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Version: 0.0.3

Witch's Apprentice

Witch's Apprentice is an erotic game inspired by the likes of Etrian Odyssey and Labyrinth of Refrain, as well as other erotic games that have come before it.

It is an RPG Maker game, much like most other attempted RPG maker games.  It's cliché, cheesy, and kinda dumb.  But hopefully you'll find something erotic in it.

You play an effeminate man who is forced to work for a witch on her quest to discover the secrets of the Moon Temple and the religion of the Goddess.

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Review by ezalor

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 12/29/2020

Really good game so far, one of the best on the site, art is great, writing is decent and its not too grindy

Review by Wittyusername

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 12/18/2020

Extremely good for something thats still marked as concept

Review by DHYohko

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 12/16/2020

For a first version submition to this site it is far ahead of most games in terms of content.

Combat is entirely ofptional as there is nothign to be gained except vendor trash.
Art is clearly home made and rough but functional, a bit of a second art pass would help make it better.

combat later on can get difficult when facing more than 3 enemies as the protagonist does not having any proper aoe to use.


more details on weapons and items would be useful and having potions heal more than 50hp would be nice (you'll be using healing stance on first turn for esentially forever)

making the area around the main house and the town more compact would also make it less anoying to walk around.

Review by Cadmea

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 12/13/2020

Rwally cool so far. Hoping to see many more updates!

Review by SU2AR

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 12/13/2020

I like it a lot. Can't wait for an update. I think battles take too much time at times honestly

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