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Version: 0.9

The Manly Contest (Enhanced Edition)

"Every year, the coolest and bravest men compete in a contest to see who is the best. The winner gets ten million dollars and the title of the best man in the world! If you enter, however, you better be the best, because the losers lose their manhood forever!"

Based on Lily's The Manly Contest for RAGS, now on Twine with pictures and additional text and choices.

Signing up for The Manly Contest might have been a mistake: the losers are transformed into women. With nothing to lose except your manhood, you set out to win 10 million dollars and prove the entire world you are the epitome of virility.

You: Are you man enough to triumph over the other contestants and claim the title of the manliest man in the world?

Rick, Ed, James and Jack: Your rivals.

16/12/2020: v0.9. Game is complete but not completely proofread.

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Review by mato

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 12/31/2020

I have to admit, I'm surprised by how much I like this! It's very simple, but damn, it just works! Even if the transformation isn't this long, drawn out process, there's still delicious contrasts in there, and most of the choices do actually work pretty well. I think I got like three or four different endings already, I'm not sure if there's more. Loved it!

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 12/19/2020

As others have said, it's not a long game, but that's not a bad thing. Simple concept, well executed and complete.

Review by pfiatdigod

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 12/18/2020

It's quite interesting how much fun such a small consistent game can be. Everything feels well done in the way it want's to be. A short simple setting with characters etc. Basicly perfect.

Review by austinhaney6969

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 12/18/2020

Short, simple, and it "just works". I like it. And I'm always happy to see a good game remade in a better engine.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 12/17/2020

To be exact its an old finished text game necroed with pictures(porn)

I do not expect any meaningfull future updates for this one.(without rebuilding from scrach.)

You can still have fun playing it.

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