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August 2008
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by ehlanna

Debtutante is a transformation game created in the RAGS engine by Ehlanna.

Your car was at the end of it's natural life - it leaked oil, it mis-fired, the exhaust was blowing, and by the clouds of blue smoke it issued the rings were shot too.

That's when you made the perfectly natural mistake. With no capital or equity to your name no sane bank would advance you any money. Loan companies dropped you like a hot potato. That's when you struck a deal with the local equivalent of the devil ... Johnny Topps. Local gangster. Loan shark. All round nice guy. Yeah, right. He'd give you the money for a car - hell he'd even sell you the car, in fact he insisted he did, and all you had to do was one year later pay him back. With a modicum of interest for his trouble.

That was a year ago. Actually a year and a day ago and already the phone calls and notes under the door have started. Just casual reminders to you of how useful kneecaps can be.

You almost have all the money you need. Almost. You are certain you can explain and get a small extension for the balance. For a fee, of course! The only problem is that just last week your 'new' car broke down in rather a calamitous and permanent fashion. Now you are going to have to walk across town with a bag full of money and hope you will be able to walk back.

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Review by Blauz.

Version reviewed: 1080.1 on 12/23/2015

Greatly enjoyable rags game of the early days of that player build by Ms.rags herself. Ergo technically flawless (use the 2.41 player) I have known this game longer than the site. 

One plays a man in debt who needs to puzzle his (well, at the start) way through several problems until one the solutions is reached: get the man, get his bitch, get gotten, erh: loose. The gameplay is straight but fun and some of the all time in-game jokes are from this game. My favorite is: "You have broken the internet. The cost to repair it is $10million. We know where you live and will come to collect the money." A nice and lovingly done game that should be part of any collection. 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1080.1 on 04/28/2015

Not sure why I got stuck soon after the start. The forum mentioned a reupload of the file. May be it is an older version?

Anyway while the images are nice, the text formating is poorly done. I didn't get far into the game so...

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