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Version: 0.1.1

Version: 0.1.0

Simulated Escape

Eleven people find themselves trapped in a house where they need to escape, its too bad the person who's trapped them here has a thing for male to female transformations.

You play as an amnesic man, whom people call Joker. He's now trapped in a strange house with other people, and your main goal is to escape this building. The problem is, whoever has trapped you here seems to have a thing for transforming guys into girls.

Can you make it out of this strange place with your true self intact?

Version 0.1.1:

* Changed Door CL's 6 tile puzzles to be more berable

* Added a skip room option after completing a room once

* Added more time to Door MM

* Added an extra hint for Door S to make it more fair

* Fixed Door RR problem involving finding a certain keycard

* Added a mirror if you press M, your character reacts to his current appearance(Still a W.I.P)

* Added the ability to open the menu during cutscenes, allowing you to save whenever you want

* Added some of Door IG, but keep in mind it isn't done yet.

(Sorry about the difficulity of the game, I'm trying my best to make it fair now)

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Review by imagi

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 12/12/2020

Played for a bit. Great game, with nice tg theme, I love it.

Review by aegis7

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/07/2020

The concept is decent. A somewhat standard "escape the house with unknown evil trying to fuck with you" setting, but some decent intrigue throughout regarding who knows what. On that basis alone, I did find myself interested to see where it was going. The characters are all blatantly stolen from games, manga and anime, but not really being familiar with them I have no idea if they're acting the same, or if it's just stolen assets. Not knocking that, per say, legally questionable as it may be, at least the art is good.

Unfortunately, it suffers one major, unavoidable flaw. This is a branching path puzzle game with mutually exclusive branches. That means, if you find a bad end, you are likely going to have to replay an entire room, or possibly more. And some of these puzzles are, well, rough to get through, to say the least. Heavy reliance on a "puzzle" where you have to step on 6 tiles in the correct order. I say "puzzle" because it's basically "Guess what random 6 digit number I'm thinking off". Except many of these tiles are super far away from each other. So now you have a brute force it using the slowest method possible. It's painful to sit through these sections over and over again. And every single path leads to a room where you have to do 3 of them. There's also a fun one where you're timed. I'm not kidding when I say that, with a 9 minute time limit on a room, one single tile section can easily take half of that.

There are other problematic puzzles as well. There's one where you have to instinctively know that, when converting shapes into numbers, you have to use the number of sides, not corners. There's another one where you only get the final piece you need by going back into a small room that you've already cleared, and your character just finds it on the floor. Others are better, but there's nothing that really makes you feel clever for figuring it out. Often times, you just run around, interacting with everything and the puzzle just kinda solves itself for you.

The final nail in the coffin is that every single bad end I've run into is just the main character dying. I never thought I'd miss the obligatory porn (Or hentai, in this case) screenshot with a short TG sequence for bad ends. There's just a titanic feeling of anticlimax and annoyance when I come up against another bad end, knowing I'll have to replay that godforsaken CL room again.

One other thing to mention is that the TG as presented is, really not that interesting. It's basically a toggle you can do, that clones one of the female characters (Generally). This allows access to certain areas. It's pretty glossed over the entire game. Your character never really reacts to it, none of the people he's with do either, it just feels kinda token. Maybe it's more interesting on the "correct" path, but I've all but given up looking for it.

Once some guides come out, and the creator removes or seriously redesigns many puzzles, especially those obnoxious tile sections, this may be worth a play for the intrigue. But I'd warn anyone off trying it as it is now. It's just too much effort for such a small chance at a decent payoff. 

Review by sliverkingq

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/06/2020

Puzzles are tough and the hints aren't the best (Graphing square stumped me)XD

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