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Version: version a0.08

Version: version a0.07

Zeta Wave

A polio vaccine trial goes wrong in 1931, and the descendants of the students in the trial are all found to have the zeta chromosome. Every time the carrier of a Z chromosome has sex, he or she physically changes to the opposite sex. It is a biological discovery that will change the world. How will it change the world? That's up to you.

Length per Twine UI: about 128K "words."

Version va0.008

  • Day 10 is complete.
  • Day 11 is about halfway done. It will end roughly around 4th period or lunch, depending on the path.
  • You can meet your Friend or SO in the hallway after first period for some emergency smooching, but only if you are trying to get back to your starting sex. Your SO may or may not be willing to meet with you, depending how you've treated them.
  • If you do the emergency smooching, you may transform in one of the following classes: Gym, Marching Band, or Pep Squad. Whether or not people notice this transformation depends on your status (if you are in disguise, if you are open, etc).
  • There is a second transformation that can occur on Day 11, with disastrous consequences, but I'll leave you to discover how that occurs.
  • The meeting with your SO on the morning of Day 8 has been slightly refined; there is now a distinct option that occurs if you've never bothered to contact your SO after the first day.
  • Numerous bug fixes and broken tags fixed.
  • New feature: some game choices now provide a super-bonus to a single stat (height, strength, cup/cock, hip/shoulder). They are not labeled by design. These super-bonuses are available at all times — unlike the regular physical bonuses, superbonuses don't care whether you are the correct sex or not. This was added to give players slightly more control, but also to make sure the points kept pace with the pace of the game. In order to deliberately obscure the superbonuses, they will not be reported as part of your regular daily update; instead, they are added in secretly right before you transform.


  • Numerous broken
    tags and italics fixed.
  • Numerous typos and incorrect pronoun variables fixed.
  • Bad story path identifier fixed for reading Shakespeare when teamed with Harold and Ray.


  • Various broken DIV and italics tags repaired.
  • Broken link leading to Marching Band (FTM) has been fixed.
  • Declaring you don't want to kiss boys (or girls) now correctly results in adjusting attraction by -99.
  • Cock size should now print correctly.
  • The sex of the gym teacher has been fixed on Day 8.
  • Dead end has been fixed (don't tell anyone, keep secret from SO and scouts).
  • Day 9 is now completed.
  • Your group reads your scene from "As You Like It" in English class.
  • You will be able to read the results of your newspaper interview and discuss it with your Friend.
  • You will overhear students discussing the article in class.
  • Mom will buy a purse or a wallet (depending on sex), which you can accept for bonus points or reject.
  • Day 10 ticks over, but has no content.



  • Fixed some continuity errors in newspaper interview.
  • If you made out with your SO on Day 8 and transformed before school, you may now try to make out with your Friend, hoping to change back.
  • Another bonus-point activity is available in Bookkeeping and Geometry on Day 8.
  • You may now no longer choose to call your Friend to report how your appointment went. You will, however, tell the Friend at lunch.
  • Scene restored: shopping for Scout uniform, provided you are joining the other group and you are flipped to opposite sex. Otherwise, Mom buys the uniform without you.
  • You can now choose an article of clothing to replicate in Home Ec. The article depends on what you're wearing: what sex you are, whether you went to the Art Room with your SO, etc.
  • Revisions made to the Update routine. It should now be possible to run the day-end Update on a day where you transform, without getting double points.
  • Fixed a problem with the CleanReturn passage. It should now reset to "continue" after a custom link name is used, even if the custom link isn't clicked.
  • Completed Day 8.
  • Day 9 has begun.


  • Added additional footnotes for hot dogs, homework, and the nature of education in the 1940s.
  • Fixed missing parenthesis during doctor's visit.
  • Fixed date alignment. The correct date was not printing on Cycle 0 every morning.
  • Corrected the Schedule Selection code, which would produce the wrong school schedule under some conditions.
  • Corrected Day 7 phone call ("news about appointment") with SO to include results from your date with SO or with Friend, if this was not already communicated on Day 5.
  • Removed the scenes where you shop for a new scout uniform, as they were interfering with another scene. They will be replaced to occur at a more convenient moment.
  • Corrected the flow of Day 6 so it is possible to work on the fence (or on housework) and get your bonus.
  • Added more player choices (how to inform Dot; how to comfort Dot; bathing again) that add more bonus points after Day 6.
  • Full bonus points should now be available on some activities that were incorrectly granting 0 bonus.
  • Upon meeting your SO on Day 8 before school, your SO is happy to see you. You may initiate another transformation if you are "back to normal."
  • Fixed missing "continue" link during newspaper interview.
  • Various other minor bug fixes.


  • Corrected continuity errors in the Gary and Judith dates.
  • Fixed some broken links (particularly Betty + shaving).
  • Day 7 has been completed (doctor's appointment, tell friend or SO about appointment).
  • You may begin Day 8 with an early-morning transformation and self-exam.
  • Transformation self-exam on Day 5 has been modified to better fit the new shape tracking system and bonus points.
  • Added a positive SO response in Marching Band and Pep Squad to include when you have phoned your SO and confessed your condition, but you have not made a date with anyone. The negative SO response should only happen when you have not called at all.
  • Fixed some repeating text in the Bully dialogue on Day 4.


  • Repair of various broken links and tags
  • Some mandatory events have been turned into choices. These choices will add bonus points to various body dimensions as you transform. Some of these activities are noted during the points update, but not all of them.
  • The points summary now states that accumulated Masc/Fem points will only affect you after your next transformation.
  • Day 6 has been completed (scout meeting, working on the fence [if you skipped scouts], contacting your SO [if you had a date with your friend]).
  • Revision of Character page to show body-region bonus points.
  • Fixed a numbering error on the Cast List page and added a few more cast descriptions.
  • Added "dark" mode and revised color scheme of "light" mode. There is now a place to choose initial settings and test the various game color schemes to see which you prefer.


Initial upload.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by kinjiru

Version reviewed: version a0.07 on 01/15/2021

A great concept and great writing. I usually don't enjoy games that are so heavy on writing, but this one is a gem.

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: version a0.07 on 01/11/2021

The good news: This is a Green Double Aught game, so the story will be well written and entertaining. People are treated like people, not just excuses to have sexy times.


The bad news: This is a Green Double Aught game, so it will probably just stop at a cliffhanger and never be finished.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: version a0.05 on 01/08/2021

Ok so the story is some what classic gender bender with character progression.

The story is lets say interesting on a border line innocent.

Game stucture:I bet the creator chose this hibrid because its easy to start it up.But i can tell that it will give them hell if they do not limit its lenght. Also it will face game balance problems soon.



Review by Echo Hollow

Version reviewed: version a0.02fix on 12/30/2020

Green Double Aught is a very good writer.  I quite like his/her games.

The writing in this one is top notch as usual, and OH HELL YES I am thrilled to finally see something in the Zerophilia universe (although the ability to play hockey and ability to go on dates in a road tractor are both conspicuously absent :P ).

This is the game that you didn't know you wanted, but will love once you play it.  9/10 frogs agree.

Good job, buddy.  I'm pumped to see where this thing goes.

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: version a0.02fix on 12/30/2020

I like it so far!

I guess the current content stops after the error "cannot find a closing tag for macro if"?

EDIT v0.2: This game looks more and more interesting, keep it up! :D

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