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The CYOA v0.41
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Version: The CYOA v0.41

Version: The Game 0.10 hotfixed

Unforeseen Consequences

As by poll on my patreon I will spend more time on the CYOA than the Game at the moment.


After being influenced by many other games on this site and since I always wanted to pick up HTML i decided to create this game.

Unforeseen Consequences is my first ever project in this field, so please be gentle to a noob like me.

Detailed insight on https://www.patreon.com/Brutecatus. No subscription necessary for all the information.

Short outline for the project:

The game will start off quite linear, but hopefully will become branch heavy like Transfigure.

It is going to be an adventure with story progression.

New to HTML/Twine -> roast me if you see anything.

First language is not english -> again roast me, criticism can only help.

Inspired by:


Shrine of the Goddess

The Company


Bimbo House

The House (Shame this was discontinued).

The manly contest

Mutagen26 (Shame again that this never made it).

You and your flatmates are going to a halloween adventure game at an old mansion.

Winners get to choose to leave the way they came and are allowed to take whatever they earn in the game.

But what does that mean?

Find out in this (hopefully) soon to be interactive story.

You -> A mechanical engineering student.

Samantha -> Your cute flatmate.

Josh -> Your best friend and also a flatmate.

Your rival team:

Andre -> A good looking black guy who seems like a player.

Katie -> A blonde bitch who knows no respect.

Amy -> A gorgeous and cunning brunette.

The CYOA v0.41b

  • Fixed the broken images and scenes, sorry about that and thanks for me making me notice in the forum.

The CYOA v0.41

  • Textboxes overhaul (macro now works also if you refresh the site, added effects to character images)
  • Walkthrough rework, easier to implement, better visibility of character changes.
  • Character naming logic change (historized the character names and worked out some issues with renaming)
  • Finished out 2 paths.

The CYOA v0.40 Added walkthroughs instead of version history, added some more settings option, added content of course.

The CYOA v0.35b due to the surprising amount of feedback I decided to include a feedback form.

The CYOA v0.35 lots of content, most are the foundation for the first few endings, option to opt in and out of gay content, settings menu that's accessible at any point of the game.

The CYOA v0.30 lots of content, most are the foundation for further parts and only have subtle differences to other parts, further info within the authors notes ingame or on patreon.

The CYOA v0.21 added content to 2 paths (both can be reached via quicklink at the start menu), added quality of life event skipping (not implemented for all transformations yet)

The CYOA v0.20 added a route to the slow and steady path, changed the style of all the text.

The Game v 0.10 Initial release of the real game instead of just a story, details within the game changelog.

Branching between game and CYOA, setting is the same.

I will therefore not open a new entry but keep this post updated with both "games" (if there are still any to the CYOA).

The CYOA v 0.17 Pretty lengthy single path added. Most likely paths will be added in this linear way for now until this becomes a real story.

The CYOA v 0.16 Some new scenes in the extreme path, included some tech for rng (which is not used atm), this tech might end up in another game however.

The CYOA v 0.15 Decided to test a point system for your mental state, also added some text coloring so people can better follow the conversations.

The CYOA v.0.10 Lots more pages, lots more sex scenes.

The CYOA v.0.02 Added a couple more pages and the first sex scene.

The CYOA v.0.01 Just a concept for now to test if everything works for other people after i uploaded and they downloaded it (links, images, etc).

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by toastylee123

Version reviewed: The Game 0.10 on 04/04/2021

Early days with the game version but i can see potential, few bugs i noticed;


Katie seems to start in room 25 (seems she is hardcoded to do so on line 1447), which doesn't exist so cannot be found / cannot move about.

If the player owns josh, it then throws out an error about an undefined variable any time he is then encountered (missing $ prior to "Player" on line 3893).


Otherwise looking forward to seeing where this goes, in addition to the CYOA branch

Review by CrawlingMadness

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 12/27/2020

I approve of the inspiration list, mutagen 26 is a good one, and so far it's looking a bit more like Goo-manji. Not much more than one sequence and no alternative paths yet, but I like the premise. As someone else said, stitch some related paragraphs closer together and it should be easier to read. Looking forward for more! 

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 12/27/2020

The inspiration is quite impressive, but including The Company there is rather misleading. Although one could admire your ambitions ;-) your game is a different genre. CYOA instead of a more open world of The Company. But I'm just nitpicking. :-)

There isn't much content so far and it's hard to jugde anything from the little that's available. The writing is decent, descriptive enough so far. The ratio of graphic to text is also good in my opinion, I don't like games overloaded with graphics and videos, these tend to distract from the text too much.
If there's something to improve about the writing, I'd say that you don't put each new sentence in a separate line. Gather them in short paragraphs instead, so that an intermission means there's a slight change in the content.

Colours are basic which makes the screen clear and easy to look at. No weird experiments with fonts or colours.

I wish the author good luck and hope that he'll actually work on this game, unlike many of his predecessors.

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