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0.10.1 - PATCH: better bounties and bug fixes
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Version: 0.10.1 - PATCH: better bounties and bug fixes

Version: 0.10 - Cosmetics, Secrets, and QoL

Version: 0.9 -> 0.10 PATCH

Version: - Bugfix PATCH

Version: - Bugfix PATCH

Version: 0.9 - Subliminal Hypno and Bounties

Version: 0.8 - Achievements and Perks!

Version: - PATCH

Version: 0.7.2 - PATCH

Version: 0.7.1 - PATCH


Tits, Tail, Tackle: The Triple Triad


A loving ripoff recreation of the classic card game Triple Triad, now with more skin.

The current state of the game should be completely playable in a basic sense but not mobile friendly in the slightest

(all images using photo/video content. warning: hypno segments contain flashing images)

Current content and features:

240 cards to collect and use to build your decks.

Randomly generated opponents to play against.

Modify your competition:
* Dominate them to make them more submissive, complete with animations that (more or less) correspond to your current body parts.
* Hypnotize them to see a trippy collage of images. (And in the next version, brainwash and give your opponents new fetishes)
* Transform them to alter their genitalia as you see fit, with corresponding animations.

Check out the discussion thread for more info on future plans for the game, and to report any requests or bugs

None in game currently, something something something virtual reality MMO

Players take turns dragging cards to open spots on the board to play them.

If the sides of your card touching the opponent's cards are higher, you'll capture the opponent's card.

The winner is the one with the most cards of their color once the board is filled.

v0.10.1 02/03/2021
Fixed some bugs, made bounties less tedious

v0.10 01/31/2021
Added cosmetic tfs! Currently only hair and horns and it's a lil janky still.
Added the ability to edit decks, and made it so the deckbuilder warns you if a deck doesn't satisfy your fetishes
Fixed bugs I hope
Added a TON of new expansion packs, at least one for each fetish plus bi sex.
Added a series of secret achievements, including one verrrrry interesting new perk.

v0.9.0.2 01/29/2021
Hopefully fixed another bug???

v0.9.0.1 01/29/2021
Fixed bugs related to the new features

v0.9 01/28/2021
Fixed some bugs
Add tag sorters in the deck builder.
Added Subliminals as a new means of hypnotizing yourself/others
Improve opponent preferred fetish mechanic
Added bounty tasks
Added Fishnet, Latex, Gay, and Tentacle themed expansions.

v0.8 01/22/2021: Added ~30 achievements and ~25 level 5 cards with special powers. Fully hypnotising opponents will earn you cards useful against them; reaching level 5 in a fetish yourself will give you a perk to help you counteract it.

v0.7.2.1 01/18/2021: Fix previous patch lolol

v0.7.2 01/18/2021: Small patch so you can filter out faces you dont want: check out facefilters.js

v0.7.1 01/15/2021: Made it so that you can now pick your own rules rather than having them forced upon you

v0.7 01/13/2021: The moment you've been even MORE waiting for: no more early knocking out opponents! Now your victims will stick around. You win the game when you've soft eliminated each opponent at least once.

Two new special rules: Mega, which is a 4x4 grid, and Clone: whenever you take a card, change the captured card into your card! Now when an opponent challenges you, you can randomize the rules so you don't get as totally screwed.

Hopefully a fix for the drag and drop bug that I was never able to recreate, some AI tweaks, and 70 more character avatars have also been added.

v0.6 01/12/2021: The moment you've been waiting for: the special rules! Same, Plus, Random, and a new one suggested in the forums, Rotate. This update also has a massive (hopefully) improvement to the AI. If there aren't new bugs, I'll be flabbergasted.


v0.5 01/10/2021: Added gender (eww) and character avatars (yay!)

Made body ideals a bit less fiddly

Fixed at least one bug, probably added like a billion

v0.4 01/04/2021: Added opponent preferences for what fetishes they want to inflict via hypnosis. Main character and opponents also can have an ideal body, with rewards for achieving it or helping others achieve it. Also added add/remove vagina tf images (not animations).

Running out of points is no longer an automatic bad end; if you have decent reputation you can stay in the game...with a consequence.

One or two minor bugfixes and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

v0.3.1 01/02/2021: Single-file patch to fix issue where knockouts no longer function

V0.3 01/01/2021:  A small update- literally, brought the filesize down to about half of what 1.0 was. Fixed a bug with the Size Queen fetish and introduced a new Reputation and Influence system to make punishing your foes less self-harmful. Also added a simplistic tool for adding custom cards to the game and a little page in the navbar to log errors.

v0.2.1 12/29/2020: Fixed (hopefully) some awkwardness with hypno and click-to-move, removed Level 5 Bimbo issues, added booster packs to shop, added regenerating max willpower and dom/sub stats.

Also tweaked file imports- ./tripletriad/can_delete.txt is a list of images you can delete if you want to save about 200mb

v0.2 12/29/2020: Massive update- hypnosis now does something, some QoL changes and bugfixes, added some bad ends and a good end, introduced a story, and probably more that I can't remember

v0.1.1 12/16/2020: Make the game actually work, improve performance
v0.1 12/16/2020: first release.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.7 - NO MORE FAST KNOCKOUTS! on 01/14/2021


The game change fast so i have to change my review.

graphics:raw fetish porn

combined with  raw TF

The 2 seperately is totaly fine, but if you mix it raw like this....lets say its a mood kill

(PS: The creator has to decide at one point that this game will be a fetish porn with game like elements, or a game that contains fetish porn as a fun feature. It is not the same at all, and requires different outlook and dialogues.)

About the gameplay....i do walue that the creator trys to make it less tedious and booring, i realy do.

But introducing untested features this mutch cripled the gameplay.


Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: 0.7 - NO MORE FAST KNOCKOUTS! on 01/13/2021

After getting my technical issues with this game I can safely say that this is essentially pornographic triple triad. If you like triple triad, play this game. If you don't, seek elsewhere. Besides me stating the obvious, I DO like how fast everything in this game goes. 

Review by Amazeroth

Version reviewed: 0.5 -> 0.6 PATCH on 01/13/2021

I don't know what to say much about the game. I tested it since early released version and it become with every new update more like a pain in the ass.

The Graphics: Different, often not fitting pictures, for TF slightly morphed. Nice but a handfull games have far better Graphics
The Gameplay: Shit, shit shit.
The rules: Easy, place a card with the highest number to your enemy's card with a lower number. So his card will change color and become yours.

Problems: The system is cheating. No matter if you place the correct cards your npc enemy will place another one and all cards get his color, even if yours are higher. I've testet the actuall patch 0.6 now for nearly 2 hours and I just won one time, with one card. It was luck. I just moved that one card from corner to corner, without any logic behind it. The enemy had 5 red cards, I had one blue, and two free places and I won? All other plays where I used the rules and logic I fail every time.
Also is the transformation of your enemys or your own boring. You loose 4 times and the game is over. Your opponent loose 3 times and get removed from the game. You can't turn someone into your ideal fetish based character( or gettings transformed into what you want to be) because the game ends before. The game is no fun, it is boring and frustrating and I love card games normaly.

Pro: The autor often publish new Updates. So I have hope that he/she will finish that game and I really hope that it will be more balanced with real chances to turn your opponent into your dream charakters, or yourself getting what you want to be.

Review by sgb69

Version reviewed: 0.4 -> 0.5 on 01/11/2021

Probably the main issue with it at the moment is that none of the advanced Triple Triad rules are present, only the most basic (highest number wins). While I get it would be much harder to program the opponents to use these rules, without them the 'gameplay' part of the game is incredibly simplistic and gets boring fast.  Once you have lots of cards with 10s, you just win every time since nothing can overtake a 10 win basic rules.

Review by someperson1423

Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 01/02/2021

This is a great and innovative game. Besides just the sexual elements, it is legitimately fun to play which is great! This truly is an amazing foundation for what could be one of the best on the site if work on it is continued!


Currently my biggest complaint is that losing is relatively easy and permanent. It isn't hard to build a badass deck and be unbeatable, but I prefer to play with a moderately powerful one to actually experience the consequences of losses and have some risk involved. The problem is if you lose matches too much then it is easy to run out of a stat and get a bad end which forces you to reload a save. This happened to me several times before I had even gotten hypno-ed enough for fetish. I ended up having to grind out money and stat increases just so I could lose enough to get some fun RNG consequences without a bad end.


I think it would be a great idea to let the player continue playing if they run out of cash with the consequence being a strong hypno session. This would not only allow play to continue, but give the player easier access to the fetishes that result from hypno without having to grind for losses.


Also, the physical transformations seems to be a bit meaningless and sort of hard to get at the moment. I'm glad they are there though, perhaps they could also be another punishment for running out of resources?


Overall I love the game and concept! I realize it is early in development so I'm not disappointed at all with the flaws currently, as it is to be expected from a fresh game like this! There are places where the creator clearly plans on expanding and adding more content which is awesome.


Overall summary: Very fun game with amazing room for growth. I'm really looking forward to see where this one progresses!

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