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Campus Magnum

It's game night! You've just sat down to play with your two college roommates and best friends in the world. But, oh no! What you thought would be a fun card game is actually a 15th century alchemist’s perverse ritual for transforming men into insatiable sex slaves. With your bodies and minds on the line, can you complete the game and turn everyone back to normal? And by the end, will you even still want to?

Campus Magnum is a transformation-themed, gay erotica card game. It contains explicit content as well as descriptions of domination, submission, humiliation, and sadomasochism. The fantastical events depicted are intended purely for the enjoyment of the player and are in no way meant to promote hate speech, sexism, or intolerance toward any group of people. If any of that subject matter will hamper your enjoyment of the game or you aren't interested in M/M content, I suggest giving this one a pass.

This is my first attempt at making a game, and creative writing in general, so you'll likely encounter typos, bugs, or other errors. If so, please report them, either in the TFGames discussion thread or in the "Bug Report" thread on my itch.io page. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you would like to help support this or another interactive transformation project I am currently developing, consider joining my Patreon. And please do consider joining the Homotextual Gaming Discord Server where I and many other developers and players of homoerotic games get together to chat.

v0.10.0 Getting By With A Little Help

  • Thanks to the wonderfully inventive mind of yung hummus, Ethan can now receive the “Fluidity” transformation. 
  • Will, the developer of Blow-By-Blow, has very graciously contributed a scene for players who enjoy giving themselves the "Subjugation" transformation over and over.
  • The settings menu now includes an "Inanimate" content option that can be turned on and off. 
  • Mark has a new extended ending for players who dare to turn that inanimate option on, and a new achievement has been added for players who grow especially close to their friends. Thank you to Scruffairy for the inspiration and proofreading. 
  • At the recommendation of one contributor, some games without a winner may include an epilogue to show where our boys have ended up after game night. Players who have lunar alignment after witnessing AlexXXX’s excellent blackmail flashback may now enjoy a steamy post-game scene by R.R.
  • Nocturne13 collaborated on a new flashback scene with three versions (depending on which player receives lunar alignment) as well as a new ending and associated acheivement for players that would like to see Mark end the game a towering muscle beast.
  • The "Sensitivity" transformation now occurs in the base game more frequently.
  • The "Chaste" ending is now unlockable in Sandbox mode.
  • Added a variety of new lines for players with the "Fatuity" and "Effeminacy" transformations.
  • Fixed an error where players may not unlock Sandbox Mode after a Solar-aligned victory if they exit the game too early.
  • Fixed an issue where some mercury transmutations were erroneously applied to Mark when Ethan was targeted.
  • Fixed an error where the game summary would display the lunar alignment recipient incorrectly during certain flashbacks.
  • Fixed a game-breaking bug that would occur if 1) Caleb received a Fixation card, 2) tried to give Ethan “Loyalty”, 3) another player had already received “Loyalty”, and 4) the values representing Caleb’s trust in Ethan and Mark were exactly equal. Yeah, I honestly have no idea how a player actually found this bug, but it’s fixed now!


v0.9.0 Reform Cruel

  • In the post-game, after discarding three cards in a row, players now receive the option to discard all remaining cards at once and skip to the ending.
  • An additional flashback scene has been contributed by the wonderfully perverse mind of AlexXXX, creator of Reform School.
  • A new achievement has been added for players who might enjoy sharing a drink with (or from) the men of Delta Kapp Phi.
  • The "Mark's Sluts" ending has been revised, letting Mark enact an even more thorough revenge. See the Walkthrough for information on how to unlock all endings.
  • New synergies and dialogue have been added to help highlight players' mental changes.
  • One bug fix. Just one? Huh.


v0.8.0 Themes are for 8th Version Updates

  • New options have been added to the Settings Menu, including the options to set a dark theme and restore default settings.
  • Two new transformations have been added, one physical and one mental.
  • Mark's pig tale has a new twist. The ending now plays out very differently based on Mark's alignment.
  • New synergies and dialogue.
  • Various Bug Fixes. 


v0.7.0 Discordially Invited

  • Settings Menu has been added and is accessible when starting a new game.
  • Six transformation events may be toggled off or on in the settings menu: watersports, weight gain, feminization, body odor, shrinking, and body hair. Preferences are preserved between playthroughs.
  • Players may now review NPCs' drawn cards when choosing to accept or reject an offer.
  • Cosmetic changes to the UI.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.6.0 Feature Creep

  • Addition of 24 achievements to unlock in the base game, including one for each available ending.
  • An error has been fixed which prevented play at certain aspect ratios.
  • Cosmetic changes to the UI.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.5.0 Big Boys and New Toys

  • After winning a game with solar-alignment, players will now unlock a sandbox mode that more than doubles the length of games and makes finding hidden content easier. 
  • The rule sheet has been updated to include more detailed information about cards' effects.
  • Caleb has gained a big new ending for content-hungry players to feast on.
  • Some mental transformations which could previously only occur once may now occur two or more times.
  • Custom player names are now preserved between playthroughs.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.4.0 Tying Up Loose Ends

  • When offered a card, the two drawn card types are now highlighted in the "Card Reference" tab.
  • A new lunar win ending has been added for good boys. Who's a good boy? You are! Yes you are!
  • A new submissive flashback scene has been added. A huge thank you to AlexXXX for contributing this wonderfully depraved scene.
  • An issue where some endings were not triggering when conditions were met has been resolved. Caleb's bro ending and Mark's pig ending are now working as intended.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.3.0 How Refreshing

  • Mark has a new, especially raunchy, ending for those who might enjoy seeing him turned into a ravenous, muscle pig.
  • Card draws are now labeled to help players keep track of turns and assigned colors.
  • A long-requested feature has been added: the ability to refresh your three options when selecting a transformation. Look for the refresh button on the top right of cards when making selections on "Exaltation," "Dissolution," "Fixation," and "Sublimation" cards.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.2.0 More Player Choice

  • Players now announce what transformation has been applied to "Exaltation" and "Dissolution" cards (and lie about it if lying about a card's identity).
  • As long as you have a positive relationship with the NPCs, they will ask you to decide what mental transformations to choose.
  • Various bug fixes.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by FullHeartGames

Version reviewed: 0.10.0 on 08/27/2021

Campus Magnum has more replay value than any other game I've played. I still find new endings, or cards I enjoy after losing track of the times I've played. Beryl is a great author.

Review by anteros

Version reviewed: 0.9.2 on 06/17/2021

Oh look it's the game I replay the most of all the games on thsi sight...time to leave a review~


  • The writing is just...good. There are a lot of guest writers, and both their scenes and the lead writer's scenes are strong and mesh well together without drawing too much attention to the varying writing styles
  • The characters are a good balance of fleshed out — they have histories and personalities — and easily understandable. A first-time player can easily get a handle on who they are, since they're very directly "jock" and "nerd" archetypes, and this is a good thing since the gameplay doesn't have room for getting to know them outside of the context of the card game. They don't feel one dimensional, but they're archetypes, and that works
  • There are a large variety of changes, AND the ability to filter out content you don't like, such as watersports, feminization, or body odor — and even when you do filter all these out there's still a lot of content there
  • Despite being very linear in nature the game has a lot of replayability! Unlike other games with similar "take turns transforming characters" mechanics — "The Pills" comes to mind — Campus Magnum doesn't feel like it lacks a plot or stakes. A lot of this comes down to the rng. Every game has the potential to give you a different set of tf options based on which cards you draw, and both the soul tf scenes and ending scenes are all very hot and well fleshed out, so it's fun to play through and unlock them all



  • At the end of the day it is a very linear game, so if you're looking for a grand plotline or worldbuilding this isn't the place to go for that (not a negative, just something to keep in mind)


Wishlist (I don't really have "critiques"):

  • A lot of people have said this already, but I'm very much looking forward to the day when you can finally target someone with the same tf more than once. Just...let me give Mark 2' of dick so he can't top anymore or something, it would be so fun... I know it's a headache to write and code but it would be a very good addition.
  • Some transformations feel like they should affect certain other scenes but don't -- i.e. fluidity => addiction, maybe even balance => inferiority if I remember right. I think this is just a matter of "it hasn't been written yet," but I'd love to see future updates which make tfs have a greater effect on other scenes.
  • In the long run it might be fun to give Ethan some endings where he wins other than just "New Game+," actually? Some of the hottest scenes are the win scenes for Caleb and Mark, since they have full pwoer to transform the other two however they want, which can make actually winning the card game feel boring by comparison. Not sure how this would be implemented, but it sure would be fun.


Overall, I highly recommend this game. It and Demitransference are tied for my favorites at the moment, and there's a reason why: they're good.

Rating: 9/10

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.9.1 on 05/12/2021


An interesting game. This card transformation game is simple enough to breeze through and wild magic your way into some really weird transformations, but there are multiple endings in this game depending on who wins and how transformed they are at the point of the game end, so it pays to understand and know the rules.

Interactivity in this game is simple enough: pick a card, play a card and do what you can not to wreck your trust levels with your opponents while going for the win. Images in this game are solely tied to the card game itself and the game engine: you won't find any adult images here in this release. Writing however compensates for this strongly and you always know what's going on, who's being transformed and how, plus how much you're screwing up your winning path chances. Coding for the game didn't come across to me that the Computer Is A Cheating Bastard, but there are times when your opponents will ignore significantly transforming you and just transform each other if one or the other is closer to the winning score they need for the final hand.

How much enjoyment you get out of this game will depend on how well you learn the game mechanics. While it is very easy to end up in a MMM scenario through brute forcing your way through the game, if you take your time and are careful you can end up with an MFF or FFF or FMM end game and still be the victor.

Cautiously recommended, but if you like card games Strongly Recommended.

Review by DerrekA

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 03/11/2021

This has a lot of stuff to find, and it's a fun game on its own, and the writing is good. It's pretty dark pretty often, but not in a bad way imo.

Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 02/23/2021

What you've put together here is a fantastic TF game; I may not dig the MM side of it, but as a unique game full of semi-uncontrollable outcomes you get full marks. The flowery language of the setting can make the strategy a little difficult to pick up on, but being able to change victory conditions on the fly or trading TFs for a better standing is a great concept that's actually fun to play.

(There's some room for the AI characters to be improved, though I suspect it's currently designed to prolong the game or at endgame, give the best chance of winning.)


Preferences aside, it would be useful if one could toggle certain kinks, just to make the experience a bit less jarring if one comes across a passage one wasn't expecting to read.

After either losing, or winning via Moon (which I presume always implies a Sub-themed victory), I finally got lucky enough to win via a Sun and see the 'dom' ending, only to be both amused and dissapointed it effectively resets the game. As a true ending it's actually pretty well written, but it still kinda sucks your 'victory' is to merely play the game again. But hey, that's only a bonus if you prefer to play a subby persona??


tl;dr - really well made, but ultimately not my thing.

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