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Version: 1.4

Cattle Castle

Play as Bess (or rename her) who has travelled to the castle of an evil lord who has routinely cursed women of her village. She doesn't want to suffer the same fate as the others and he has offered her a chance for mercy: Solve the castle before time runs out and you can be free from the curse!

The game has 5 endings that you can get, all with hand drawn cutscenes and sprites.
It is fully voice acted.


  • True Good end
  • Good end
  • Pasteurized
  • Milk Maid
  • Times up!

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An evil overlord turns women into cattle for his own enjoyment, the main character doesn't want this fate and travels to his castle to confront him. She's offered a chance at mercy. The story progresses mainly as either make it to the ending and pick dialogue choices for the outcome, or fail the mission and become a cow/hucow.

Bess (name is changeable): Main character.
Cursed to become a cow

Overlord: Antagonist
Magical, twisted and mysterious

The following has spoilers:

(For best results go to options and set Always Sprint to ON)

Start the game and go to the first chest on the left for a tinderbox. The other chests here contain piss kink key, and flatulence key.

Go to the second room and light the four fires and wait for the bridge to click back into place.

In the next room the fastest route is the far right side, it has the least holes.

In the next room you will be faced with a boulder puzzle, to reset the boulders just travel back to the "doorways" and the boulders will reset only costing you some time. To solve the puzzles follow these motions:
First boulder: Push boulder left, down, left, left, left and then all the way upward until it falls into place.
Second boulder: Right, right, down, right, right right, up, up and then right all the way until it falls in place.

In the same room interact with the shiny purple gem and dash to the doors before the timer runs out. Don't bother with the chest. Dialogue will not pause the gem's timer but will pause the transformation timer.

Then in the next room add the levers to equal 24.
(down down down down - down up down up OR up down up down - down up down up)

If you are still human you can take either doorway in this room

"Human Only room"
The chest on the far right will set the timer back one tick if you're strapped for time, otherwise simply walk to either small or big door.

This room is very straight forward, simply travel past the sliding columb without getting squished and losing time. the treasure chest on the top right will set the timer back by one tick.

In either of these rooms if you take the smaller door you will be in a small portion of a bigger room with a very simple puzzle. flipping one switch will make the larger part of the room accessible to you (in case you grow too big for the smaller door while messing with the puzzle)
The puzzle will unlock the last small door when completed. The solve is: down down up down.

In the larger portion of the room there are several treasure chests, the one closest to the lever room contains a flatulence scene which can be opened with the flatulence key when prompted yes/no. The key to the large door in this room is in the chest on the far top right. Also note: there is 10g in the chest on the farthest left.

If you travel through the larger door the next room has several chests in it as well as two doors: Each will ask if you are sure you want to proceed.
One of these chests contains the piss scene and like flatulence will prompt you to say yes/no if you are in posession of the piss kink key. The treasure chest closest to the door on the left will force the timer ahead by one tick and so will the piss kink chest thusly you can lose plenty of time in this room if you're not careful.

If you take the door on the right:
You'll find yourself in a pasture of cows and Bess will exclaim that the door is missing. It'll be obvious that the Overlord is out there to mock you but he will take 10g from you to send you back a room if you have it. Please note that dialogue doesn't pause the timer of this room and you will turn into a cow faster out here resulting in a "Pasturized" ending screen and game over.

If you take the door on the left:
You will come to an ending where you can talk to the overlord.
If you remind him he promised to change you back you will be able to ask him to wait, if you do not you will get the "good ending"
If you interrupt him and offer to be his maid you will get the "milk maid" ending
If you call him a liar and continue to insult him he will send you to the pasture and you will get the "Pasturized" ending and a game over.

You will find the overlord where you can either get turned back, earning the "true good ending" or offer to become his maid earning the "Milk Maid" ending.

To achieve the "times up ending" simply fail to get any other ending before the timer runs out.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Three Beers Down

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 01/27/2021

Very high production values, fully voiced and with original artwork! It's a simple concept but it's done very well and recommended to play. Then again, Cow TF and very large assets are a fav of mine but I think, objectively speaking, this is a breath of fresh air.

Review by MilitaryAaa

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 01/18/2021

Yeah, it's a very quick but entertaining for it's time escape game. It'll take 15 minutes from download to finishing to do everything, if you're a fan of TF (duh, we're on TFGS :V) then try it.

Review by BlueMoon

Version reviewed: 1.4 on 01/13/2021

A very nifty, well-polished game. Short, simple, and sweet, this one's well worth a try if you're at all interested in cow tf.

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