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Version: 0.1.3

Invasive Species 2: The Hive

This is the sequel to Invasive Species.  We have reviewed what players said they did and did not like and we are moving to create a new game based on the feedback.  We are trying things that are new ground for our team and progress may be uneven.  Much like its predecessor, you find yourself a creature on Earth tasked with a mission and able to enslave human minds and breed them to create more minions.  What is different this time is that decisions are more RPG based than CYOA style based.  You'll have stats to manage and ultimately, a hive to run.  You're also not alone, there are rival aliens on Earth and you'll need to find and deal with them and their minions while avoiding suspicion from local governments.

You're the newest engineered servant of The Master, ready to add this world to his domain.  However, Earth's secret is out and yours is not the only alien force seeking to dominate this world.  You'll need to setup a base of operations, recruit "local talent", and wage a covert war!

0.1.3 - Fleshing out of behind the scenes mechanics.  It is now possible to return from the town to the home, some shop functionality is in (and it no longer explodes when you buy things...we think).  Food is now a complete circuit.  It is being consumed correctly, and you can buy more in town.  Money is the next circuit to complete so that you finally start to balance resources in / resources out as part of your management aspects.  The first upgrade to the cave is available and tested, others will follow using similar mechanics and different requirements.  Resin production was scaled back for game balance, values not final.  A number of bugs were found and squished.  The energy system (and its penalties for exceeding it) seem to now be working, time still does not work correctly.  We expect the time system and money to be working in the next version, at which we will shift focus onto more exploration and encounter elements to start expanding game play beyond the first simple game loop and some interactions.  We are also expecting a major delivery of additional art resources for stories and encounters that will add to the narrative.  We may also see the first run in with the rival aliens, but more likely that slides to 0.1.5 as the priority is on core mechanics.

0.1.2 - More bug fixes, hammering out how certain mechanics work.  Art is finally done for a new scene and days can pass now (though since the grocery store menu isn't in yet, you'll unfortunately starve before too long).  There's still not a lot to do, but the first tier of locations now exist and are just a matter of writers creating the scenes and getting them coded in for the locations to start coming alive.  This is by no means a complete set of locations, just the ones you'll know of day 1.  Money, food, milk, and resin should all now be correctly counting on a day to day basis.  Food and money need their in game ways of gaining, and part of that will come with the cave management screen being completed.  This is where you will upgrade your lair, assign tasks to minions, and see a summary of what's going on.  This is also the most complex part of the game thus far and progress is slow.  We remain hopeful.

0.1.1 - Mostly bug fixes on the back end plus some things found by users.  We've added one scene since it was done and ready to go with assets, but most of the next wave of content and gameplay will come in later.  We're focused on cleaning up what we have now so we're not compounding errors with future updates.

0.1.0 - Entering our Alpha Stage.  The art and style were refactored and are hopefully a lot easier to read and view now.  The first "railed" story intro and game mechanics explination are in and the basic day cycle.  However, there are still numerous dead ends and you can't do much to start strategically controlling your nest, only displays of information are currently in and not all are finished.  The town is under construction as well as other locations you'll have to discover.  We're missing art and the food/money system we'd hoped to have in place for this release.  Hopefully we will see this sorted out soon.

0.0.5 - Hopefully this is the end of the Concept releases with actual game play in the next release.  What is here is the day cycle and some ability to explore the house and area around it; there's not much content there and mostly this was us getting the areas connected, clock and energy being expended, day/night cycle.  We have bugs to work out, but after that, we're finally adding in the gameplay elements.

0.0.4 - Added an additional step, but largely this is our "explaining" how the game will work phase.  The time system was rebuilt and our testing sees it mostly working as we wanted it to.  Most of the changes are behind the scenes so don't expect a content change.  Next steps should have the "home loop" in and hopefully the management menus with the releases following that to include the "events" and impact of decisions.

0.0.3 - Wrapped up the intro, added start of resources, next part is the day loop and adding in content for that when it will be "playable".  After much consideration, we will be changing our time management system in a few ways to make it easy to understand and code.

0.0.2 - Fix for an issue with Fire fox; most of the prologue is done, next release will have the start of the first loop mechanics in.

0.0.1 - Initial concept release and design within Twine.

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Review by detraks231

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 05/07/2021

The writing is good but there isn't a lot yet I'll keep my eye for future update for sure.

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