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Version: 12.4

The Forest
by Nuke

Well, this is just fantastic. You don't know where you are, you don't know which way you're supposed to be headed, and you don't know if you left the microwave on. Who knows how much energy that could use up?

Hmm. Looks like there are three paths ahead of you. One, to the northwest, leads through a murky mire. To the north, the forest stretches on. And to the northeast, there's a flowery clearing.

You are walking in the Forest. Not the best of ideas, for it's full of enchantment- what a surprise!- and danger.

Yeah, your typical RPG forest: strange fey creatures lurking behind every damned rock; inscrutable enchantments on every flower; unknown territory in every square micrometer of land. But you can handle it, right?


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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 12.65 on 02/23/2015

A *very* light hearted RPG. The writting is plenty and catchy. However, be prepared for the humor of the author, you see it everywhere. If you cant stand it in the first introduction, you cant stand the game, because the game is flooded with text and there is no way to ignore the annoying humor.

Minus that, the game is pretty much a random RPG, with quite some surprising outcome. You were asked questions and you need to pick an answer for each of them and the story take turns accordingly to your choice. The first thing I see in the game, other than the well-tempered sonofa-narrator, is the frog king who want a kiss from my character, which was politely denied. You would have thought I got to pick a response, but I didn't. I got a good laugh for that one. 

All in all, the writting style is pretty unique for this game. I find the game fustrating personally but the game is far better than "average". Not to mention that I am deeply in loved with the other game "Crossguard" of the same author. I'd say, try it out yourselves. See the text in the first few pages to decide if you want to carry on.

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