forest Oasis to find supplies
      • Find Perdita Leaves... Southwest part of the river/bridges forest map
      • Find Chamomiles... Upper level of the map where you first saved Kiera
      • Find Bandages... Cabin Map
    • Return to camp and talk to Vincent
    • CHOICE: What to say to Vincent?
      • Ask to do again: Vincent Affection +1
      • Offer to do the same: No effect
      • Vincent Affection +1
      • Acquire Recipe for SIMPLE TEA


0.2.2 Release

  • Feature Update
    • Gameplay Manual initial draft completed (v0.1)
      • Please speak up if there is more info you think should be available in it.
    • Physical TFs now give slight stat changes via passive skills
      • These can potentially be combined with other statuses to get other effects (i.e., baggy clothes hindering movement)
      • For existing save files, advance to the next TF you get... or talk to L***** and leave to get this to show properly in your passive skill menu
    • Added 'Clothes' section to checking your status in a mirror
  • Content Revisions
    • Adding Basic Shoe equipment item (fluff item)
    • Enemy Cripple Attack percent chances lowered slightly
    • Chapter One final boss slightly weakened
    • Slight reworks of some reaction writing
    • Slight reworks of some mirror check writing
    • Slight reworks of some tutorials
    • Slight reworks of some prologue dialogue
  • Bug fixes/Technical Updates
    • Bandaid fix for booster item use closing the menu when used
    • Added fire animation where there should have been a fire animation
  • Other Changes
    • Walkthrough updated to included Chapter 2 intro and Chapter 2 Side Quest content (plus misc updates to it)
    • Added tutorial for NPC reactions to changes


0.2.1 Release

  • Added patch file update option for bug fix releases (small download size)
    • Please report any issues if you see it with this method. This is definitely something I'm in the testing phase for at this point.
  • Added ReadMe for Macintosh original installation instructions & patch file installation instructions
  • Added attached pdf version of walkthrough to ReadMe Documentation folder
  • Slight reworks of some reaction writing
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added Patch Notes properly to in game section (just forgot to update, lol)
    • Chapter One choice not applying affection increase correctly (V******)
    • Band-aid fix for instance of some keeping a party member they shouldn't
    • Passable wall instance fixed
    • General editing and typo fixes


0.2.0 Release

  • Native Macintosh version
    • Basic "it didn't entirely break" testing has been done, but otherwise it's largely untested. Please let me know if there are issues
  • Content Updates
    • Chapter 2 Intro story content
    • Chapter 2 Side Quest content (3 new ones)
    • 4 optional physical Class Unlock TFs
    • 1 optional physical TF in side quest choices
    • 1 physical/mental TF as side quest's completion reward
    • >65k words overall
    • ~1.5 hours new content*
  • Feature Updates
    • Quest Log System implemented
    • Hub Location systems implemented
      • Class Unlock System implemented
      • Side Quest system implemented
      • World Map system implemented
      • TF Change Reaction system implement
  • Bug Fixes
    • Chapter One box puzzle reworked to remove corner case bug
    • Stopped Booster Crafting Materials from being visible in battle menus
  • Gameplay changes
    • TP gained when damaged changed... 50% of %damage -> 25% of %damage
    • Initial TP battle altered... Random between 1-25 -> Random between 17-22
    • Guard TP gain change... 10tp->20tp
    • SOLDIER class and associated class skills added
    • MEDIC class and associated class skills added
    • FIGHTER class and associated class skills added
    • MAGICIAN class and associated class skills added
    • "Mana Transfer" skill added via "Runic Gear" item
    • "Augmented Strike" change 15tp->20tp
    • "Martyred Strike" change 25%hp->20%hp cost
    • "Sand Attack" damage change 0.5x base per hit -> 0.45x base per hit
    • Reduced number of special water encounter events in forest dungeon
    • Level 1 Nav Debuff skills reduced by 1 turn
    • Level 1 Nav Attacks buffed (increased attack stat+increased multipliers)
  • Other Adjustments
    • Added more mid cutscene save points that made sense to me. Also added a small tutorial warning to not make that save your only save.
    • Self-rating changes from 'R' to 'X' due to new inclusions of overt sexual themes during certain storylines and more severe violence. Being on the safe side, though it's relatively isolated content and is borderline on this (may change later even, if convinced otherwise)


0.1.2 Release

  • Feature Updates
    • Added STORY MODE difficulty option
    • Added crafted BOOSTER progression system
  • Bug fixes
    • Various typos and other very minor changes
    • P******* returns items when leaving now
    • Incorrect accessibility of events in cave
    • An unwinnable fight now properly unwinnable
  • Balance changes
    • Reworked standard magic damage formula
      • Magic attacks are slightly weaker, but are more stable relative to the stat difference between combatants in comparison to physical attacks. This is now tuned so the stability is less extreme.
    • Skills Updated
      • "Sand Attack" AOE attack added as "Class Skill" for Freelancer Class
      • "Enduring Aura" skill added via "Knight's Necklace" item
      • "Pistol Whip" skill TP cost 25->10
      • "Prepared healing" HP regen 5 turns -> 8 turns
      • "Martyred Strike" HP cost reduced 30%->25%
      • "Augmented Strike" cost altered 20MP -> 10MP+15TP
      • "Desperation" cost altered 30%HP->300HP
    • Grand Bat Superboss adjustments
      • Removed 'Cripple type' attack from Grand Bat attack rotation
      • Basic attack type pattern (between Standard, Multi, and Spread) altered
      • Better indication of Final Gambit attack
      • Final Bat Gambit Weakened 333 per hit -> 275 per hit
      • Final Bat Damage Variance changed 5%->1%
      • Final Bat Gambit now unbalances the Superboss for a turn
      • Evasion Rate dropped 5%->0%
    • Mob adjustments
      • Wisp Ghost stat adjustments
      • Wispy Flare damage variance reduced 20%-10%
      • Slime Shot luck debuff extended to two turns
      • Slimes evasion rate lowered 50%->30%
      • Shambling Body adds basic attack option, lowering frequency of Cripple Attack
      • Shambling Body stat adjustments
      • Misc. HP adjustments for most enemies
    • Item adjustments
      • Added "Mistake Type A" item
      • "Mistake Type 1" damage changed 2000->1250
  • Clarification changes
    • Skill Descriptions now have "Class" or "Gear" skill
    • Superboss difficulty level and in battle indications
    • Forest navigation cutscenes added
    • Forest 2nd party member usefulness clarification (plus some more gameplay tips along with it)
    • Cave puzzle "note" added for more blatant hints
    • "Weapon types" tutorial updated
    • "Skill Items" tutorial updated
    • "The Point of Dungeons" completely re-written
    • "Crafting" tutorial updated

0.1.1 Release

  • Day 1 Bug and Oversight fixes

0.1.0 Release

  • Initial Release
  • Prologue Implemented
  • Chapter One Implemented
    • >30k words
    • ~3 hours of main story content*


* Any content time given is an estimation and can vary significantly with reading speed, battle speeds, and other variations throughout.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by NINIUS

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 03/30/2021

I have just finished the game, and i have to say that it is really good! I enjoyed it a lot and the writing is great. Im excited for future updates.

Review by scood

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 02/21/2021

I wish this had a patreon because I would love to support the development of it.

Review by yukinagato

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 02/20/2021

Good concept but the choices lead to a bad end too easily. One shouldnt have to read a walkthrough to proceed with the game.

Review by trampflick

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 01/17/2021

Wow, what a se of RPG maker.  The production value of this game, lack of grind and story are out of this world.  An amazing accomplishment.  Not just as a t.f game, but as an game in general.  I wish all RPG maker games had this battle and no grind system.
Give the game a try if you are looking for no random encounters (as far as I've seen) and a story with a touch of humor.

Review by Moxblog

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 12/09/2020

It's a fun game that respects your time, I can recommend it!

I will say that at the moment the tf content is a bit light. It happens and is pointed out from time to time, but it's not as frequent as the games that the author mentioned as inspiration. If that's what you really play for, you might want to wait for more content. Current content took a bit less than 3 hours for me and is mainly themed on mental tfs with one major physical.

Between is fun enough on its own rights that I can recommend it even though it's a first release. Follow the author!

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